One Step Over the Line

Or one toke over it.  Either way, this is really unacceptable.  This East-bloc trump co-conspirator has hidden behind a phony shroud of “I’m so bullied” shielding that Bannon built for her.  Now, she has thrown off the camouflage to just proudly unveil her true nature.

The nature that she hid behind the mirage of projection that trump taught her to wield.  Yesterday, Melania trump had the comic audacity to fire one of the Reich’s whatever Reichsmarschalls.  Here’s the story, but the whos and whats are really kind of beside the point.  This lady thinks she’s the trump pretending to be our President. 

New York Times  –>  (new tab)

Question is, is Melania an over-zealous OCD-delusional kind of wife species, or has Little-hands left his brain-station and choo-choo’d into crazy-town?  Has he left his Commie-bloc anchor-baby-mama in charge of the Oval Office?  We elected a russian spy as our President and now come to find out we actually elected his freaking freakish wife for the position?



“Grab ’em” Seminar Tix Selling Like Hotcakes [VID]

grab em by the pussy trump sign

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court is comfortably hostile to women; now that Republicans have forced through a drunken, angry, hyper-partisan, lying accused rapist on as the majority vote, “Grab ’em” seminars are all the rage.

Women are quite officially “breeder stock” and are no more than property.  It’s good that men can learn to grab random womens’ “pussies” with pro techniques so’s not to injure their fingers, hands, or arms.

Tickets are only $319, with proceeds being split between the Trump for President campaign, the Ku Klux Klan, and the NRA.


Collins Is About to . . .

Yup WP.jpg

It kind of comes down to this.  Susan Collins is on the Senate Floor about to announce her vote on Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

EDIT 10-5

So, you know by now that Collins just read a defense of her choice to vote Yes on Kavanaugh.  After writing this, I did some D.C. to L.A. analysis with big little John and published this in Magnana Mouse:

Magnana Mouse  –>

Susan Collins just announced that she was a YES for Kavanaugh making it a 5-4 EXTREMIST RIGHT SUPREME COURT.  In an hour-long speech on the U.S. Senate floor, she tried to justify her decision to the women she just let down.  Every word came across as a plea for all of the women on the edge of their chairs NOT to stand up and walk away from her.


Didn’t work.  And, just like that, a yet-to-be-determined Democratic challenger to Collins in 2020 just received millions of dollars in grassroots campaign contributions.


The Hill  –>


Joe Manchin, bookend Democrat in West Virginia, was in favor of Kavanaugh.  He’s a socially conservative Southern Democrat.  Had Collins voted NO, he would not let women down by being the person who cast the deciding vote to put him on the Supreme Court.  But, Collins voted yes.  How he chose to vote would be neither here nor there.


It allowed him to vote in support of Kavanaugh.    The pro-Kavanaugh vote will likely ensure he keeps his seat  in the upcoming Midterm.  This confirmation of Kavanaugh will hurt the people of the United States for decades.


That said, the chances of the Democrats taking back the Senate in a month just spiked.


A whole lot of congressional investigations will begin on Nov. 7th.


Further, 2020 just got VERY ugly for the Trump-Putin-Repubican party.  Trump is toast  He’ll be impeached by the House.  And, should he somehow steal the election, as many believe he and Russia will try to do, there will likely be a super-majority of Democrats in Senate.  There is a good chance that:


1.   Both Kavanaugh an Clarence Thomas will be impeached.
2.   Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire and be replaced.
3.   A Democratic President will replace all three with center-left judges.
4.  The days of Republican Gerrymandering and mass-suppression and mass incarceration in private prisons will come to an en.
5.  Congress will likely add two more judges to the Supreme Court and establish term limits on the position.  Likely 9-yr terms.

When the dust settles in 2021, there will be an 11-member court 8-3 Liberal.  There will be a Democratic super-majority in both the U.S. House and Senate.  On top of it all, there will be a DEMOCRAT in the Oval Office.  We will be DEEP in the process of undoing all of the damage that Trump and the Republican party have done to us.


We will be hard at work desperately trying to save the waning future of the planet.


We will be very busy reorganizing Healthcare, housing, and public education; fixing our crumbling infrastructure; saving all of the institutions that have been left bleeding on the floor after metaphorical gang rapes by the Trump-cult; and actually draining that swamp.


We WILL earn back our friendship an partnership with the world.


Today is the day we begin a REAL Revolution.


Killer Democrat Scares Pussy Republican WP.jpg

So, yeah, feeling good and looking up.  It’s going to suck for a minute but to be frank, this was the preferred outcome, long term.

Fight HARDER and let’s get this shit DONE!

Inanimate Objects — Stop Debating Them

bot WP

Well-meaning liberals really, really need to stop wasting time debating inanimate objects. Even if the avatar on the receiving end of your wisdom-bomb  does happen to be humans not employed by the Kremlin in Russia, remember, they’re probably unemployed, drunk and deplorable meth heads who 9 times out of 10 don’t have the rudimentary ability to think original thoughts for themselves.

Debating even an above-average Trump Republican half-wit is like debating a below-average rock.

Texas Board of Voter Suppression Bans HRC and that Nasty Hellen Keller From History Books

Hillary and Helen WP

We’ll all be tempted to return the favor and emulate the childish BS behavior that the Texas board of voter suppression / book burning has done here to the historic record.

Texas board votes to eliminate Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller from history curriculum

Dallas Morning News  –>

As the long and UNFORGIVING arm of the law deposes, tries, and likely enough executes him, it will be our natural inclination to delete EVERY pro-Russia policy and poisonous fruit judicial agent he and the Republican party has confirmed. We can’t just purge his memory from our system, though. We have to remember FOREVER this shame, so it may NEVER happen again. Like Germany was forced to endure HITLER’S legacy. Hillary’s memory will endure some douchebag REPUBLICANS’ Nazi book burning BS.

