BREAKING: Truth in Hillary Classified Email on Rogue Server?

Cool Hillary Chattin

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I meant: Broken. BS accusations by bitter Nazi propagandist wnnabes in the Republican echo machine have no more validity than their Big Oil arguments against taking responsibility for our culpability in causing Global Climate Change.

They tried to create a false-reality with the Benghazi incident, and they’re trying to lie and BS the same kind of big-lie campaign here, hoping enough people are just ignorant and misogynist enough to buy it with this fake-scandal.

Below, you’ll see the State Department explain how Secretary Clinton followed all of the rules and regulations that were written by Republicans in Colin Powell’s era. No classified information was ever distributed by the Democratic Presidential frontrunner. They may retrospectively mark things as classified, but that doesn’t make anything she did a break from protocol. They can retrospectively make being female outside a man’s kitchen a felony (don’t laugh, that’s not far outside the GOP sharia drive), but that isn’t going to haunt Hillary either.


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The Daily Kos is a community of thousands of writers of political and social essays on current events, moderated by the community and commented on veraciously by members. Visit:
The Daily Kos is a community of thousands of writers of political and social essays on current events, community-moderated and discussed veraciously by members. Visit:

Cross Posted at Magnana Mouse

Didja know Magnana Mouse is on the Daily Kos? Yep. Magnana Mouse has been there for a year or so. I’ve personally been a writer on the site far apart from Magnana Mouse’s existence since there were only 7,000 people using it. My User ID says it so-like.

Anyway, Magnana Mouse. Haven’t been cross-posting the Magnana Mouse blog to there on the Magnana Mouse page. Will, but, man, we’re busy up in my joint, and I only have so much time to pretend I still do stuff like this for dime.

What I do do there is comment and reply to the replies. Follow me, it’s fun, promise.

The Daily Kos is similar to Facebook in that it is filled with people who give a shit about their realities. Great people. Doctors. Politicians. Activists. Union folk. Actors and directors. All kinds of people writing about current events from their life perspectives. A better stock to discuss and debate relevant topics with than you’ll find on Facebook or any other where with pixel backdrop you’ll run across.

But, just like Facebook, “organic grassroots” sets of wee ideallist progressive hopefuls and the same Libertarians and Young Republicans who don’t realize you know they’re playing pretend flock around their “feel the bern” or bust campaigns.

I don’t debate them, because, well for a number of reasons. When Hillary is representing the party, we don’t want them angry and 3rd party suicidal. That, and arguing with them is just pointless. They know their impressions of Bernie and of Clinton are right. Even if they’re wrong. Kind of exactly like the Tea Party. Corective information will only soligdify their convictions.

“Global warming? Whatever, dude.”

I don’t outright argue. I come off as playfully condeseending. Toying with their naive behavior. Kind of how you let the kids be kids because, well, they’re kids and kids need to be kids. Figuring out the box’ edges is tanamount to knowing how to push the boundaries.

Today, an essay was posted: “Now that Bernie Sanders is taken seriously, supporters must get real,” that implies that now that people have started to listen to the crazy, they have to stop being poo-flinging children under the table and come sit with the adults and they’ll all just magically know what do do with the various forks and whatnot. I laid one out.

Oh, they’re going to get what, all of a sudden?

Real? This should be nice. Heard the same thing from Camp Donald yesterday. Now that they’re solidly out in front of the Clown Car Night Train, they’re gonna have to get real. It’s all relative. What “real” is. Hey, my daughter saw the LGBT Hillary commercial last week. Little tyke smiled; cried a little, and whimpered, “Daddy, is she going to do Obama’s job? I hope so. She’s a nice one.”

It’s OK for Sanders organsmic grasstooters to ignore “real” for some longer. It doesn’t make much of a matter. Creative thought and fantasy is great outlet. As long as we all stay in the calm bold forward of the big Blue, all’s well and ends well.

I just hope the Libertarians, nihilists, and mole Young Republicans gaming how they’re gaming are monumentally affected by their dark causes. That’s not the same as wishing pain and deserved suffering on someone, right? Meh, I’ll worry about hell after a couple decades with a left-leaning SCOTUS.

Couple things about it.

First, they’re going to “get real?” That’s something to poke fun at. Real. They’re all kind of annoyingly delusional. Their grandparents learned from the gut punch of supporting George McGovern and ending up with Nixon for it and their parents learned the same thing when their support of Ralph Nader gave us all Dubya, two wars, and a near-depression. Hopefully, these kids don’t need to learn the same kind of lesson.

