We Shall Overcomb: Big Boy Pants has a Press Molesting Party

Cross posted in Magnana Mouse.

Orange Hitler had his first press conference today since July.  You know, after spending SEVEN months confident his bullying Hillary Clinton for not having them for too long, herself (remember, she was a media magnet, unlike “gas the evil press” Fascist clown.

Well, in his press conference, he again attacked the press for releasing reports of accusations that Trump is pretty much owned like a sex slave by his Russian handlers.   USINTEL put the report together and declassified.  Trump has responded violently and vindictively.  The old bigot is just bound and determined to start a war he can’t win.  Playing with tigers can get your head bit clean off.

This video shows D-bag Donald’s press conference meltdown with a regular dose of his sad denial and a shot of dumb.  Followed by CNN setting a record straight like, um, media tends to do.

Trump, you’re in over your bloated head.


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