Trump a Pro at Sabotaging US INTEL

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Trump made it very clear before Russia helped elect him that he knows ISIS much better than our military does.  He, of course, has lost faith in our military and only has faith in “certain” generals.  He promised his faithful that he would be able to “defeat” ISIS all on his own.

Think Progress –>

And, how did that work out for him?  In his first foray into “defeating ISIS,” he sent Seal Team Six into hostile territory in Yemen against the recommendation of ALL of the generals, leading to a failed mission, an unnecessary Special Ops death, and a $30 Million aircraft being shot down.  Oh, and no gained intelligence.

NPR –>

He launched $60 Million worth of US missiles on a Syrian target that didn’t destroy the target airport or even damage “enemy” aircraft.

ABC News –>

Just PR and worthless optics.

And, it just keeps getting worse and worse.  Trump is utterly destroying not only our reputation around the as the leader of the free world.  He is absolutely decimating our Intelligence services with what is seeming to be sabotage.  Recently, he put Israeli Intel in danger by leaking classified information to Russia about their operations to Russia, who allies with Iran.

New York Times –>

To round it off, Trump’s mastermind handling of USINTEL has leaked information to China of our operatives within their government, setting us back decades and leading to the arrest and execution of American agents.

NBC News –>

Oh, and it keeps coming.  British security forces — hard at work investigating the perpetrators of the Manchester bombing — were purposefully keeping mum on the identity of the bomber.  They made the mistake of sharing intelligence with Trump.  And, of course, Trump immediately leaked the name to US media.

Salon –>

Trump makes Aldrich Ames (Wikipedia) look like a Boy Scout.  He is a clear and present danger to US security, and each day that his Reich is allowed to remain in power, the chances that the US will suffer grave consequence increases exponentially.  He cannot be allowed to draw us closer and closer to our fall.


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