Got’s Some Deep State For Ya Right Here

JPL NASA InSight Mars Rover

The Bloated Con Artist Donald Trump — or Individual 1, as he’s known in sealed indictments (Magnana Mouse) — frustrates us all and makes decent Americans sick down to their souls (this is actually verifiably; Snopes it ūüôā Data shows that our illegitimate President ruins every one of our days in some way. A force of dark nature, Donald is able to suffocate every one of our beloved social programs: The EPA. ICE. The Dept. of Education. Etc., etc.. If he’s touched it, it’s probably in intensive care, if even alive.

Well, the Orange Stooge Russian agent hasn’t been able to defile every part of the U.S. experiment. As we’re all seeing in real time, he hasn’t sunk his rotten teeth into the FBI (hoorah). Well, NASA and JPL operate flawlessly this lat week, almost to spite Trump. Mr. Illegitimate most definitely has not been able to purge this institution in order that he may burn it to the ground and refill it with his idiot friends’ idiot children.

If what Trump has done to America ever makes you doubt yourself, just think of the impossible that Americans prove again isn’t. Think of just what the NASA / JPL InSight Rover in the artist’s rendering of it landing on Mars.


And, keep thinking.

We have so much to be proud of as Americans. JPL and NASA drive us forward over our horizons even as Trump tries to pull us all under the rock he slithered up from. There is so much that this misogynist halfwit simply has no power to be able to ruin.

Space Dot Com –>

Trump is a life-choking cloud of smoke, stealing every ray of sun he can blacken. The earth beneath him cries an chokes to blackness. But, like Jeff Goldbloom said in the Fly, “Life finds a way.”

Unphased by the black hole that is Donald Trump, NASA bobbed and weaved right around it. They dug in, fought to work themselves to the bone to bring us all where we’d never be able to reach. They brought home a glimpse of a nearly-impossibly distant celestial beauty. For you, a glimpse of the first Martian sunset seen by a human being.

So, screw Trump. He’s a bad-TV carnival-barking half-witted failure cheated into an office he didn’t win and was comically unqualified to hold. He will be gone and done for sooner than you think. And, America will get right the heck back on the rails.Germany recovered from Adolf Hitler. This too shall pass.

Note: I wrote this for Magnana Mouse.  I am sending it over when I hit enter here. What took so long was the Martian Sunset video.

Here’s the link to Magnana Mouse –>


Advise and Contempt

Madam Secretary - Madeline Powell Hillary First Frame STILL 2This is new. Former office holders rarely, if ever, participate in fictional portrayals of politics on Television programs.  But, hen you have a reality show con artist as your illegitimate President, you have to fight battles in the theaters (punny, eh?) he drags his troops into.

Here, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, and our legitimate President, Hillary Clinton appear in groundbreaking cameos to advise the current Secretary of State how to confront . . . the foes who attacked the White House.

The story wasn’t about Trump and his Russian handlers.¬† Not really.¬† But, the story seems to have been written so that these three could deliver a public service announcement to our Resistance to the Trump-Russian-Republican coup that is playing out in real life just out of view of the show.

Collins Is About to . . .

Yup WP.jpg

It kind of comes down to this.  Susan Collins is on the Senate Floor about to announce her vote on Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

EDIT 10-5

So, you know by now that Collins just read a defense of her choice to vote Yes on Kavanaugh.  After writing this, I did some D.C. to L.A. analysis with big little John and published this in Magnana Mouse:

Magnana Mouse¬† –>¬†

Susan Collins just announced that she was a YES for Kavanaugh making it a 5-4 EXTREMIST RIGHT SUPREME COURT.  In an hour-long speech on the U.S. Senate floor, she tried to justify her decision to the women she just let down.  Every word came across as a plea for all of the women on the edge of their chairs NOT to stand up and walk away from her.


Didn’t work.¬† And, just like that, a yet-to-be-determined Democratic challenger to Collins in 2020 just received millions of dollars in grassroots campaign contributions.


