The Biggest Loss is Respect


It’s hard to quantify what I really hate the most about post-Trump America. There are tons of obvious things. Social Security. Medicaid. The theft of trillions from us pathetic turnips. The loss of a hundred years of voting and civil rights. The fact that we may end up at the shit end of a mushroom cloud.

All the obvious things. And, I know I’m leaving a bunch out55.

One of the most depressing things about it, though, is harder to put a finger on. But, it is always there: Lack of love for fellow man. Distrust in people who would force a creepy old man with rotting bourbon breath on you. That’s what this is like.

I hate having to brace myself in fear that I’d have to defend myself from any of the myriad of shameful, foul, hateful things 35 percent of America has shown they should be always watched and never trusted. That’s a powerless, horrible feeling.

Not one that I need to heal from. The basket of Deplorable needs to drain their own swamp and stare into their own mirror. Knowing they still think that there is a middle they’re not a mile from that we need to crawl to meet them at is just angering.


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