Obama Cares FTW

Obama Cares WP

I’ll bet that the GOP FAILS to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).  They’ll have to fix the parts of it they messed up when Obama and the Democrats worked themselves to the bone to maneuver around Republican obstruction and obstinance just like they’re showing in their crazed attempt to repeal JUST BECAUSE IT BEARS A BLACK MAN’S NAME.

The GOP will scramble to fix it piece-by-piece.  It’s still going to be the healthcare that the first Black President brought us.  No matter how many band aids they slap on it,  it stays OBAMA up in their face. 200 years into our dystopian future, our healthcare will still be OBAMA CARES!



Ryan Scared

The entire Reich had to get together closedquarters today (CNBC) so Ryan could tell them all firsthand how painful and demeaning a bare-ass spankin’ from Trump actually is. Even with those toddler hands (HuffPo).  

They had all of ONE thing to do.  Repeal the damn thing.  I mean, WTF, they’ve been working on it since 2009, or whatever.  Forever.  It’s just about all I can ever recall them saying.


Trump is going to blister their butts real good, and Ryan knows it.  They promised to back up King Dumbass’ promise.

Daddy mad.

Make it ALL Great

USA Keyboard WPA little while ago, I had to write “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to someone.

Instead, I wrote “Tock, Paper, Scissors.”

It wasn’t corrected.  Someone just assumed the joke went over their head, but the joke was on me, as the person I was writing was WAY smarter than me.

My credibility as a writer got blipped because the R and the T on my keyboard are too close together.  This is design malpractice, BELIEVE ME. Stock in m’ verbosity just took a hit.  This is some TPP-esque DEFCON 2 kind of emergency.

I need to talk to someone about this mess.  There’s gotta be someone.  But, who?  I mean, it’s a TOTAL DISASTER.  Someone’s gotta be there for the little guy Tax Payer, right?

Of course!  Trump can help make my keyboard great again!  If I just stay at his new hotel, I can get him to Tweet it right with the best words!

Thank you Donald Rump.  I mean Trump.  Damn keyboard.

King Little Douche Big Boy Pants WP

Is There Still a Happy Place?

Trump on the Shitter WP
I was recently asked if everything in popular culture is going to have to come back to Trump.
I think it would be cool if it didn’t have to, but it’s kind of bound to, whether you like it or not.  There isn’t much that hasn’t been fouled or outright ruined as Donald Trump has gone and gotten all molesty with after crapping and not washing his paws.
It’s tragic that right now, everything has Trump’s orange reflection in it unless you can find a way to black him out.
If you can find a way to fight psychopathic psychology with hide-in-your-inner-closet psychology. Happy-place-style delusions of better times.  Until you can do that, every thought that crosses your mind is going to have at least the faint whiff of Donald’s toilet.

And, So it Begins

Trump Peasants

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You thought it was bad just because he is now beholden to a Russian dictator.

Well, that.  But, the Republican party is made up of very twisted, selfish, greedy, soulless dirtbags.  The Kremlin may be managing our wars and trade route viability and all that off-border big boy pants business, but, back here at home  the Republican Congress — House and Senate — have christened their crazy ideological War on America.


Buh Bye, Affordable Care Act. pro-ACA Protest WP

They just released their playbook to rip away the Affordable Care Act.  This amounts to genocide.  It’s as poorly-thought out and cruel act of hate and willful, ideological ignorance as you would have expected.



Let the Rich Have Your Money and Leave Them BehindPro-Public Education Rally WP

They have introduced legislation to rip most of the money from the operational budget of our public education to be used for a voucher program supporting private charter schools.  Like the snake oil ones run by Betsy Devos, the person who is supposed to be in charge of protecting our public education system.



Eff Off, WorldPro-Islam Protesters WP

Trump just signed a new Muslim ban designed to loophole around the Judicial branch that dared get in his way.



Friends Without Benefits

pro-union rally WP

Republicans hate unions.  The idea of peasants standing together to demand bosses treat them like human beings is somehow brotherhood they understand.  Cowering to masters and begging for crumbs.  With HR 785, the Orwellian-named national “Right to Work” Act basically outlaws collective bargaining.



Peasants, Cower in Your Filth

pro-EPA rally

It should surprise no one that after electing a climate-change and general science denier as President that he would “deconstruct” America by appointing someone to head the Environmental Protection Agency whose life-mission is to destroy it.  Because the constituents Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt cared about demand corporations poison them, all he knows is to undo the entire EPA he heads.

Congress just did him a solid.  With HR 861, the Terminate The Environmental Protection Agency Bill,” It’s just gone.  All regulations stopping business from poisoning us or corporations from poisoning our food for short-term profit.


And, with HR 69, the “Congressional Review Act, this dream is realized.  All of the Regulations President Obama made are stripped into the void and no similar regulation protecting the environment shall be made in the future.  .



No Sanctuary From the Storm

pro-sanctuary cities WP

Cities sometimes choose to NOT pay for the Federal government’s programs.  ICE has a budget to mount undocumented  immigrant raids.  Some cities choose not to be defacto ICE outlet mall security.  Doing so stops immigrants from helping police.  Who would ever report and bear witness to a crime when doing so might get you tossed over a border wall, stripped from your family and home?  Trump’s Congressional minions are passing  laws punishing so called sanctuary cities.

Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Lou Barletta has already done his part for the Reich, introducing HR 83, known as the “Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act.  Under it, if you don’t suit up for Trump to play the “deportation force game” by withholding funds for Universities .  For anything regularly funded by our federal government.



Republican War on Women

Pro-Planned Parenthood WP                .

Paul Ryan kept his sick promise to rip healthcare from women by de-funding the Planned Parenthood organization that provides cancer screenings and countless other health services for women who have no other access to it.  All because the organization provides the service of safe abortions.  Forget that Planned Parenthood doesn’t spend a cent of Federal funding to provide the service.  Paul Ryan and the Misogynist Republican Party don’t care about the well-being of women.  They prove it with HR 354, the “Defund Planned Parenthood Act.”



Roe Gotta Go, Yo

Pro-Roe Rally WP

While they’re on Defunding Planned Parenthood over abortions, it just wasn’t enough for them.  The Trump-drunk misogynist Republican Party is going whole-hog and is actually banning abortions outright by criminalizing the surgical procedure with HR 147, the “Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act. ”


It is a full-time job keeping track of the fringe Right Wing Republican Party’s Trump-inspired destruction, privatization, and sale of the United States for scrap.  We know that the flood of  legislation begins in the offices of Trump’s PR distribution cabinet chiefs.  From the baby-hands executive office bowels, the bills are then re-introduced to the House to be forced through a well-greased-up Republican majority House on the way to a Republican Senate and into the loving arms of a psychopath with a pen.

Keep your eye on what Paul Ryan is doing on his embarrassingly obvious march down the path to our impending doom.  It’s hard to see past the never-ending illegal acts and lies out of the mouth of King Dumbass, but you have to try.  Focus.  Resist and Persist.