The Hill¬† –>¬†


Joe Manchin, bookend Democrat in West Virginia, was in favor of Kavanaugh.¬† He’s a socially conservative Southern Democrat.¬† Had Collins voted NO, he would not let women down by being the person who cast the deciding vote to put him on the Supreme Court.¬† But, Collins voted yes.¬† How he chose to vote would be neither here nor there.


It allowed him to vote in support of Kavanaugh.    The pro-Kavanaugh vote will likely ensure he keeps his seat  in the upcoming Midterm.  This confirmation of Kavanaugh will hurt the people of the United States for decades.


That said, the chances of the Democrats taking back the Senate in a month just spiked.


A whole lot of congressional investigations will begin on Nov. 7th.


Further, 2020 just got VERY ugly for the Trump-Putin-Repubican party.¬† Trump is toast¬† He’ll be impeached by the House.¬† And, should he somehow steal the election, as many believe he and Russia will try to do, there will likely be a super-majority of Democrats in Senate.¬† There is a good chance that:


1.   Both Kavanaugh an Clarence Thomas will be impeached.
2.   Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire and be replaced.
3.   A Democratic President will replace all three with center-left judges.
4.  The days of Republican Gerrymandering and mass-suppression and mass incarceration in private prisons will come to an en.
5.  Congress will likely add two more judges to the Supreme Court and establish term limits on the position.  Likely 9-yr terms.

When the dust settles in 2021, there will be an 11-member court 8-3 Liberal.  There will be a Democratic super-majority in both the U.S. House and Senate.  On top of it all, there will be a DEMOCRAT in the Oval Office.  We will be DEEP in the process of undoing all of the damage that Trump and the Republican party have done to us.


We will be hard at work desperately trying to save the waning future of the planet.


We will be very busy reorganizing Healthcare, housing, and public education; fixing our crumbling infrastructure; saving all of the institutions that have been left bleeding on the floor after metaphorical gang rapes by the Trump-cult; and actually draining that swamp.


We WILL earn back our friendship an partnership with the world.


Today is the day we begin a REAL Revolution.


Killer Democrat Scares Pussy Republican WP.jpg

So, yeah, feeling good and looking up.¬† It’s going to suck for a minute but to be frank, this was the preferred outcome, long term.

Fight HARDER and let’s get this shit DONE!

May Mitch McConnell Get All He Summons Up

Something Widked Mitch Way Comes.jpg

I have never met Mitch McConnell, so it’s difficult to properly judge him.¬† It’s like, before properly judging a lawn, you have to pull your shoes off.¬† Slide the socks off and walk around it barefoot as the day your mum born’d ya.¬† I haven’t had the opportunity to walk all over Mitch, though.¬† Barefoot or in dirty boots.

Anyway, tough guy said that the midterms were going to be a knife fight in an alley.¬† He’s so used to gutting Americans like pigs, he thinks he’s a gangsta.


But, Mitch is garbage.¬† He is more guilty of every bit of badness that has been inflicted on the U.S. pretty much since the turn of the century than pretty much anyone.¬† I vote that I he gets that alley knife fight.¬† We have to wait until 2020 to dump this douche electorally,.¬† But, if he wants to join Trump in a prison shankin’ heavyweight bout, I KNOW that can be a last-wish granted.

For all that his GOP has given us, I think that’s the least we could do.

Not to Fret, Cap’n

This goes in the “Don’t be a Chicken Little” file.¬† I have a friend who is particularly susceptible to fearing the end is nigh at just about every turn (and, they shall not be outed.¬† Sheeeiat.¬† It’s not like this is the Trump Reich).

Jokes aside, this wannabe keystone dictator tweets out a signing statement, and stuff gets scary. ¬† We’ve all been mired in the flaming, stopped-up toilet that is the Trump presidency.¬† But, I’m here to promise you that this pea-brained, mob-rule pretender was never, and will never threaten the long-arm of the justice underpinning the foundation of the United States of America.

