One Step Over the Line

Or one toke over it.  Either way, this is really unacceptable.  This East-bloc trump co-conspirator has hidden behind a phony shroud of “I’m so bullied” shielding that Bannon built for her.  Now, she has thrown off the camouflage to just proudly unveil her true nature.

The nature that she hid behind the mirage of projection that trump taught her to wield.  Yesterday, Melania trump had the comic audacity to fire one of the Reich’s whatever Reichsmarschalls.  Here’s the story, but the whos and whats are really kind of beside the point.  This lady thinks she’s the trump pretending to be our President. 

New York Times  –>  (new tab)

Question is, is Melania an over-zealous OCD-delusional kind of wife species, or has Little-hands left his brain-station and choo-choo’d into crazy-town?  Has he left his Commie-bloc anchor-baby-mama in charge of the Oval Office?  We elected a russian spy as our President and now come to find out we actually elected his freaking freakish wife for the position?



Advise and Contempt

Madam Secretary - Madeline Powell Hillary First Frame STILL 2This is new. Former office holders rarely, if ever, participate in fictional portrayals of politics on Television programs.  But, hen you have a reality show con artist as your illegitimate President, you have to fight battles in the theaters (punny, eh?) he drags his troops into.

Here, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, and our legitimate President, Hillary Clinton appear in groundbreaking cameos to advise the current Secretary of State how to confront . . . the foes who attacked the White House.

The story wasn’t about Trump and his Russian handlers.  Not really.  But, the story seems to have been written so that these three could deliver a public service announcement to our Resistance to the Trump-Russian-Republican coup that is playing out in real life just out of view of the show.

The Gullibility of the Willfully Ignorant Right

I monitor some Right Wing websites.  One of the commonalities between all of them (besides the endless hate and bullshit) is the ads that you would see all over each of them.  They’re the Russian equivalent of the “Nigerian Prince” scams.  They all make ridiculous claims in clickbait fashion that appeal to the basest greed of your average willfully ignorant republican voter.

All in a broken russian English that screams “meet me in Moscow with your spare change, moron.”

This one is the typical BS that the kind of person who buys ANYTHING that trump and his republican handlers expect their Deplorable army to dutifully fall for:  Put some lemon peels on your idiot toes and you’ll be less of a fat glob of garbage.

lemon toes for the skinny

Don’t worry, no link to the Russian Troll-Farm site running this BS will be linked to.  Just the echo to let you know how vile both the Russian Troll-Farms and their Republican hosts are.

Also, that (R) in front of the “republican” representatives means something.  Please pick one:







(R)obber Barons





The Daily Tape-drop

This is some crafty editing of BREAKING News screen grabs from MSNBC from the Morning Joe with sprinklings from various MSNBC news shows during the day.  Set over some great music playlist.

Not to toot her horn, but it’s done by Dizzy Denizen.  She’s an author and screenwriter.  What she’s known for is what happens long before the editing happens.  This is a hobby she learned to impress her sister, who is a film editor.  Skills like this run in the family, because she picked this one up in short time.

Thanks, Diz.

Dizzy Deni·Zen

Few people know what’s actually going on. The rest of us are unhappy spectators.
I suppose we could wean ourselves off the news, but how would we know just how crazy the next event would be, and — would it affect us all?
Reality Bites

In this corner —

And the beat goes on …

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You Need DEMS to do it? That’s Coming, Son.

Nazi Concentration Camp Children Beckett Quote WP.jpg

Trump: “I hate this horrible Democrat law. If the Democrats want to change it, they can do it, because even though my Trump Republicans have majorities in the House and the Senate, it is going to take Democrats to come to the table and make a change.”

Yes, you “feckless cunt,” you have stumbled upon the first true statement out your sphincter hole of a lying mouth of yours: It will take Democrats to make a change.

And, we’re coming, asshole. Listen for the battering ram come knockin’ in November. Democrats will be going ahead and making these changes. There will be no more ICE behaving like Nazi SS soldiers ripping children from their mothers’ arms.

There will be no more concentration camps and travel bans;

There will be no more nuking the Environmental Protection Agency;

No more shredding every protection we have from predatory banks;

There will be no more legislative cover for greed-saturated, lobbyist-fueled corporate shells and grifting Trump-Republican politician thieves currently loose in the hen house.

