Trump “Kept Women” Concubine Crew Launches “Women for Trump”

  1. Women for Trump - Stand by your Man

Lara Trump has agreed to do the bidding of the Reich.  They ordered her to spearhead a movement of ladies of Trumpie Fanbois to P.R. up a con-artist’s storm.   They have her desperately trying to shove her thumbs in the widening cracks in the dyke of female “support” for our illegitimate President.  Poor lady.  Hard just watching her drown as the female support for ENDING trump breaches the levee

Lara Trump: The Women’s March was “really sad” because Trump has done so much for women

Media Matters  –>

Oh, wait, that article was from 2018.  The only other time you heard the name “Lara Trump.” That time she called women who can’t take an open fist punch to the side of the head by their better halves a “bunch of whiny little pussies.”

Here’s the article about Lara’s ridiculous embarrassing trump-orgy.  About her attempt to bullshit Pennsylvania into believing that the Trump Reich really isn’t all that bad.  Not necessarily the most misogynist, anti-woman political movement in U.S. History.  If you just squint your eyes, you can blur it out of your sights.  No problem.

In PA Trump Reich launches Bid to Improve his Standing w/ Women

Philadelphia Inquirer  –>


If their group’s theme song is any indication, their theme is:

“We don’t mean to strike and rape you.  We love you and love that you love it.  So, c’mon back for some more and quit your complaining before we all grab your pussies and lock you in the basement again.”


Democratic Primary Poster

I put this together with an Uncle Joe profile in it.

Democrats Primary Poster - Biden WP

So, I found the original in an unseemly place.  Where Breitbart Jr. Nazis might would be plotting RW BS with the GRU.  Actually, the GRU may have made it.  I kind of altered their Breitbart flag a smidge and threw a strike-thru over Individual 1’s head, so no Trumpie loser could make use of theirs:


Was hoping the Avengers “D” in Democrats was noticed, LOL.  I’m using it on my name.  On D’s, an probably my nephew’s, too.  $1.2 Billion in the first weekend.  Damn.

Edit, 2 of Lots. A remake of the original.  The original Biden profile didn’t pass the edit table.

Democrats Primary Poster - Biden WP PREVIEW (2)

Edit, 3 of Lots.Kamala Democrat Poster WPs.  Kamala, in honor of that great showing in the Barr Senate hearing.


Happy Birthday Cory’s Auntie

Senator Booker’s Auntie Alma just turned 100.  Happy Birthday, Ms. Alma!

Still prefers going dancing to bingo.

Cory Booker Auntie Alma 100 WP

I like this guy. It will come as no surprise that I have supported Governor, now Senator Booker for years.  I don’t know if he’s going to get the nom (he is one of a strong  handful of Americans I can see restoring the honor and forward momentum that our nation is now sadly lacking), or not, but he’ll make a good ANY part of WHOEVER IS NOT TRUMP’s cabinet. Hoorah.

Learn a bit about why this guy is kind of like a modern real-life Captain America.  He’s actually saved scared little old ladies from burning buildings.  And, this was written in 2013:

Cory Booker Rescues a Freezing Dog & 9 Other Things He Has Saved 

Daily Beast  –>

“Grab ’em” Seminar Tix Selling Like Hotcakes [VID]

grab em by the pussy trump sign

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court is comfortably hostile to women; now that Republicans have forced through a drunken, angry, hyper-partisan, lying accused rapist on as the majority vote, “Grab ’em” seminars are all the rage.

Women are quite officially “breeder stock” and are no more than property.  It’s good that men can learn to grab random womens’ “pussies” with pro techniques so’s not to injure their fingers, hands, or arms.

Tickets are only $319, with proceeds being split between the Trump for President campaign, the Ku Klux Klan, and the NRA.


Collins Is About to . . .

Yup WP.jpg

It kind of comes down to this.  Susan Collins is on the Senate Floor about to announce her vote on Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

EDIT 10-5

So, you know by now that Collins just read a defense of her choice to vote Yes on Kavanaugh.  After writing this, I did some D.C. to L.A. analysis with big little John and published this in Magnana Mouse:

Magnana Mouse  –>

Susan Collins just announced that she was a YES for Kavanaugh making it a 5-4 EXTREMIST RIGHT SUPREME COURT.  In an hour-long speech on the U.S. Senate floor, she tried to justify her decision to the women she just let down.  Every word came across as a plea for all of the women on the edge of their chairs NOT to stand up and walk away from her.