Shiny Firefly Not to Fret Capn

I kind of favored this poster concept for the same reason I favored Firefly to begin with.

First, Firefly was an awesome show.  Back in the early aughts when it aired (RIP), I was in the hey-ho daze of my career on the board.  The lead character in the show was Captain Mal.


Now, it’s obvious to anyone that the Cap’n in the world of a killer piece of sci-fi like Firefly is the Captain of a spaceship.¬† But, it was more than that.¬† Like all good ship captains in all the good sci-fi we love are captains in a less-formal sense.¬† In a kind of leader of leaders kind of way.

I relate to the sentiment, ‘cos at the time Firefly was weekly TV fare, players on the board (in my pen), called me Cap’n Dannaroo (longer story than I care to give wings to again).¬† I do still have the email addy (hardly in use, anymore) to memorialize the daze (scrubbed wildly clean, though it is).

In the Cap’n Mal sense, I wasn’t a “captain.” Not in a DOD-offshoot and sure as hell not of any ship, LOL.¬† More, a field captain kind of cap’n.¬† Field commanders — in commissioned military rank — are officers on the ground that have a number of lieutenants keeping the night lights glowing through the storms.

I was like that.

Though the Magnanimous Mouse is a symbol of Pristine Source in the Pursuit of Truth, it’s nice to think of the little soldier as the Cap’n.¬† Like his daddy.¬† And, his daddy’s before him.

Families Belong Together Demonstration — L.A.

Yesterday was pretty inspiring, if nothing else.¬† Tiring.¬† it was that.¬† I don’t know if it did much good, but let’s not go there here just now.¬† There was a brother and sisterhood that gave hope that there is going to be a light at the end of this tunnel.

We all (tens and tens thousands of dirty liberals) started at L.A. City Hall to the Federal Building and to the Metro Detention Center.¬† I took a bunch of pics.¬† Even some good ones, I think.¬†¬† Even a couple panoramas, for what it’s worth.

The fight is just beginning.

As far as the photos gallery, let me just start with the panoramas.¬† Love these things.¬† The first one just gives a feeling of how many people showed up for this protest.¬† Maybe just a fraction of the billions that showed up for our dumbass liar’s inauguration

Families Together LA 13 PANORAMA

The second one was from stage right with the gaggle of media gunners when Eric Garcetti was speaking.  Eric repped L.A. well.

Families Together LA 14 PANORAMA

The first one is just of a protest sign.¬† I didn’t love how it just said NO DEPORTATIONS.¬† That’s just silly.¬† Some folk gotta go.

Dont Deport Asylum Seekers ORIG Photo

I fit it in a frame, cleaned it up, and added ASYLUM SEEKERS to it.  Not planning on printing it off for the next round, but, had to do it.

Dont Deport Asylum Seekers Altered Carbon

Hope you noticed the hand on one side — the adult’s — is faded.¬† Disappearing.¬† And, had to add a 2nd row or barbed wire.

Build that wall, boy.

Anyway, the rest of the photos.¬† Have a couple hundred more, but doesn’t everyone with a camera.¬† Or a damn phone, anymore.

Families Together LA 18


Families Together LA 17


Families Together LA 16


Families Together LA  15.jpg


Families Together LA 12


Families Together LA 11


Families Together LA 10


Families Together LA 09


Families Together LA 08


Families Together LA 07


Families Together LA 06


Families Together LA 05


Families Together LA 04


Families Together LA 03


Families Together LA 02


Families Together LA 01

That’s all, this round.¬† Like I said, it’s just getting started, y’all




Gag This, Son

Well, it looks like poor goombah Mikey Cohen’s attempt to gag his tormentor from going on the teevee and making him look dumb. I was wondering if a judge duct taped Avenatti up and put him to sleep with the fishes.

Then, Lawrence O’Donnell came on while I was eating dinner.

Avenatti Not Gagged WP Preview

Yeah, it was as funny to the poor judge as it was to me.

Mikey, if you don’t want to be prosecuted on RICO action, ya might want to not be acting like a wannabe mobster who never got made.

