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The Daily Kos is a community of thousands of writers of political and social essays on current events, moderated by the community and commented on veraciously by members. Visit: www.dailykos.com
The Daily Kos is a community of thousands of writers of political and social essays on current events, community-moderated and discussed veraciously by members. Visit: www.dailykos.com

Cross Posted at Magnana Mouse

Didja know Magnana Mouse is on the Daily Kos? Yep. Magnana Mouse has been there for a year or so. I’ve personally been a writer on the site far apart from Magnana Mouse’s existence since there were only 7,000 people using it. My User ID says it so-like.

Anyway, Magnana Mouse. Haven’t been cross-posting the Magnana Mouse blog to there on the Magnana Mouse page. Will, but, man, we’re busy up in my joint, and I only have so much time to pretend I still do stuff like this for dime.

What I do do there is comment and reply to the replies. Follow me, it’s fun, promise.

The Daily Kos is similar to Facebook in that it is filled with people who give a shit about their realities. Great people. Doctors. Politicians. Activists. Union folk. Actors and directors. All kinds of people writing about current events from their life perspectives. A better stock to discuss and debate relevant topics with than you’ll find on Facebook or any other where with pixel backdrop you’ll run across.

But, just like Facebook, “organic grassroots” sets of wee ideallist progressive hopefuls and the same Libertarians and Young Republicans who don’t realize you know they’re playing pretend flock around their “feel the bern” or bust campaigns.

I don’t debate them, because, well for a number of reasons. When Hillary is representing the party, we don’t want them angry and 3rd party suicidal. That, and arguing with them is just pointless. They know their impressions of Bernie and of Clinton are right. Even if they’re wrong. Kind of exactly like the Tea Party. Corective information will only soligdify their convictions.

“Global warming? Whatever, dude.”

I don’t outright argue. I come off as playfully condeseending. Toying with their naive behavior. Kind of how you let the kids be kids because, well, they’re kids and kids need to be kids. Figuring out the box’ edges is tanamount to knowing how to push the boundaries.

Today, an essay was posted: “Now that Bernie Sanders is taken seriously, supporters must get real,” that implies that now that people have started to listen to the crazy, they have to stop being poo-flinging children under the table and come sit with the adults and they’ll all just magically know what do do with the various forks and whatnot. I laid one out.

Oh, they’re going to get what, all of a sudden?

Real? This should be nice. Heard the same thing from Camp Donald yesterday. Now that they’re solidly out in front of the Clown Car Night Train, they’re gonna have to get real. It’s all relative. What “real” is. Hey, my daughter saw the LGBT Hillary commercial last week. Little tyke smiled; cried a little, and whimpered, “Daddy, is she going to do Obama’s job? I hope so. She’s a nice one.”

It’s OK for Sanders organsmic grasstooters to ignore “real” for some longer. It doesn’t make much of a matter. Creative thought and fantasy is great outlet. As long as we all stay in the calm bold forward of the big Blue, all’s well and ends well.

I just hope the Libertarians, nihilists, and mole Young Republicans gaming how they’re gaming are monumentally affected by their dark causes. That’s not the same as wishing pain and deserved suffering on someone, right? Meh, I’ll worry about hell after a couple decades with a left-leaning SCOTUS.

Couple things about it.

First, they’re going to “get real?” That’s something to poke fun at. Real. They’re all kind of annoyingly delusional. Their grandparents learned from the gut punch of supporting George McGovern and ending up with Nixon for it and their parents learned the same thing when their support of Ralph Nader gave us all Dubya, two wars, and a near-depression. Hopefully, these kids don’t need to learn the same kind of lesson.

Hillary vs Bernie

They won’t, though, I think we all know. Hillary will embarrass sweet ol’ Bernie. He says silly revolution kind of stuff that sounds neat, but is about as real as what Donald Trump is vomiting up. The bigots in the GOP loved obstructing President Obama because Socialist. But, Bernie vomits up actual socialism. The Republicans would hog-tie him from go, and this guy tearing out the roof in a rainstorm is about as far from what most Democrats would even joke at accepting. So, this is about as real as teleportation and war for peace sake.

Sad Real Daughter Not Really Real DaughterThe bit with my “daughter” sniffling in want of having Hillary succeed Obama was a joke. I don’t have a daughter. Or a son. Just a prop for a ribbing. The other day, one of the “recommended” essays was a Bernie-swarm propaganda piece about a little daughter hearing Bernie’s speech in South Carolina on TV and telling Daddy, “please vote for him, he’s the bomb, big daddy.” Total fiction. They don’t bother with “Real,” so my “daughter” doesn’t, either.

Now, listen to my daughter and go vote Hillary, alright?

Fer Real.

Yeah, the rest of it is a swipe at all of the right wing moles doing with poor Bernie what they did with the Occupy movement. Of them, and of all the low-hanging idealistic fruity boys and girls who cavort with them not even having a clue what they do.

Poor Bernie.

(Photo By Tom Williams)
(Photo By Tom Williams)

But, I digress. Come follow along with Magnana Mouse on the Daily Kos. If you have an account, follow us. Uprate our comments and when we publish blogs, “recommend them.” And, no matter what, peruse the Daily Kos. The diaries are ethically-sourced and you’ll be more informed than if you had an AP IV hooked up to your jugular.

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