Didn’t work.  And, just like that, a yet-to-be-determined Democratic challenger to Collins in 2020 just received millions of dollars in grassroots campaign contributions.


The Hill  –>


Joe Manchin, bookend Democrat in West Virginia, was in favor of Kavanaugh.  He’s a socially conservative Southern Democrat.  Had Collins voted NO, he would not let women down by being the person who cast the deciding vote to put him on the Supreme Court.  But, Collins voted yes.  How he chose to vote would be neither here nor there.


It allowed him to vote in support of Kavanaugh.    The pro-Kavanaugh vote will likely ensure he keeps his seat  in the upcoming Midterm.  This confirmation of Kavanaugh will hurt the people of the United States for decades.


That said, the chances of the Democrats taking back the Senate in a month just spiked.


A whole lot of congressional investigations will begin on Nov. 7th.


Further, 2020 just got VERY ugly for the Trump-Putin-Repubican party.  Trump is toast  He’ll be impeached by the House.  And, should he somehow steal the election, as many believe he and Russia will try to do, there will likely be a super-majority of Democrats in Senate.  There is a good chance that:


1.   Both Kavanaugh an Clarence Thomas will be impeached.
2.   Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire and be replaced.
3.   A Democratic President will replace all three with center-left judges.
4.  The days of Republican Gerrymandering and mass-suppression and mass incarceration in private prisons will come to an en.
5.  Congress will likely add two more judges to the Supreme Court and establish term limits on the position.  Likely 9-yr terms.

When the dust settles in 2021, there will be an 11-member court 8-3 Liberal.  There will be a Democratic super-majority in both the U.S. House and Senate.  On top of it all, there will be a DEMOCRAT in the Oval Office.  We will be DEEP in the process of undoing all of the damage that Trump and the Republican party have done to us.


We will be hard at work desperately trying to save the waning future of the planet.


We will be very busy reorganizing Healthcare, housing, and public education; fixing our crumbling infrastructure; saving all of the institutions that have been left bleeding on the floor after metaphorical gang rapes by the Trump-cult; and actually draining that swamp.


We WILL earn back our friendship an partnership with the world.


Today is the day we begin a REAL Revolution.


Killer Democrat Scares Pussy Republican WP.jpg

So, yeah, feeling good and looking up.  It’s going to suck for a minute but to be frank, this was the preferred outcome, long term.

Fight HARDER and let’s get this shit DONE!

Alex Jones Has a Sad, Flips on Trump, Republicans

Alex Jones is Sad WP

You know things are going South for Trump and the Republican Party when Alex Jones spends an entire webisode of his InfoWars show railing on the Ruling Bossman White Supremacist set. He was even — next to Bannon — perhaps Trump’s most ardent supporter in media (my how FOX has fallen). But, Jones even dumps a truckload of horse crap on Trump’s shine.

What to do? Should all Republicans jump ship and sail into the sunset with David Duke? It’s such a confusing time.

Trump Has a New Craigslist Black Friend

Remember how Trump put out a cattle call yesterday to get him some good black for background at his big, breaking, 2020 campaign inauguration crazy-rally?



Well, Craigslist came through again.  It looks like the race war is over.

Trump has averted disaster yet again.  A black man was found.  Chosen from a pool of millions.  Ben Carson is said to have been brought in to screen the hoard.  And, the perfect one was chosen.  He should have read the fine print.  Unfortunately, the man is now only “free” in the rebel “blue” states, so it looks like Halloween is actually going to be scary this year.

Black Friend WP

As far as the rally itself, not a thing new was said.  Just salacious BS and endless whining about the press to discredit them for when they report on the inevitable arrest and prosecution of this pathetic, obese, compulsive lying Russian useful idiot agent steaming pile of rancid dog crap on my shoe.

One thing of note:  He has devolved to lying about lying.  He is now telling lies about lies, and risks running full circle back around to the truth.  At which point Stephen Bannon will have to kill him.  As is now, only Sheriff Joe might kill him for going back on his promise to pardon his crimes.