Mama, Tell Me About 2016

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Trump a Pro at Sabotaging US INTEL

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Trump made it very clear before Russia helped elect him that he knows ISIS much better than our military does.  He, of course, has lost faith in our military and only has faith in “certain” generals.  He promised his faithful that he would be able to “defeat” ISIS all on his own.

Think Progress –>

And, how did that work out for him?  In his first foray into “defeating ISIS,” he sent Seal Team Six into hostile territory in Yemen against the recommendation of ALL of the generals, leading to a failed mission, an unnecessary Special Ops death, and a $30 Million aircraft being shot down.  Oh, and no gained intelligence.

NPR –>

He launched $60 Million worth of US missiles on a Syrian target that didn’t destroy the target airport or even damage “enemy” aircraft.

ABC News –>

Just PR and worthless optics.

And, it just keeps getting worse and worse.  Trump is utterly destroying not only our reputation around the as the leader of the free world.  He is absolutely decimating our Intelligence services with what is seeming to be sabotage.  Recently, he put Israeli Intel in danger by leaking classified information to Russia about their operations to Russia, who allies with Iran.

New York Times –>

To round it off, Trump’s mastermind handling of USINTEL has leaked information to China of our operatives within their government, setting us back decades and leading to the arrest and execution of American agents.

NBC News –>

Oh, and it keeps coming.  British security forces — hard at work investigating the perpetrators of the Manchester bombing — were purposefully keeping mum on the identity of the bomber.  They made the mistake of sharing intelligence with Trump.  And, of course, Trump immediately leaked the name to US media.

Salon –>

Trump makes Aldrich Ames (Wikipedia) look like a Boy Scout.  He is a clear and present danger to US security, and each day that his Reich is allowed to remain in power, the chances that the US will suffer grave consequence increases exponentially.  He cannot be allowed to draw us closer and closer to our fall.

The Biggest Bribe in US History

King Dumbass and King Arabia WP

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King Dumbass just became a full subsidiary of King Salman of Saudi Arabia. He went from HATING Islamic Terrorists to kissing their king’s ring and accepting $20 BILLION that will go to his private corporations to (not) do work on American infrastructure. NOW Trump is a billionaire. Biggest bribe in human history. Lock this MF and his entire Reich up NOW.

If you missed that, lemme repeat it:

Donald Trump just accepted a $20 Billion bribe from the king of the country that took down the twin towers, killing 3,000 American citizens. $20 BILLION to be laundered through US corporations under the guise of government contracts to improve American infrastructure.


Dawn of a New Era

I saw a before / after photo of something earlier today, and I felt compelled to make this. I meant to include the photo I saw, but for the life of me couldn’t find it. Oh well, here is my before:

America Before Trump WP

And, of course, after Trump has set it all afire:

America After Trump WP

That’s all. Sunday, art day. Have a great week, y’all. Keep up the fight.

BTW, don’t confuse AI with artificial intelligence.  That may be coming, too, but let’s deal with one apocalypse at a time, m’kay?

Special Counsel?

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Good news.

I think.

America got itself a “special counsel.”  Trump can be investigated and prosecuted proper (New York Times).  But, some things are still a worth peeking around the corners.  In Loopholesville, you never know what kind of surprises hide in the shadows.

A special counsel has jurisdiction over what it can do that is determined by the Attorney General.  In our case, that’s the recused Jeff Sessions.   So, the responsibility rests with the new Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein.  He chose the Attorney to hire as the Special Counsel, and he now steers the ship.

Still, it is worth investigating for yourself the intricate relationships that the rules weave around the special counsel.   For instance, to what extent is Trump still an invisible hand nudging an invisible hand in Sessions, who it nudging the invisible hand of Rosenstein on as it nudges Robert Mueller on?

The bottom line is that Rosenstein is still in charge, able to quash “any investigative or prosecutorial step” if the Attorney General deems “the action is so inappropriate or unwarranted under established Departmental practices that it should not be pursued.”  ~Code of Federal Regulations 600.7 Conduct and Accountability (Cornell Law)

That said, Robert Mueller used to run the FBI, and after what Trump did to Comey, I don’t see him being guided by Trump’s multi-dimensional invisible hand.  Bottom line is that you’ll keep doing your rockin’ due diligence and keeping up with it.  I’ll be writing on it in here and Magnana Mouse will be publishing it too.  I know, because I’ve been playing editor for them.

