Not a Senator

Fear GOP Walking Dead WP

I like the idea of a ranked soldier keeping his / her rank after un-deployment and rest.

I like calling him President Obama.  He’ll always be President.

But, do I really?  Only kind of.  Rachel Maddow had a guest on today.  She called him “Senator” Gordon Humphrey.  I thought that out of a hundred Senators, I’d still be smart like a 98% A-student if there were just 2 I didn’t remember.  But, really, eff that.  I know every dang one, at least by name.

Well, turns out I’m not “There are 2 Senators I don’t know” dumb.  Gordon WAS a senator.  A long time ago.  Like pushing 30 years ago was Senator. Oddly, this gets me to the actual reason I wrote this story: the Zombie of a long-retired Republican senator is haunting us with a press junket.  And, weirder, Rachel Maddow had him on her show.

Gordon Humphrey Fornicate Billboard WP

Pardon my taking the piss out of yer man, but aside from my flickin’ his old nuts, that’s an actual poster he uses.  For what, not entirely sure.  He’s too old to run for any office.  Trump is only 71, and I don’t think ANYONE doubts the dumb in risking being a peasant under a mad king.  A Dementia-hollowed ASSHOLE.  Like Trump.  This guy is just too gravity-whittled for service, anymore.

What I’m thinking is that his agent sees a longing for the days before the Tea Party.  Before the Freedom Caucus made a buy-in Swamp army of them.  With the INSANE militancy of the Presidency, a longing for days even before Neoconservatism. This guy Humphrey represents just that.

He could never be held up as an ideological echo of a hero any lost culture pines to re-live.  The people have shown themselves for who they are to the core, and, you can’t un-shoot yourself in your idiot foot.  Only the sage monks of electoral politics and the old generals of our reeling media structure keep the memory alive at all.  NBC wants to conspire in stopping the Republican party from bleeding out.

Too late for miracles, old chap.

And, I’m not all about helping save the Republican corpse.  Let it rot.


One thought on “Not a Senator

  1. You’re on it! I’m glad you wrote the article or I would not have heard the heroism of this man. Fmr. Sen. Gordon Humphrey left the GOP the day after Trump was elected. After Trump’s “dangerous” rhetoric on North Korea, he tells Lawrence O’Donnell why “Trump should be relieved of the powers of the presidency at the earliest date” under the 25th Amendment.

    I seriously love the way he said it too.…/former-republican-senator-trump…

    I get your point, but ever since the day I heard Malcolm Nance, spy extraordinaire, say “when you see me appear beside Brian Williams on NBC” you know that I am there to confirm or to explain how something works.

    Sure tonight’s guest was an ex-Senator, and Maddow gave him the respect he probably deserves, especially as present-day Republicans have lost their two big ones. They talk the talk but never walk the walk.

    So today, an ex-Senator who knows from ever since how the Senate and everything else works, sat beside Rachel not to “be” Senator again, or even sound “Republican.” He sat there to give her words the credence and weight that they need as to how things work in Government, and to shame his fellow Republicans.

    It’s sad to say this but we live in times where DT has criminalized every avenue of pinning him to the truth in a way that his “followers” would respect and understand. But they continue to buy his bold lies and tonight Alex Jones said he would “die for him.” Like they drank Kool Aide or something.

    So thanks again for the article, because it reminded me why Rachel and others have had Republicans tell their fellow bigots and “will die for him” cultists, exactly what’s happening under their uneducated and loving it, noses.

    So yeah – too many Senators spoil the broth, or, ok you’re worried the GOP may win just by now (all this time later) turning their backs on trump. But they are too late, and only people like the dude on Rachel’s show will get to keep their morality. It’s not like he has a body of people to not vote for him.

    I say kudos to all reporters in their bid to disintegrate DT’s “Fake News”, “fake FBI” “Fake whatever..” I think that while we are all taken up with, “Is this guy Republican?” trump gets to hide just how weak he has been for bending over when Putin discharged over 700 Americans from the Embassy this week. There was no response! None!


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