Dream, Baby, Dream


Cross posted in Magnana Mouse.

Don’t give up.  Russians and our own FBI conspired on a rabid corporatist coup of our government and our military by a megalomaniacal, compulsive lying, sexual predator.  A reality show fantasy Fascist has enlisted creepy, Putin-friendly billionaires with no experience even understanding how our government operates are trying to destroy it from within.

He has hired KKK white supremacist militants cheer a new Reich.

And, disgraced former USMIL generals — one convicted of espionage — are now flying monkeys poised to run our lives into the dirt.  For what?

Not for us.

But, don’t give up on 240 years of slow progress.  This is a MAJOR bump.  But, it’s a bump we’ll recover from and come out stronger for.  Don’t give up.  Fight on, brothers and sisters.


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