Supreme Court De-pants Trump’s Racist Census

Supreme Court Protest EVERY PERSON COUNTS WP.jpg


Good News: in a 5-4 vote, SCOTUS votes the citizenship question can’t be on the census.
Concerning News: It was because TrumpCo gave a lawless excuse for why they wanted it. They can try again, but it may be too late for their nefarious seed to take root. SCOTUS mic dropped for this session and deadline for prepping the census forms is this weekend.
Trump News: Individual1 is looking for some way to bully America into actually DELAYING the 2020 census until they can whip us all with it.
Op Ed: There won’t be a citizenship question on the 2020 census.  Trump’s Reich won’t be able to “re-convene” the Supreme Court to hear some “update” to their racist excuse to appease the court, anyway.  They sure as heck won’t be able to “delay” the census (LOL).  This census is KEY to re-drawing districts for the 2022 midterm elections.  Delaying it is simply out of any question.  If TrumpCo just goes ahead and prints the forms with the census question on it, Hell will open up and swallow trump whole.  Even HE isn’t that dumb.

Individual 1 Lies Way Through London

Trump Protests London State Visit WP

Individual 1’s reaction to the protests that mocked him was very reminiscent of his bullshitting about the aftermath of the 9-11 disaster as it unfolded.  Not how he LIED about how he knew HUNDREDS of ppl killed as the towers fell:

Trump’s long history of lying about 9/11 and exploiting it for personal gain

Washington Post  –>

No, this time, it’s more like the time he bullshit everyone about seeing thousands of “Arabs” cheering in raucous celebration of the carnage.

Donald Trump’s Press Conference With Theresa May Would Not Be Complete Without an Assault on Truth

Esquire  –> 

Fat Donnie is as we all know by now, a lying piece of human garbage.  It s painful to come to grip with the undeniable fact that all of us humankind complicit in being hateful and naive enough to fall for his cons. It’s ALL so disappointing.

Families Belong Together Demonstration — L.A.

Yesterday was pretty inspiring, if nothing else.  Tiring.  it was that.  I don’t know if it did much good, but let’s not go there here just now.  There was a brother and sisterhood that gave hope that there is going to be a light at the end of this tunnel.

We all (tens and tens thousands of dirty liberals) started at L.A. City Hall to the Federal Building and to the Metro Detention Center.  I took a bunch of pics.  Even some good ones, I think.   Even a couple panoramas, for what it’s worth.

The fight is just beginning.

As far as the photos gallery, let me just start with the panoramas.  Love these things.  The first one just gives a feeling of how many people showed up for this protest.  Maybe just a fraction of the billions that showed up for our dumbass liar’s inauguration

Families Together LA 13 PANORAMA

The second one was from stage right with the gaggle of media gunners when Eric Garcetti was speaking.  Eric repped L.A. well.

Families Together LA 14 PANORAMA

The first one is just of a protest sign.  I didn’t love how it just said NO DEPORTATIONS.  That’s just silly.  Some folk gotta go.

Dont Deport Asylum Seekers ORIG Photo

I fit it in a frame, cleaned it up, and added ASYLUM SEEKERS to it.  Not planning on printing it off for the next round, but, had to do it.

Dont Deport Asylum Seekers Altered Carbon

Hope you noticed the hand on one side — the adult’s — is faded.  Disappearing.  And, had to add a 2nd row or barbed wire.

Build that wall, boy.

Anyway, the rest of the photos.  Have a couple hundred more, but doesn’t everyone with a camera.  Or a damn phone, anymore.

Families Together LA 18


Families Together LA 17


Families Together LA 16


Families Together LA  15.jpg


Families Together LA 12


Families Together LA 11


Families Together LA 10


Families Together LA 09


Families Together LA 08


Families Together LA 07


Families Together LA 06


Families Together LA 05


Families Together LA 04


Families Together LA 03


Families Together LA 02


Families Together LA 01

That’s all, this round.  Like I said, it’s just getting started, y’all