Make it ALL Great

USA Keyboard WPA little while ago, I had to write “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to someone.

Instead, I wrote “Tock, Paper, Scissors.”

It wasn’t corrected.  Someone just assumed the joke went over their head, but the joke was on me, as the person I was writing was WAY smarter than me.

My credibility as a writer got blipped because the R and the T on my keyboard are too close together.  This is design malpractice, BELIEVE ME. Stock in m’ verbosity just took a hit.  This is some TPP-esque DEFCON 2 kind of emergency.

I need to talk to someone about this mess.  There’s gotta be someone.  But, who?  I mean, it’s a TOTAL DISASTER.  Someone’s gotta be there for the little guy Tax Payer, right?

Of course!  Trump can help make my keyboard great again!  If I just stay at his new hotel, I can get him to Tweet it right with the best words!

Thank you Donald Rump.  I mean Trump.  Damn keyboard.

King Little Douche Big Boy Pants WP


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