It’s Been Foretold

trackdown-wpRemember the 50’s spaghetti western, Trackdown?   Betcha don’t recall the episode about the con-man named . . . TRUMP.  No kidding.  He’s the only one with the mystical power and knowledge to prevent the fiery end-of-days scenario impending.

And, the greasy snakeoil fraud purveyor knows the answer.

You’re not going to believe it.  He’s going to show them how to build a wall to save them from Armageddon.

His name is Trump.  He’s a fraud-monster snake oil salesman.  He’s promising naive “sheeple” yokels he’ll help them build a wall.  And, he’ll sue you if you get lippy.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Hollywood Nostradamus that predicted orange Hitler almost 70 years ago.

If only we had been listening.  Tune in for the dumpster fire episode:


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