Paul Ryan Will Speak to the Void in Less than Two Years.

Paul the Tool Ryan

So, Paul Ryan has agreed to run for Speaker of the Republican House.

It’s absolutely not what he wanted, because he’s not a fool, so much as a tool.  The appropriations committee he already chairs is gold standard. Speaker of the House is like lead in comparison. Imagine it like this: appropriations isn’t even school principal, it’s superintendent. Speaker is like being hall monitor. He doesn’t want to be left holding the hot potato. But, Paul is the only one of their ilk that can pull it off. Well, he won’t be able to, but he’s the only one who remotely could.

If Ryan does it, he’s guaranteed to NEVER be POTUS. So, he would rather have his nails ripped out in his next pedicure. But, w/o a speaker, the House fails and the Republican party dies with it. It would be a species-ending event for these dinosaurs.

It is my firm belief that the REAL leaders of the GOP sat the pipsqueak down and told him if he didn’t do it, they would crush his future like a roach. He would lose appropriations anyway and worse. He won’t be viable for POTUS, but they’ll get him something to please him. Tickle him. Power in some way.  And, money’s on the likelihood they had similar “offer you can’t refuse” meetings with key Tea-scum (now called Freedom Caucus) leaders with the same kinds of threats.  Made it possible for him to play tough guy with his “demands.”

Whole thing’s a joke. He’ll be speaker, no doubt. Some of the Nazis will protest vote no for their bases. And, the party will grit its teeth and play nice for its survival. Question is, how long will it hold? My guess is through the 2018 midterms. If it works and the GOP House survives and picks up some seats, it’ll last. But, gerrymandering is in the process of being outlawed; the Voting Rights Act is coming back; and all the voting suppression BS is about to be attacked by Obama’s Justice Dept and further slaughtered in 2017 when Hillary flexes her grip. It won’t hold.

Ryan has a year and a half of smooth sailing before he gets Titanic’d in a perfect storm of BLUE ice raining on his dinky little face


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