Wherever you get it, GET IT.  This bizniz is way too important to trip over while watching cat videos.

Rotting Teeth TX Rep Blake Farenthold Grunts Like a Pig

Toothy Douch WP

Seriously, though, what is up with Blake Farenthold’s (Jezebel) teeth?  After listening to him grunt like a pig in support of Trump’s bigotry-saturated Russia support, I can understand his support in Texas.

But, his pig-slop stained, rotting teeth I just don’t get.  I get how his teeth are rotting, because he’s a disgusting pig and preaches against dental science.  But, his mouth is disgusting.  Who lets this fat bag of crap kiss their baby and how the HELL did he get elected to lead ANYONE?

Eww.  C’mon, Texas, it’s got to be possible to do better than this.  Chrissake.


What’s That Smell?

FBI Comey I Have Sads WP

I can’t imagine anyone working in law enforcement turning down what has got to be the  pinnacle of any of their life’s work.

It’s like: “what would Donald have to do for to his fat ass to make me refuse to kick him square in it?”

Oh yeah, crap his pants. Again. Trump did the equivalent of crapping the FBI’s pants. It’s exactly like that.

Following advice, potential FBI chiefs steer clear of job under Trump
(Reuters) –>

Means. Memes. Mean ones. Poor Donald.

This isn’t much a bit of mucha thang.  Just a couple defamatory LULZ posters of King Dumbass (BELOW).  So much news of the ridiculous, one bit after the next like a neverending lightning round.  Expecting *someone* to off this chump.

Some crazy coal miner who figured out he completely got conned.

Some poor white dude with a now-dead kidney-failed wife who just figured out Obamacare was just a nickname for the affordable care act.

A fed up black feminist Christian just DISGUSTED that this guy is such a sickening disappointment.

Some career Intelligence agent doing EVERYONE a favor (hopefully under orders).

Maybe a n angry Sunni Muslim in Saudi Arabia as the Secret Service kind of looks away to cough (because there’s a lot of dust in Arab lands).



Well, all I got is a couple Means.  They’re mean memes.  LULZ posters.  Just enjoy the gigglez.  You’ll find they’re worth gold — these laughs — as the Trump noose tightens around your neck.

Obama Lama Ding Dong WP

Sure I’ll find a good Putin one a minute after I click “publish,” but until I do, enjoy King Ding Dong as Long Jong Dung:

One Dum Fuc WP

Srsly, if you find a good Putin one for the collection, here, comment it and I’ll put it up in Magnana Mouse (Facebook).  Make ya famous 🙂

Stoopid Spice SNL Promos

Spicy Spice McCarthy On Street WP

Tomorrow night is a stellar one for SNL.  Melissa McCarthy — who plays Sean Spicer brilliantly — hosts the episode.  So, a lot more of Melissa.

For those who don’t remember, she isn’t always a less impish Sean Spicer.  As can be appreciated in this lovely promo that NBC got Lorne Michaels to do.  Which I am sure they are a million x grateful:

And, in a brilliant move, SNL had McCarthy saddle up the ol’ podium and give it a spin around the streets in front of 30 Rock.  Of course, it was phone-cam’d proper.  I have a feeling SNL filmed it too, and we’ll be seeing it in a Saturday skit.

And, you didn’t think that was going to be all, did you? It’s not.

In another promo for the show, NBC released edits of an interview between Melissa McCarthy and Vanessa Bayer:

Vive Macron-ena

Well, congrats to Emmanuel Macron.  To Democracy.  And, to Western Civilization as a whole.

You all know about centrist Emmanuel Macron defeating Trump’s Fascist Party ally Marine Le Pen, and how he’s already helping his liberal legislative allies bolster numbers to cement their victory.

CNN –>

In France, the celebration for Macron’s victory was molten excitement like the celebration at the fact that Marine Le Pen and her Fascist dirtbag reich are again relegated to the shadows.

Macron Celebration WP

I didn’t write this to pretend to break any news.


I just came to share a celebratory tribute video to Emmanuel Macron and the heroic people who stood up as one and saved the world.  It’s the Brazilian version of the Macarena with clips of the French electorate dancing in the streets.