P.C. Waiver

Putin Midget Clown WP.jpg

I know that little people don’t like the term, but can we get a waiver making it OK to call Putin a comically-ridiculous midget clown?

Because, seriously, if ANYONE was ever over-compensating for a fear of seeming itsy bitsy . . .

It’s going to seem kind of gross, but Trump opened this stuff up with his whole “grab them by the pussy” campaign slogan (youtube), so, fair game.

Everyone knows that Trump is so sensitive about his “little hands” because of his micro-penis (Wikipedia).  We’ve all probably seen the painting he has in the Trump Tower Penthouse suite.


He’s realistic about it, but is VERY touchy when it comes to being perceived as “widdle.”  It explains his obsession with calling everything “bigly,” even and especially when they’re not.

God save us from the over-compensation twins.


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