Almost Fooled By a Trickle-Down Would-be King

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I was reared a Republican. I saw the light as a university junior after a tenure as a very annoying student government leader with firm roots in Young Republicans. Another story for another time or none.

This preface brings me to what I thought might be a respite from the acid rain of the clown-car primary storm. See, I’ve never apologized for mine or my family’s partisan affiliation with the GOP. It’s not the that I left the Republican Party. They left me. And, my father; and all of us who were once Republicans.

I’ve watched the Neoconservatives turn the GOP into an arm of the Pentagon, stealing more than 8 TRILLION DOLLARS from the treasury and start preemptive wars as they slashed the taxes of the gilded caste making the working and decimated middle classes pay for them.

I’ve watched it turned into an inbred, half-witted nativist Frankenwtein bigot, hate-Monster of rotting shame.

Well, I was kind of stoked that a pre-Gingrich; pre-neoconservative Republican had emerged from one of the clown cars of the Republican primary. Ohio swing state Governor John Kasich.

John Kasich, Ohio Governor and GOP presidential John Kasich, Ohio Governor and GOP presidential “hopeful.”

I mean, he is the governor of a very important swing state. He speaks like an antique conservative without all the Cruz/Trump/Huckabe/Bush crazy. This guy could dark-horse his way into the GOP and save the party, making it centrist again. Being more Reagan – less Cheney.

But, I was just reminded why that’s no better — why my “eat the poor” Young Republican daze of the 80’s was a Reagan / HWBush / Gingrich con and how willing of a mark I was. Kasich — just like Reagan and his cabal — is apparently militantly anti-union. Just like the Reagan who killed the air-traffic controller unions; unions in general; and the middle class with it.

Ronny Middle Class Buster

Kasich just vomited his death knell. He said that if he was made king of America, he would ban teachers lounges so that they couldn’t discuss their grievances amongst themselves. Ban the unions who look out for the hard-working middle class and stop them from even speaking with each other to understand why they NEED to protect themselves from the gilded class who would own them outright as they suffer to pay for it.

Reagan was probably the most destructively toxic Presidents to our Union since the Confederacy. It just took Kasich to remind me. 96 percent of Ohio teachers said they wouldn’t support John Kasich for president. 0His negative ratings in his home state now make me think him more like Chris Christie, with his home-state-hate-fest than Reagan. 80% of Ohio educators in his own party say he has been his impact on Ohio state education as “extremely negative.”

This guy is emblematic for just how dangerous and out-of-touch not only the crazy Tea-stained nativist neo-confederate clown-car wing of the0GOP is, but the MAINSTREAM Republican party is. There is no adult table towering over the tea-kids throwing their own poo around underneath it while they feast. There are only knuckle-draggers and their elderly relatives of a bygone era. The blue-tent is the answer. Get out the Vote in 2016 and ride the Democratic wave to victory!


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