Family Crest on a Throne?

Family Crest

One of the most interesting bands I saw at SXSW.  They were at St. David’s Bethell Hall — an Episcopal Church, no less.  I thought they would be a sure catch — who would be trolling anyone at a church bingo parlor, right?  I wasn’t sure how they were shuffled to a 2nd rate church dive where none of the players would be there to see them.

Boy, was I unprepared for reality.  Before I showed up, I was sure no one was going to snap this song up from under us.  But, you’re not going to pull the wool over the Game of Thrones cartel.  You van’t hide stuff like this in a Church basement from the HBO Gods.

Evyen Klean’s PA was there, and I knew we were outclassed from the git even though I have known Liam and Charly since my San Fran daze.  Don’t know for any kind of sure that this is the case, ‘cos I haven’t been bold / stupid enough to dare any of my friends to trust me past an NDA.  But, if I were a betting man . . .

Keep a lookout for it in Season Six.


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