The wave is coming, you shameful, half-witted Russian stooge. Your time out of a dingy little cell is about done with. Just like Paul Manafort, your bail is soon to be revoked. And, no, the rest of your Reich doesn’t get to pick up where your fat ass left off. Sorry, VP “pray the gay away,” you’re not on deck. You’re struck out before you ever get up to bat.

Nazi Concentration Camp Children WP PREVIEW

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Dick-tater WP PREVIEWci

This Stalin quote was a still from the 2nd episode of the new adaptation of 3 Days of the Condor.  The show is on AT&T’s Audience network (home of Kingdom), it my be hard to find, but it’s worth the effort.

AT&T Network  –>

I added the photo of Trump in mid-appeasement with his little-sister Reich from tough cookie-Korea.  Seemed fitting, the company our president is keeping.

Here’s to looking forward to Trump’s next “New-Axis” summit.  With Putin.  No shit.  American media reports on trump gleefuly blurting out that he demands a private  summit with Putin this summer:

The New Yorker  –>

And Russian Media reports that a date has already been confirmed.  Of course Trump and Putin would give TASS the scoop.

TASS  –>  (This link is to a screen capture of the TASS article.  Magnana Mouse doesn’t distribute terrorist web links)

Gag This, Son

Well, it looks like poor goombah Mikey Cohen’s attempt to gag his tormentor from going on the teevee and making him look dumb. I was wondering if a judge duct taped Avenatti up and put him to sleep with the fishes.

Then, Lawrence O’Donnell came on while I was eating dinner.

Avenatti Not Gagged WP Preview

Yeah, it was as funny to the poor judge as it was to me.

Mikey, if you don’t want to be prosecuted on RICO action, ya might want to not be acting like a wannabe mobster who never got made.

NBC –>

Are You a Proud Neo-Confederate?

If you’re a continued reader of Magnana Mouse, your answer is the fattest NO since Melania told Donald about holding her hand in public. Trump and his low-information cultists are confederates.

Confederates. Not “neo-confederates.” There is no such thing as a “neo-confederate.”

Confederate With Definition

There is a such thing as a “neo-nazi.” Why isn’t there a “neo-confederate?”

Being a Nazi is being an adherent to a specific political philosophy. People adhere to a set of rules to unite as a common culture. Nazis were / are Fascists. Their political denomination was “National Socialist.

Trump is a neo-Nazi; the Republican party now the Neo-Nazi Trump Party.

GOP Nazi Logo WP Preview

Nazi is not confederate, but go with me for a second. There is no such thing as a neo-confederate, though there is a “confederate.” And, the confederates are one and the same with Trump’s Neo-Nazi loyalists.

Why is that, you ask?

Simple Simon. While a neo-Nazi resurrects a dead-language philosophy. Saying “I’m a neo-confederate is like saying “I’m a neo-treasonous piece of garbage.” If you’re saying it, chances are pretty good that it’s going to ring true. But, even though old poop is dried-out turd, from any angle, a confederate is still shit.

So hereby:

Whereas Donald Trump is looking like he is guilty of some really mobster racketeering kinds of crimes,

As well as probable criminal treason against the United States,

And whereas he who smelt it is by law he who dealt it,

If one casts a vote for any politician who would allow a treasonous piece of garbage to continue being a treasonous piece of garbage in all of our names, you are a significant degree of treasonous garbage.

Don’t be a treasonous piece of garbage.



The Case of the Missing Credibility and Defense

Cohen New Yorker WP

Well, this now insures that Trump trying to fire Rosenstein to get to Mueller might be a little complicated, if it wasn’t already.  Now that a CRIMINAL referral has been made to Justice through the Deputy Attorney General.

New Yorker –>

I’ve leaked out that in one of my office pools, I have Trump being indicted in late September.  By Autumn, Mueller will drop the load on the world and the Republican majority will SCRAMBLE to impeach Trump.  He will become so unpopular that THEY will be fighting to get out in front of the Impeachment charges.

It will take 2 weeks for an impeachment vote.  In the Senate, the removal vote will surpass 80 votes.  He will be impeached and remove in time for a GRAND perp walk in late September.  It’w all coming  unraveled like a sweater with a loose yarn.

BTW:  It will NOT be enough to save the ROTTEN, COMPLICIT REPUBLICAN PARTY.