NBC –>

GM: Power’d by HEMI and GURLZ

GM Gurl Power WP

One of America’s most iconic companies goes full #MeToo and gets #WOKE.

Full #BIGLY even.

With one HR announcement, General Motors joins Hershey as the only two Fortune 500 companies to employ both female CEO (chief executive officer) and CFO (chief financial officer) in their elite C-suites.¬†¬† Mary Bara has been GM’s CEO since 2014.¬† On Wednesday, they announced the hiring of Dhivya Suryadevara as their CFO.

CNN Money¬† –> ¬†


That Law of Unintended Consequences

A lot of liberals screaming for “open primaries in 2016 may have gotten a surprise lesson in “be careful what you wish for.” Granted, what they are all seeing transpire this year has been going on since 2012, this is the first time it has been a page one story.

The way primaries operate in California is that everyone’s name — of every political party — has their name put in a giant pot. People are given one vote for Governor and Senator.

Important Notice Secretary of State.jpg

In this unofficially named “Jungle Primary,” two top vote-getters face each other in a “jungle runoff.” In a progressive state, this commonly ends with two liberals facing off against one another. While this makes for a higher-quality general election, it does deal out unintended hands. I’ll discuss two that may be playing out this year.

Newsom Villaraigosa Cox WP Preview

1. No one polling has modeled Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom anywhere other than first place. Former L.A. Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa had been a solid 2nd. If he were to be a jungle 2nd, the probability of Trump-republicans Getting Out the Vote dips significantly. They are territorial, and they are programmed to refuse participation in Democratic activities. This is an unintended gift for progress. But, Trump-republican strategists adjusted their defense.

Trump coalesced his support behind an endorsement of the Trump-republican candidate, Johnny Cox. In recent polls, Cox is trending over Villaraigosa for 2nd. If he gets on the ballot, it will aid the alt-right down ballot. So, maybe a bit of support, late, for Tony?

Still, GO GAVIN!

jungle cruise WP

2 In Orange County, the unintended consequences may really hurt the Resistance. Trump-republican party right wing officials there are confident that they have the Blue Wave defended.

The ‘red wave,’ is the one you’ll see in June,” ~Fred Whitaker, chair of the trump-Republican Party of Orange County.

Whitaker is confident because he knows that the liberal resistance to trump and the rabidly obstructionist and destructive congress has inspired a super-saturation of competing candidates in this “jungle primary. None of the liberal candidates are finding traction, which could lead to all-Republican general elections in seats that would otherwise be ripe for flipping Blue.

This could affect the Democratic chances of subverting Fascist rule with a people-powered Blue Wave.¬† It’s not all doom and gloom, though.

California primary election: OC Democrats eye congressional seats, hope to take back House

All I have to say is I hope that Democrats over-perform like has never been seen in Orange county!

In California. Go big blue. It’s up to all of us. Just get up and get out the vote!

Gavin Newsom for Governor Rally at Disney Studios [VIDEO]

Gavin Courage Sign WP

My Jamaican Queen, Dax and I were invited by Sen. Kamala Harris’ staff to attend a campaign rally at Disney Studios in L.A. for Gavin Newsom.¬† His kickoff rally in his 2018 Gubernatorial campaign. ¬† So, of course we went and were hooked up with front-row seats.¬† Great time. Gavin and Kamala both spoke and gave a lot of us a hope that we had all been lacking since the “election” of Trump in 2016.

All studio unions were represented, with the Teamsters leading the way.¬† Just as Gavin said:¬† “Trump wants to take California.¬† He won’t.”¬† Sure as hell won’t.

We both took a ton of pics, which Dax edited into this electric video. The song she used to soundtrack it is “Let’s Get it Started,” by the Black Eyed Peas. It was the song that was played leading to Gain and Kamala’s entrance to the auditorium. I’m thinking that the staff who chose it deserves a thank you card from the DNC, who should license this for every Democratic rally in the Wave midterm campaign season!