That Time When the U.S. Became More Ridiculous than Hogan’s Heroes

Hogan's Heroes GOP WP.jpg

The other day, the monosyllabic Kansas trailer park Congressman chosen by trump to be his CIA stooge before being transferred into his job as our pretend Secretary of State got his dumb on.

He was shipped back to North Korea to try managing them as a bunch or “slant-eyed assets.”  His aide explained to him what an “asset” was before he left, according to Pompeo’s twitter feed.  It was apparent to readers that he was proud to use a new 2-syllable word. 

Anyway, Pompeo knew he had to be on top of his game.  He had a BIGLY handshake and a grand, oversized notecard-in-a-frame to hopefully sign.

Just like daddy did.

Of course, Pompeo came across like the ignorant clown he is, and the North Koreans chided both him and trump as soon as he was out of Korean airspace. 

New York Times  –>

And, that’s completely understandable.  Sad, and angering to see any country — let alone North Korea — treating America like that.  But, can they be blamed?  I mean, while I ABHOR the Dick Cheney, I took some comfort knowing that when he was anywhere with anyone he inspired a good quivering.  His counterparts around the globe knew there was some REAL fire in the room shooting from his demonic snout-holes.


Even the little Kim Jung Juniors that Pompeo was allowed to keep company with could recognize a turd in a punch bowl.  They recognized trump’s envoy as the  court jester he is after a casual glance at his comical mug.  They saw clear as mom’s spring-cleaned windows that the trump Reich are their inferiors.  They KNOW they consistently out-class, out-maneuver, and out-think all of them.

And, you know that China’s Intelligence is prepping Jong Un’s team.  We are being represented by some real colonel Klink slapstick blitzkrieg morons. We’re out-classed by dregs of the world.

That makes US dreggier than the dregs

Until we rid the U.S. of trump and his entire Reich, we don’t stand a chance.  God help us.



Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Dick-tater WP PREVIEWci

This Stalin quote was a still from the 2nd episode of the new adaptation of 3 Days of the Condor.  The show is on AT&T’s Audience network (home of Kingdom), it my be hard to find, but it’s worth the effort.

AT&T Network  –>

I added the photo of Trump in mid-appeasement with his little-sister Reich from tough cookie-Korea.  Seemed fitting, the company our president is keeping.

Here’s to looking forward to Trump’s next “New-Axis” summit.  With Putin.  No shit.  American media reports on trump gleefuly blurting out that he demands a private  summit with Putin this summer:

The New Yorker  –>

And Russian Media reports that a date has already been confirmed.  Of course Trump and Putin would give TASS the scoop.

TASS  –>  (This link is to a screen capture of the TASS article.  Magnana Mouse doesn’t distribute terrorist web links)

What Yesterday Was and Wasn’t

To be clear, Donald Big Boy met with a dangerous dictator yesterday.  There was most certainly a photo op.  There is no doubt about that.

But, it was not some official end to a war.  It was no deal tight like the Iran Deal that douchebag ripped up like the ignorant douchebag he is.

CVID North Korea Nuclear A WP.jpg

Nope.  It was a big bag of PR bullshit and a re-alignment of what were once loosely-define as the Axis versus the Allied powers.  Trump castigated and attacked our closest and oldest allies:

Trump says he’ll punish ‘the people of Canada’ because of Trudeau’s news conference [Toronto Star]  –>>

What was necessary in ANY kind of nuclear deal was all of four parts of any deal like this.  Trump did not meet  even the most basics of negotiating even a beginning of a  discriminant treaty.    You  know, how it was done by our last legitimate President?  When we negotiated and actually signed an actual goddamn Nuclear deal.

Enjoy a little Bill Maher and John Heilmann laying out the obvious reality that Donald Trump may be a U.S. president, but he is certainly not performing in any way like a U.S. President.  We have to come to terms with the reality that a coup of the U.S. government was run on  our government by the Russian Intelligence service with Donald Trump’s  idiot help.


The Case of the Missing Credibility and Defense

Cohen New Yorker WP

Well, this now insures that Trump trying to fire Rosenstein to get to Mueller might be a little complicated, if it wasn’t already.  Now that a CRIMINAL referral has been made to Justice through the Deputy Attorney General.

New Yorker –>

I’ve leaked out that in one of my office pools, I have Trump being indicted in late September.  By Autumn, Mueller will drop the load on the world and the Republican majority will SCRAMBLE to impeach Trump.  He will become so unpopular that THEY will be fighting to get out in front of the Impeachment charges.

It will take 2 weeks for an impeachment vote.  In the Senate, the removal vote will surpass 80 votes.  He will be impeached and remove in time for a GRAND perp walk in late September.  It’w all coming  unraveled like a sweater with a loose yarn.

BTW:  It will NOT be enough to save the ROTTEN, COMPLICIT REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Lasting Impact

Sorry Word WP PreviewI promise you that people all over the world, not just angry Middle Eastern displaced Muslims, are thinking and even voicing that they hope to see Trump policies backfire and great badness happen to our country.

