The Bad Guy isn’t Static


Cross posted in Magnana Mouse.

I recently read an observation that if you think about it, it’s never the bad guys who get assassinated.  Just the good guys like MLK, RFK, Lincoln, and JFK.

Kind of problematic for a couple reasons.

  1. Saddam Hussein, Hitler, and on and on.  The bad guys always get it.  And,
  2. Most importantly, below:

Good guys are not supported by those who would tolerate their leader assassinating people at all.

For real, though.  It just is what is that the ones assassinating become bad guys by default, despite high intentions. Yin and yang are forever in an ever-stabilizing death spiral like that.  An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

Keep the faith.  That has so many meanings, now.  We’re going to need all of them to avoid drowning in this orange pig sty we invited ourselves into.


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