Republicans. Projection Artists.

projection WPRepublicans — as an entity — project. Any time you hear a Republican complain about what a Democrat is doing? Any time you hear a Republican screaming about what a Democrat is? He (it’s more often than not a he) is projecting.

It’s always interesting to watch an individual do it. Psychology. What’s REALLY interesting is how an entire demographic of deplorable serial lying bigoted misogynists projects in unison.  Organized projection.  Engineered sociological weaponization of ignorance and self-hate.

There is nearly endless example of this sad truth.  All you have to do is turn on the news and hear pretty much ANY Republican speak on any issue.  Seriously.  Try it.  Everything they say is projection, anymore.  Here is one that takes the goon trophy.  A curiously devilish preacher named Jessie Lee’s a Peter’s Son kind of disgustingly speaks of Democrats worshipping “satan” at the Congressional baseball game, the other day as everyone prayed.  We live in days where the least likely and least qualified to speak for a god of any sort are the ones screaming loudest about it.

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