Check This Off Your List Yet, Ted?

Ted Nugent DOUHE WP

Yeah, OK, so Ted Nugent just said after the Alexandria shooting yesterday where a Republican Congressperson was shot, that he would tone down his disgusting, hateful, riot-inducing fire in a theater speech now.

Yahoo News –>

It doesn’t matter what he says or does at this point in his failed career or self-sabatoged waste of a life.  No one is going to hear him sing fake songs of unity and go buy his angry, hateful crap.   And, if you need a reminder as to all of the DISGUSTING, albeit blah, blah, “they say this shit every day” garbage that has left Nugent’s mouth and become FOX news Op Ed headline goodness, here’s a nice article detailing his best of:

Media Matters –>

Republicans are very hopeful that after decades of hate and lies and just endless foul behavior — now that they are almost assured to lose control of both the House and the US Senate, that if they just cry: “Can’t we all just get along?” that ppl will just forget that there is a filthy, rabid, hateful skunk running around the house stinking it up and that we’ll be too humane to just euthanize it with a baseball bat before it can kill everyone in their beds.    Not this time, Nazis.

I heard this Nugent story on Facebook.  An anti-Trump group.  One thing I like about groups like that is that I don’t have to hold my tongue, LOL.  Here is me not holding my tongue there.


Fuck Deplorables DMused



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