This kind of collective consciousness evolution doesn’t heal.

In a twisted way, it is similar to global climate change. We were warned. It’s not like we get a do-over.  In the mid-90’s, there was this thing called “peak oil.”  The canaries in the mine were killed.  For all the talk of saving the planet, it really, REALLY sucks, but day late, dollar short.

I digress, but there *is* an unavoidable comparison to be made.  The damage our reality TV autocrat is doing may be semi-irreversible.   Inaction’s consequences are really too late to stop or reverse.

I think we are close to a point where if this autocratic half-wit isn’t removed from office and major, major submissive reconciliation — kind of like how Germany had to behave after World War II — then we’re the woolly mammoth in the tar pit. We haven’t (yet) murdered millions of Innocents. But, the human heart doesn’t need direct comparisons to equate their feelings.

Trump is a monster, and America is fast becoming its reflection in a mirror.  At least in the foreseeable short term.

Trump’s Iranian Hostage Crisis Sequel?

Iran Hostage Crisis WP

It’s been a minute, but it looks like it’s not *that* ancient a history to Trump’s people.  The great Iranian Hostage Crisis original “October Surprise” that cemented Ronald Reagan’s Presidential election victory was ripe for a 2nd run.

Here’s a reminder of the original ordeal:

Wikipedia –>

It’s certainly nice to have U.S. Intelligence agents returned home, but how do you feel knowing that Trump and “Little Rocket Man” are playing us all like a golden P.R. fiddle?

Here’s a good article on the release of the North Korean prisoners:

Washington Post –>

Ages Unite

Unite.  It means something.

Republicans see that their party is walking rot.  A living corpse.  Without honor.  Led by a Russian useful idiot godless rich POS.  They have done nothing but obstruct progress and spread their darkness like a virus cancer for the last decade.

Their leader is destroying America as he destroys the very fabric of Western Civilization.  They are utterly destroying our healthcare system.  They are hastening the a thermonuclear war which will end our species on this planet long before the Global Climate Change they have welcomed on us does it in slo-mo.

Now, the Deplorables cry out that we UNITE and fix the problems THEY created.  Well, I am for uniting.  But, not with Republicans.  Not with a damn one of them.  They caused all of this shit, now they can lock themselves up in their rooms, stay high and quiet on Oxycodone until they die.

I do believe in uniting, though.  Liberals of all ages who have RESISTED the slow-disgraceful de-evolution of the Republican cabal.  Tonight in New York’s Central Park, We did just that .  This is Stevie Wonder singing five or so decades of hits that shaped all of our lives.

Ages Unite 1 WP

He was supposed to hand the stage off to the Grasshopper, Pharrell to kind of hand off the baton to a musical disciple.

Ages Unite 2 WP

In the end, poor Pharrell was either too awed by being around Stevie or he got too high in the trailer to carry the baton (which would be hyper-ironic concerning Millennials being able to ever being able to host our planet, but I digress).  People still dame together and danced and loved.  The Global Citizen Festival was a GIANT success.

Ages Unite 3 WP

Extraordinary Measures

It was on this day in 1953 that the US executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for treason and espionage against the United States.

64 years ago, they fried in electrified chairs.

Rosenbergs MUSES WP.jpg


History Channel –>

That was supposed to be a lesson to all those who would follow that there are consequences to one’s actions.  Especially — ESPECIALLY — when those actions include colluding with an enemy of the state.  Imagine what the punishment might look like if it included throwing US Presidential elections.

No, go ahead.  It’s OK.  Be like John Lennon.  Imagine.  There may be no facts in their inbred bubble, but Truth and Justice will always break through that kind of firewall.

Side note, Donald Trump was pretty much a toddler when the last US execution for espionage was carried out.  Reminds me of a song of cycle:

Good News, Bad News, Outrageous


Thankfully, the bodies of the seven missing sailors in the collision with the Japanese freighter were found in flooded compartments in the damaged destroyer. The families who were in shock with worry can now comfort each other and begin to heal.

CNN –>

Unfortunately, Trump hasn’t bothered to appoint a Secretary of the Navy, nor has he made sure we have an ambassador to Japan. Our destroyer may sink in Japanese waters and there is no navy leadership to deal with it. The sailors’ bodies sit in a Japanese dock and their families can’t look to an American ambassador to help them deal with that.

That’s bad enough, but to add insult to injury, Trump is too busy to deal with it.  On a Father’s Day Vacation at Camp David with the poster wife and weird son-grandson, “Barron.”  Of course, he can still find time to Tweet about how evil Cuba is and how impressive his election win was.  And, his wife coudn’t give a nickel about the whole thing.

Melania Tweet Camp David Sailors Missing

Late Breaking:  Baby-hands tweeted and mentioned the missing sailors.  He sent “prayers” though everyone knows he mocks the concept of there being a god outside of his impression of himself.  He thanked Japan.  For doing the job that he himself isn’t qualified to handle himself.

Dirtbag Russian double agent dirtbag.  Our President, LOL.  What a disgraceful day.