Hillary vs Bernie

They won’t, though, I think we all know. Hillary will embarrass sweet ol’ Bernie. He says silly revolution kind of stuff that sounds neat, but is about as real as what Donald Trump is vomiting up. The bigots in the GOP loved obstructing President Obama because Socialist. But, Bernie vomits up actual socialism. The Republicans would hog-tie him from go, and this guy tearing out the roof in a rainstorm is about as far from what most Democrats would even joke at accepting. So, this is about as real as teleportation and war for peace sake.

Sad Real Daughter Not Really Real DaughterThe bit with my “daughter” sniffling in want of having Hillary succeed Obama was a joke. I don’t have a daughter. Or a son. Just a prop for a ribbing. The other day, one of the “recommended” essays was a Bernie-swarm propaganda piece about a little daughter hearing Bernie’s speech in South Carolina on TV and telling Daddy, “please vote for him, he’s the bomb, big daddy.” Total fiction. They don’t bother with “Real,” so my “daughter” doesn’t, either.

Now, listen to my daughter and go vote Hillary, alright?

Fer Real.

Yeah, the rest of it is a swipe at all of the right wing moles doing with poor Bernie what they did with the Occupy movement. Of them, and of all the low-hanging idealistic fruity boys and girls who cavort with them not even having a clue what they do.

Poor Bernie.

(Photo By Tom Williams)
(Photo By Tom Williams)

But, I digress. Come follow along with Magnana Mouse on the Daily Kos. If you have an account, follow us. Uprate our comments and when we publish blogs, “recommend them.” And, no matter what, peruse the Daily Kos. The diaries are ethically-sourced and you’ll be more informed than if you had an AP IV hooked up to your jugular.

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Almost Fooled By a Trickle-Down Would-be King

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I was reared a Republican. I saw the light as a university junior after a tenure as a very annoying student government leader with firm roots in Young Republicans. Another story for another time or none.

This preface brings me to what I thought might be a respite from the acid rain of the clown-car primary storm. See, I’ve never apologized for mine or my family’s partisan affiliation with the GOP. It’s not the that I left the Republican Party. They left me. And, my father; and all of us who were once Republicans.

I’ve watched the Neoconservatives turn the GOP into an arm of the Pentagon, stealing more than 8 TRILLION DOLLARS from the treasury and start preemptive wars as they slashed the taxes of the gilded caste making the working and decimated middle classes pay for them.

I’ve watched it turned into an inbred, half-witted nativist Frankenwtein bigot, hate-Monster of rotting shame.

Well, I was kind of stoked that a pre-Gingrich; pre-neoconservative Republican had emerged from one of the clown cars of the Republican primary. Ohio swing state Governor John Kasich.

John Kasich, Ohio Governor and GOP presidential John Kasich, Ohio Governor and GOP presidential “hopeful.”

I mean, he is the governor of a very important swing state. He speaks like an antique conservative without all the Cruz/Trump/Huckabe/Bush crazy. This guy could dark-horse his way into the GOP and save the party, making it centrist again. Being more Reagan – less Cheney.

But, I was just reminded why that’s no better — why my “eat the poor” Young Republican daze of the 80’s was a Reagan / HWBush / Gingrich con and how willing of a mark I was. Kasich — just like Reagan and his cabal — is apparently militantly anti-union. Just like the Reagan who killed the air-traffic controller unions; unions in general; and the middle class with it.

Ronny Middle Class Buster

Kasich just vomited his death knell. He said that if he was made king of America, he would ban teachers lounges so that they couldn’t discuss their grievances amongst themselves. Ban the unions who look out for the hard-working middle class and stop them from even speaking with each other to understand why they NEED to protect themselves from the gilded class who would own them outright as they suffer to pay for it.

Reagan was probably the most destructively toxic Presidents to our Union since the Confederacy. It just took Kasich to remind me. 96 percent of Ohio teachers said they wouldn’t support John Kasich for president. 0His negative ratings in his home state now make me think him more like Chris Christie, with his home-state-hate-fest than Reagan. 80% of Ohio educators in his own party say he has been his impact on Ohio state education as “extremely negative.”

This guy is emblematic for just how dangerous and out-of-touch not only the crazy Tea-stained nativist neo-confederate clown-car wing of the0GOP is, but the MAINSTREAM Republican party is. There is no adult table towering over the tea-kids throwing their own poo around underneath it while they feast. There are only knuckle-draggers and their elderly relatives of a bygone era. The blue-tent is the answer. Get out the Vote in 2016 and ride the Democratic wave to victory!

