In Memoriam


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  With a PROUD white supremacist and moral leader of the Ku Klux Klan (NPR), this is a time to reflect.  A time to reflect on all that we have fought for to have gotten to the point we achieved.  And, a time to reflect what we will and already have lost to Trump and the nativist Republican Congress.

We allowed Vladimir Putin to insert an asset at the President of the United States and leader of the “free” world.

We have a lot to reflect on right now.

You’re always with us, Dr. King.  Please be with us now.  Thanks.

The video below is the FULL “I Have a Dream” speech  with a forward clip from the “Lemmons” episode of Black-ish where young Andre Jr. reads a tribute Dream  to his classmates.


Corporatist Voter View of a Fascist Con from Black-ish


The last episode of Black-ish, “Lemmons,” dealt with the maddening realization that we just elected a bona-fide Fascist to be our very own dictator and what that is going to mean to ALL of us.

It comes at the debacle from the perspective that

  1. We need to come together as Americans to survive the worst that history throws at us, And,
  2. Don’t worry, the youth who weren’t old enough to vote this time will pick up where we left off and everything’s gonna be alright.

Because we have a dream.

The episode investigates the mysterious points of view of the low-informed multitude of marks who led Trump to the Oval Office on their idiot shoulders.  You have to see the entire episode, but here’s a clip of the corporatist, apologist point of view.

The Biggest Loss is Respect


It’s hard to quantify what I really hate the most about post-Trump America. There are tons of obvious things. Social Security. Medicaid. The theft of trillions from us pathetic turnips. The loss of a hundred years of voting and civil rights. The fact that we may end up at the shit end of a mushroom cloud.

All the obvious things. And, I know I’m leaving a bunch out55.

One of the most depressing things about it, though, is harder to put a finger on. But, it is always there: Lack of love for fellow man. Distrust in people who would force a creepy old man with rotting bourbon breath on you. That’s what this is like.

I hate having to brace myself in fear that I’d have to defend myself from any of the myriad of shameful, foul, hateful things 35 percent of America has shown they should be always watched and never trusted. That’s a powerless, horrible feeling.

Not one that I need to heal from. The basket of Deplorable needs to drain their own swamp and stare into their own mirror. Knowing they still think that there is a middle they’re not a mile from that we need to crawl to meet them at is just angering.

Rubio’s Tillerson Felatio Makes for a confused Fascist Mini-Man


I really hate nasty flies, but their maggot babies clean up those rotting dead animal corpses that are stinking up the damn field. That’s what Rubio is like right now. An annoying buzzing shit-surfing fly shooting maggots out his but-cannon. I heard that smelling your own fart is good for you. Smelling the fart that is Marco Rubio is smelling someone else’s crap and still makes me want to break his diseased teeth with a stick.

I hear Rubio speaking truth to Tillerson’s immense power, but, it almost makes me like Tillerson.  All I have to say is after this, Rubio had BETTER be a no vote for this Russian gulag-bitch of a man.

We Shall Overcomb: Big Boy Pants has a Press Molesting Party

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Orange Hitler had his first press conference today since July.  You know, after spending SEVEN months confident his bullying Hillary Clinton for not having them for too long, herself (remember, she was a media magnet, unlike “gas the evil press” Fascist clown.

Well, in his press conference, he again attacked the press for releasing reports of accusations that Trump is pretty much owned like a sex slave by his Russian handlers.   USINTEL put the report together and declassified.  Trump has responded violently and vindictively.  The old bigot is just bound and determined to start a war he can’t win.  Playing with tigers can get your head bit clean off.

This video shows D-bag Donald’s press conference meltdown with a regular dose of his sad denial and a shot of dumb.  Followed by CNN setting a record straight like, um, media tends to do.

Trump, you’re in over your bloated head.

