Trumpcare is Terminal

USA REPUBLICANS SENATEThe Senate has taken some hard body shots this week because it has come out that as HORRIBLE the House Trumpcare bill was, the Senate’s is much, much worse.  At least for everyone not in it to mine for huge tax cuts to their riches.


Well, I don’t think Trump will be able to hack it in battle.  Coward.  He’ll try to blame it on “obstructionist democrats” and just say, “fine, keep your Obamacare and enjoy the poorhouse.”

It will give him a foil to perpetually campaign about.  “Obama and his secret socialist healthcare DISASTER that we have to fight, fight, fight, ‘cos he has a bunker in Washington, and he’s coming with NATO strike forces to TAKE YOUR GUNS!”

There won’t be a “repeal/replace” orgy.  So, we need to focus on the next target for his destructive, flea’s attention span.

Schumer Calls Out SUPER-SHADY Republican Senators

Dem ACA Schumer Speech Header WPThe biggest news right now isn’t the monumentally epic Russian Spy US government takeover story.  Nope.  What’s going on in the shadows is even more frightening.

The video below shows Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sounded the alarm speaking in Senate chambers today.  Following is Chris Hayes explaining exactly what Mitch McConnel is doing, with the help of Andrew Slavitt, the recently “recent” administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Here is a Washington Post article about the shady dealings, and below it, the video.



Trump Tweets in his Big Boy Pants Again

Trump Big Boy Pants Tweets WP COPY

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Trump haz a sad.  His hapless Republican party passed a little 5-day stay of execution for our government.  They passed a bill that keeps parks open and lights on for five whole days.  And, to do it, they had to omit any mention of funding a stupid wall.

It funds Planned Parenthood.

It doesn’t gut healthcare.

It’s basically a huge loss for King Douche — the negotiator.

So, of course he tweeted like a 13 year-old who has to wear a helmet on the special little bus.

First, he shows off that he knows how a bill moves through the Senate.  Or, doesn’t:

Trump Tweet 1

Then, President Baby-hands tells us how we might fix it.  Like, how you fix a dog:Trump Tweet 2

He really told us.

So, Twitter kind of told him.  And, sources say he didn’t appreciate it.

Trump Buttons WP

First, Mike Williams comes in with a shot across his humanist bow.  Maybe King Dumbass just didn’t know how much a government shutdown will hurt every American.

Trump SUCKS 1

Sure, that’s it.  He’ll see that and realize the cruel err of his ways.

Hahahaha.  Ha.

So, he quickly came back with another angle:  Shame him by letting him know that he’s sounding more like America’s enemies than Captain America:

Trump SUCKS 2

Nice try.  Mike wasn’t paying attention when Trump vied for most vile Authoritarian of the year like it was a 3-point contest.

So, Charles Blamesco came in and dropped the mic explaining to the baby-handed freak of inbreeding that the way he goes about going about is how every bond villain has exited stage left since Ian Flemming went big screen:

Trump SUCKS 3

It’s funny, but it should rightly scare the bejesus out of you.  Trump is attacking the Judicial branch of government and is trying to minimize the ability of the legislature to more than rubber-stamp his executive orders.

Making them all no more than Reich commanders.

He really expects to become King of America.

He Loves You Like the Baby Jesus

0Trump - Believe Me WP

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He spoke.  Using the best words he has.

It’s clear that he loves us all, every one.  Like the baby Jesus.

He feels such amazing empathy to all the people afflicted with pharmaceutical pain killer addiction.

And, he’s going to save EVERYONE.  Problem solved.

You just have to believe.  Have faith.  If you just have faith in your baby-handed God, he will guide you back to Eden.

Obama Cares FTW

Obama Cares WP

I’ll bet that the GOP FAILS to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).  They’ll have to fix the parts of it they messed up when Obama and the Democrats worked themselves to the bone to maneuver around Republican obstruction and obstinance just like they’re showing in their crazed attempt to repeal JUST BECAUSE IT BEARS A BLACK MAN’S NAME.

The GOP will scramble to fix it piece-by-piece.  It’s still going to be the healthcare that the first Black President brought us.  No matter how many band aids they slap on it,  it stays OBAMA up in their face. 200 years into our dystopian future, our healthcare will still be OBAMA CARES!