Hopeful and Petrifying


Cross posted on Magnana Mouse.

What frustrated Obama and his staff was the knowledge that, in large measure, [liberals] were reaching their own people but no further. They spoke to the networks and the major cable outlets, the major papers and the mainstream Web sites, and, in an attempt to find people “where they are,” forums such as Bill Maher’s and Samantha Bee’s late-night cable shows.  But they would never reach the collective readerships of [the low-info propaganda hive of the Right Wing echo chamber].

A Must-Read confessional by President Barack Obama in the New Yorker.  It discusses his confidence — or lack thereof  — in what just landed in front of us all.  His fear for what-may-come,is tempered with his belief in how we’ll overcome orange mini-Hitler’s tyranny.

A sea-change happened in social norms that the world was not ready for.

“Until recently, religious institutions, academia, and media set out the parameters of acceptable discourse, and it ranged from the unthinkable to the radical to the acceptable to policy.  The continuum has changed.  Had Donald Trump said the things he said during the campaign eight years ago—about banning Muslims, about Mexicans, about the disabled, about women—his Republican opponents, faith leaders, academia would have denounced him and there would be no way around those voices. Now, through Facebook and Twitter, you can get around them. There is social permission for this kind of discourse. Plus, through the same social media, you can find people who agree with you, who validate these thoughts and opinions. This creates a whole new permission structure, a sense of social affirmation for what was once thought unthinkable. This is a foundational change.”  ~David Simas, Obama’s political director.

Here’s a video of Obama’s farewell speech tonight, via PBS NewsHour.


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