Can You imagine Losing a Hundred Dollar Bill From Your Stack of Wealths?

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If you had three hundred dollar bills in your wallet, would you notice if one wasn’t there when you counted it while you were going to pay for your take out?

Yeah? Well, imagine if you had a flatbed semi stacked with hundred dollar bills. That’d be a LOT. You could be forgiven if you misplaced a bill or two. Probably flew off in the wind and now some lucky little punk just bought a bunchy of Star Wars cards, or something.

Semi Loaded With HundredsOK, in all seriousness, your Semi needed to unload those stacks of bills. Then, you got more on the next load. Oh my, it just keeps coming. You stack it like a building.

That’s a LOT of cash. Can you even imagine how much bank you ended up with?

Building of BucksBetcha wouldn’t miss a hundred or even ten of them if you were stackin’ them that high. No way, no how.

But wait. Did I say ended up with? Sheeeeeeit. Your friend just pulled up with ANOTHER rig filled with stacks of hundreds. WTF!?! That’s a LOT of hundreds, now. We better start stackin’ them up mad-fast before the next shipment comes in.

Three Buildings of Bucks.

That’s THREE buildings of stacked hundreds. That’s not even an insane amount of dough. It’s like cray-cray bucks. Unimaginable, right?

Well, if you think that’s a lot, it doesn’t even pale in comparison wit5h the amount of skyscraper-volume of cash that it would take to stack hundreds to equal EIGHT POINT FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS. This is what THAT would look like.

Eight and a Half Trillion Dollars in Hundreds

How would you notice if a hundred dollar bill in that mess went missing?

You sure as hell wouldn’t. But, if you lost the entire insane stack of dough, now, that would be as insane as the size of this stack of money. That’s what happened, no joke, no shit.

The US Department of Defense lost this much money they were entrusted with, and have NO IDEA what happened to it. Well, some people know, and they are likely rich beyond imagination. But, there is no record of any of it.

There hadn’t been word one in the “Mainstream Media” about this. There haven’t been investigations or arrests for this incomprehensible waste and fraud that our military has pissed away. Study about this. Know it. And, demand that the FIRST question asked of any US Presidential candidate be: “You’re all so into cutting government spending and wiping out fraud with transparency and accountability, well where the HELL did this 8.5 Trillion Dollars go and who hangs for it?”

It’s not like it’s the now quaint $1.5 Trillion wasted on the failed F-35 project (VIDEO). Hell, I can pop off five massive scandals where the Pentagon has pissed away our federal tax dollars through criminal waste and fraud, but, this dwarfs that in a way God couldn’t describe.

Learn about this and share this so EVERYONE knows to know it. Enter this into political discussions and make it the first thing you question your legislators and would-be leaders about until the MSM chooses to do their damn job and cover it.

This is worlds bigger than the GOP financial collapse and their unpaid-for preemptive war of aggression. PLEASE help give this important story life.

Aboutr Cap’n D’Mused

Taking part in a campaign to stop the GOP from gutting the Voting Rights Act.

I have done a metric ass-ton of things through my personal and professional trek across my nows and thens.  I’ve worked in politics in more than a couple handfuls of US Senate and Congressional districts across the country.  I’m a domestic wonk out the box.  Through my work in the electoral mafia, I’ve lived many a parallel career.  I tendered outright in 2006, but that’s a story inside a story within a tale for none other time or other.  For a lot of my years trench-side, I was fortunate to be able to work parallel in a managerial capacity for creatives.

Now, I am able to have come out the closet, so to speak.  I’m able to be managed instead of owning the wheel.  For the first time in my life, I am blessed to let others manage my trip steps and bounds through the briar patch of publishing.  Now, Steven D’Mused can harvest his own creative bounty.

It’s a good day.

I journal here at Magnana Mouse to help my old friend John; to share my experience in and knowledge of the dark web of US political electioneering.  This is a place for my activist self to write at a podium near the metaphorical ballot box.

Hope I am able to add a valuable voice to Magnana Mouse.  Thanks for reading and thanks for CARING to read into the truth.

Let reality reign and joy flow. Get out the vote, no matter how you do it.

Just do it.

Fight for your right to party, my brothas and sistas.  No rules in street fighting. Blood and balls.  There is only winning and dying anymore.