Trump’s Big Boy Pants Tweet Time


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Orange Hitler is a 3rd rate, 4th class d-bag fraud and a compulsive serial LIAR.  But, he’s really good at impressions.  He impersonates a projectile crapping monkey with his Twitter coke-binges.

At orange Hitler’s Big Boy Pants Tweet Time, I’m going to give proper attention to the vomit he speaks in to illustrate just how much of a human piece of garbage he is. Please enjoy Season 1 Episode 1.

It’s Been Foretold

trackdown-wpRemember the 50’s spaghetti western, Trackdown?   Betcha don’t recall the episode about the con-man named . . . TRUMP.  No kidding.  He’s the only one with the mystical power and knowledge to prevent the fiery end-of-days scenario impending.

And, the greasy snakeoil fraud purveyor knows the answer.

You’re not going to believe it.  He’s going to show them how to build a wall to save them from Armageddon.

His name is Trump.  He’s a fraud-monster snake oil salesman.  He’s promising naive “sheeple” yokels he’ll help them build a wall.  And, he’ll sue you if you get lippy.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Hollywood Nostradamus that predicted orange Hitler almost 70 years ago.

If only we had been listening.  Tune in for the dumpster fire episode:

Irony KO’s Shaednfreuda


I feel weird getting such a ridiculous schadenfreude high from irony fumes. Karma is mad. Comey released the stanky BS bomb 11 days before the POTUS election that buried Clinton. Now, 9 days before the inauguration, the ULTIMATE turd just fell from heaven and we are all watching it in slow motion as it’s seconds away from a grandiose kasplat.

Debrief in Politico.

And, mad props to Politico for the photo.  You know how Presidents of the US always age profoundly?  Well, this pic shows that orange Hitler has aged 20 years and isn’t even President yet.

Hopeful and Petrifying


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What frustrated Obama and his staff was the knowledge that, in large measure, [liberals] were reaching their own people but no further. They spoke to the networks and the major cable outlets, the major papers and the mainstream Web sites, and, in an attempt to find people “where they are,” forums such as Bill Maher’s and Samantha Bee’s late-night cable shows.  But they would never reach the collective readerships of [the low-info propaganda hive of the Right Wing echo chamber].

A Must-Read confessional by President Barack Obama in the New Yorker.  It discusses his confidence — or lack thereof  — in what just landed in front of us all.  His fear for what-may-come,is tempered with his belief in how we’ll overcome orange mini-Hitler’s tyranny.

A sea-change happened in social norms that the world was not ready for.

“Until recently, religious institutions, academia, and media set out the parameters of acceptable discourse, and it ranged from the unthinkable to the radical to the acceptable to policy.  The continuum has changed.  Had Donald Trump said the things he said during the campaign eight years ago—about banning Muslims, about Mexicans, about the disabled, about women—his Republican opponents, faith leaders, academia would have denounced him and there would be no way around those voices. Now, through Facebook and Twitter, you can get around them. There is social permission for this kind of discourse. Plus, through the same social media, you can find people who agree with you, who validate these thoughts and opinions. This creates a whole new permission structure, a sense of social affirmation for what was once thought unthinkable. This is a foundational change.”  ~David Simas, Obama’s political director.

Here’s a video of Obama’s farewell speech tonight, via PBS NewsHour.

The Bad Guy isn’t Static


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I recently read an observation that if you think about it, it’s never the bad guys who get assassinated.  Just the good guys like MLK, RFK, Lincoln, and JFK.

Kind of problematic for a couple reasons.

  1. Saddam Hussein, Hitler, and on and on.  The bad guys always get it.  And,
  2. Most importantly, below:

Good guys are not supported by those who would tolerate their leader assassinating people at all.

For real, though.  It just is what is that the ones assassinating become bad guys by default, despite high intentions. Yin and yang are forever in an ever-stabilizing death spiral like that.  An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

Keep the faith.  That has so many meanings, now.  We’re going to need all of them to avoid drowning in this orange pig sty we invited ourselves into.