Corporatist Voter View of a Fascist Con from Black-ish


The last episode of Black-ish, “Lemmons,” dealt with the maddening realization that we just elected a bona-fide Fascist to be our very own dictator and what that is going to mean to ALL of us.

It comes at the debacle from the perspective that

  1. We need to come together as Americans to survive the worst that history throws at us, And,
  2. Don’t worry, the youth who weren’t old enough to vote this time will pick up where we left off and everything’s gonna be alright.

Because we have a dream.

The episode investigates the mysterious points of view of the low-informed multitude of marks who led Trump to the Oval Office on their idiot shoulders.  You have to see the entire episode, but here’s a clip of the corporatist, apologist point of view.


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