Bern-or-Bust (ed)

I have recently heard from Democrats conned into the Bernie-or-Bust camp that We DEMOCRATS were on the wrong side of history.

What a load of garbage.  Bernie was not a Democrat.   His “goal was the destruction of Democrats,” as the head of the Burlington, Vermont Democratic party, Maurice Mahoney, said. 

All good so far.  He then asked his followers to support Hillary in the general.

This is where his supporters’ ego and selfishness — along with their closet anarchist  true colors shone like neon glow-sticks in a drug-addled rave.  They failed to support Bernie’s hope for his platform to be realized.   They selfishly supported 3rd party idiots. And, it threw the presidency to Trump.

By the numbers:

Trump won Michigan by 13,107

Trump won Wisconsin by 27,257 votes.

Trump won Pennsylvania by 71,794 votes

Trump won Florida by 119,770 votes.

Trump’s margin of victory was between 5 and 30 times less than the amount of 3rd party ballots cast. The 3rd parties just did to Hillary what they did to Gore in 2000. And, the Bern or Bust set was instrumental — KEY — in Trump’s rise to the Tyrant’s throne.

3rd Douches.jpg

There were indeed those on the “wrong side of history.”  But, sure as shinola, these ppl were not the Democrats who faithfully, dutifully, and hopefully supported Hillary Clinton. The ppl on the wrong side of history were / are the ppl who supported 3rd party candidates against the wishes of the man they claimed to have respect for.

Bernie-or-Bust asses were Bros of one person and one person only:  Reich Commander Donald Trump.

President Douchebag FB.jpg


2 thoughts on “Bern-or-Bust (ed)

  1. You really are onto something there. I especially believe that Bernie’s supporters missed the mark by not heeding his call to vote for Hillary. If they had, he would have that platform, like you said. So ultimately they undid themselves.

    The thing that bothers me most is the outside interference in our democratic elections. Even the Media just stood back and told us it was happening in a “btw” kinda way. Like nature journalists film lions eating Cheetas. Then they end up in that psychological game played on them (I’m keeping my eyes open) while we succumb to the same threat that overtaken some other countries. Turning the right into agents against NATO. The orange gent continually spoke of NATO and I could not figure out why for the life of me. He spoke about things that came out with Wikileaks, which actually published second to one more outlet — how did we stand by and let this happen?

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    1. Thanks for the comment, Diz. It’s all really upsetting. I know Comey was part of a conspiracy to run a coup of the government through a Hatch Act violation. That was the move that made all of these Bern Bro’s douche-play vote throws effectively TRUMP guarantees. Heads need to roll for that. Like capital punishment dead ex-heads of the FBI and an entire presidential support staff complicit in it. Doesn’t make what the Bernie supporters helping it along any better. They shouldn’t join the Trump Reich in DEATH, but they should all be beat to a silent pulp, though. IMHO.


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