Belee dat, son.

Belee Dat WP.jpg

The Daily Tape-drop

This is some crafty editing of BREAKING News screen grabs from MSNBC from the Morning Joe with sprinklings from various MSNBC news shows during the day.  Set over some great music playlist.

Not to toot her horn, but it’s done by Dizzy Denizen.  She’s an author and screenwriter.  What she’s known for is what happens long before the editing happens.  This is a hobby she learned to impress her sister, who is a film editor.  Skills like this run in the family, because she picked this one up in short time.

Thanks, Diz.

Dizzy Deni·Zen

Few people know what’s actually going on. The rest of us are unhappy spectators.
I suppose we could wean ourselves off the news, but how would we know just how crazy the next event would be, and — would it affect us all?
Reality Bites

In this corner —

And the beat goes on …

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Can They Protect You Against Anything?

Would they care to?

I just received a spam voicemail that said the IRS had issued an arrest warrant for me for a phantom tax bill, or something.

Of course, my first reaction was to do a google search for the telephone number it came from with “IRS SCAM.” And, of course, the IRS was there to warn that of course it was some Russian, Floridian, or Nigerian scams (we all realize now that these “Nigerian” perps were as American as apple pie too, right?).  Always scams meant to con the poorly-educated out of their hard-earned dollas.


That’s not the point, though. The link went to the IRS, or course. It had some suggestions for what to do based on if you know you actually owe or totally don’t. Who to contact to let know what’s happening. For me:

If you know you don’t owe taxes or have no reason to think that you owe any taxes (for example, you’ve never received a bill or the caller made some bogus threats as described above), then call and report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 1-800-366-4484.

The information was posted in document IR-2013-84, on Oct. 31, 2013, so it was done when we had a President who wasn’t an inept, vindictive, hateful Russian agent. This all says 2 things:

  1. This is STILL going on because Americans are gullible, poorly-educated easy-marks to this con. Pretty sad. People who are moderately average, like me, should be able to sniff this out as BUSHIT seconds after the voicemail / email scam dropped in their lap. We are collectively, just dumb like sand.
  2. It makes me sad that there is no way for me to try being part of the solution. Because there is NO WAY I would call a number that rings to THIS REICH. There is no way they are competent enough to defend us against this. LOL. There is a better chance that TrumpCo is partnered with the crime family running the SCAM.

We are so screwed.

That Time When the U.S. Became More Ridiculous than Hogan’s Heroes

Hogan's Heroes GOP WP.jpg

The other day, the monosyllabic Kansas trailer park Congressman chosen by trump to be his CIA stooge before being transferred into his job as our pretend Secretary of State got his dumb on.

He was shipped back to North Korea to try managing them as a bunch or “slant-eyed assets.”  His aide explained to him what an “asset” was before he left, according to Pompeo’s twitter feed.  It was apparent to readers that he was proud to use a new 2-syllable word. 

Anyway, Pompeo knew he had to be on top of his game.  He had a BIGLY handshake and a grand, oversized notecard-in-a-frame to hopefully sign.

Just like daddy did.

Of course, Pompeo came across like the ignorant clown he is, and the North Koreans chided both him and trump as soon as he was out of Korean airspace. 

New York Times  –>

And, that’s completely understandable.  Sad, and angering to see any country — let alone North Korea — treating America like that.  But, can they be blamed?  I mean, while I ABHOR the Dick Cheney, I took some comfort knowing that when he was anywhere with anyone he inspired a good quivering.  His counterparts around the globe knew there was some REAL fire in the room shooting from his demonic snout-holes.


Even the little Kim Jung Juniors that Pompeo was allowed to keep company with could recognize a turd in a punch bowl.  They recognized trump’s envoy as the  court jester he is after a casual glance at his comical mug.  They saw clear as mom’s spring-cleaned windows that the trump Reich are their inferiors.  They KNOW they consistently out-class, out-maneuver, and out-think all of them.

And, you know that China’s Intelligence is prepping Jong Un’s team.  We are being represented by some real colonel Klink slapstick blitzkrieg morons. We’re out-classed by dregs of the world.

That makes US dreggier than the dregs

Until we rid the U.S. of trump and his entire Reich, we don’t stand a chance.  God help us.


When He Opens His Mouth

Liar in Chief WP

Trump lies ebb and flow like the tides.  When he was caught in IMAX terrorizing little children and stealing babies right out of mothers’ arms, he couldn’t stand the heat.  Instead of owning his heartlessness, he just lied about it and said,

“Well, I’d never.  It was the Democrats, duh.  Nancy Pelosi and George Soros eat babies, you know, right?”

I know that everyone’s heard about various soldiers in Trump’s SS contradicting this.  Heard them bragging about how torturing them is a campaign to make other brown foreigners think twice about trying to come to the good ol’ U S of A.

This article is good because it puts all of them in one place.

Trump says separation isn’t his policy. Here are all the times his team said it was. NBC  –>

The White House Tweets Justification for Concentration Camps

I subscribe to the White House’s Twitter feed only because I still remember how great President Obama’s Tweets once were.

Today, I logged into Twitter and walked right into this fart.  Kristjen Nielsen  — the Clearwater, FL trailer girl named to sound white enough to be straight from their Nordic roots — got busy justifying the Trump Administration’s kidnapping and holding innocent children as hostages for MY tax dollars.

WH Concentration  Camp Justificaction Tweet WP PREVIEW.jpg

Here’s a nice Magnana Mouse blog about Trump’s belief that only Democrats can come in and fix his EVIL party’s EVIL child hostage crisis.  the blog that lets king dumbass know that indeed, we’re coming to clean up his mess in November.