seppuku-wpHas an American President ever taken his own life to pay the ultimate price in an attempt to earn the respect of Americans?  Japanese Samauri used to do this.  It was called Seppuku (Wikipedia).

Has a President Elect tried it?

What a great, no, BIGLY gift this would be were Donald to give us.

Would it earn him any respect from ANYONE?  Is it possible to respect a Bigoted, misogynist, nativist, fascist, anti-American scumbag?  I vote that orange Hitler give us all a good go and see.


P.C. Waiver

Putin Midget Clown WP.jpg

I know that little people don’t like the term, but can we get a waiver making it OK to call Putin a comically-ridiculous midget clown?

Because, seriously, if ANYONE was ever over-compensating for a fear of seeming itsy bitsy . . .

It’s going to seem kind of gross, but Trump opened this stuff up with his whole “grab them by the pussy” campaign slogan (youtube), so, fair game.

Everyone knows that Trump is so sensitive about his “little hands” because of his micro-penis (Wikipedia).  We’ve all probably seen the painting he has in the Trump Tower Penthouse suite.


He’s realistic about it, but is VERY touchy when it comes to being perceived as “widdle.”  It explains his obsession with calling everything “bigly,” even and especially when they’re not.

God save us from the over-compensation twins.

David and Goliath


I thought Putin would be . . . bigger.  He’s like a little person.  It looks like Obama is getting ready to spank him and put him in his crib.

This is totally why he hates Obama.  Obama’s smarter, funnier, more handsome, AND he could wipe the floor with his dainty little pudgy cheeks.

A New Fraudulent Fraudening

There was never “Voter Fraud.”  That was a bigoted, segregationist, right-wing Republican attempt to justify their modern vote suppression technique intended to devastate the minority vote.  Again.  The side-car to their hog’s fiery crash through the guard rails of the Voting Rights Act.

But, FOX News claimed there was, over, and over, until poorly-educated and ill-informed dupes believed there was en masse.  As a MOB, they screamed for mass voter purges and draconian voter ID laws meant to suppress the votes of poor, minority, and elderly voters.

The Right-wing faux-conservative Republican establishment has learned from their dark successes and has found a new fraud to con you fraudulently into believing.  There are TRILLIONS of fake people collecting the life-saving monies that are given out to feed the poor.


Food Stamps.  According to FOX News, over $70 Million is stolen by evil fake black Muslim people in an attempt to starve the Baby Jesus.   Yes, the claims are that ridiculous.  But, more ridiculous is the reality that after all of the hullabaloo about “FAKE NEWS” that conned half of a nation into believing endless nonsense that made them think it wise — or even sane — to elect a Fascist idiot dictator as our President.

Some people are beyond redemption.  P.T. Barnum was partially right.  A sucker is born, alright.  But at a rate MUCH faster than every minute.  Deplorables have metasticized.  We’re DEFINITELY going to need a bigger basket.


Russian Intel Lab by NSA Closes

russian-compound-wpIn In Maryland, as part of the expulsion of “Russian Ambassadors,” US officials are shuttering a couple  Russian Intelligence “compounds.” (VIDEO)  One right up against NSA property.  

Come again? 

I’m a little disappointed that American Secret Service / DHS / FBI / IRS allowed the sale of property to go through that close to the base of our brain. Uncle Sam is good and strict with clearance access for domestic employees, but they let Russian nationals build a friggin’ Intel lab up next to the NSA?

That is just about as ridiculous and utterly frightening as Trump.  I don’t know who to believe anymore.  Up is down all over the damn place and it feels like we are taking aim at a moving target through a kalidascope.

Tinkle Tomb


I had a premonition come to me in a dream the other night. I saw a day come where I am arrested for draining my thing all up on Donald Trump’s grave.

Oy vey.

Of course, Trump sure as heck wasn’t buried in Arlington, so I didn’t have to debase myself urinating there – it’s how I realized it was a premonition and not a nightmare.

I found myself standing in the lobby of Trump Tower. There I was in a Hilton Hotels robe, pissing all over the granite floor of Trump Tomb.

What’s that, Appeaser?


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Excuse me, did I hear that, correctly?  Bill?  Did you just say that this micro-penis compensation king of bad hair — this sexual assaulting “pussy grabber” white supremacist woman-hater may walk proudly in John F. Kennedy’s shoes?

Bill, have you no shame or decency?  You so eager to suckle a presidential teat that you’d put this man’s thing up in your mouth and forfeit any and all credibility you ever worked to build?

Jesus wept, man.

What’s next?


It’s too early to even plan for surviving tomorrow.  I’ll be watching with great interest to see where ignorant apathy meets an actual 1/3 cup of “get the hell up and actually fight.”

Phone banking and canvassing may be quainty halfass antiquated plays, now. Is there actual fight in us? Suppose we’ll see.

Whu? It Wasn’t Just the Presidency?

Apparently, we’re figuring out that some down-ballot crap got flushed down the ol’ Russian commode. To just about everyone, it’s “BREAKING!“(Crooks and Liars)
Maybe not so much “Breaking” as “No shit, Sherlock.”
Meanwhile ppl here are engineered so stupid, the fact that they are just starting to comprehend the fact that they infected and killed the POTUS election. Way, WAY too stupid to grasp that the annoying little shit-for-congress races we don’t care about are part of what THEY really care about. We’re like the half-wit who just got shot in the gut, but limps away stoked because he found a ten dollar bill on the floor when he went down.

Wrong Questions?

paris-climate-agreement-trump-wpfbMaybe we’re just handling Trump wrong.

He’s just a dumb, genital-grabbing ego-machine.  It’s not the Paris Agreement he hates, it’s that is isn’t named the “New York Climate Agreement.”  Or, after some Red state.  The “Dallas” Climate Agreement.

Hell, call it the “Dallas Trump Accord.”  He’d be lulled into sleep.  The work would get done and he can touch himself in glee.