Trumpcare is Terminal

USA REPUBLICANS SENATEThe Senate has taken some hard body shots this week because it has come out that as HORRIBLE the House Trumpcare bill was, the Senate’s is much, much worse.  At least for everyone not in it to mine for huge tax cuts to their riches.


Well, I don’t think Trump will be able to hack it in battle.  Coward.  He’ll try to blame it on “obstructionist democrats” and just say, “fine, keep your Obamacare and enjoy the poorhouse.”

It will give him a foil to perpetually campaign about.  “Obama and his secret socialist healthcare DISASTER that we have to fight, fight, fight, ‘cos he has a bunker in Washington, and he’s coming with NATO strike forces to TAKE YOUR GUNS!”

There won’t be a “repeal/replace” orgy.  So, we need to focus on the next target for his destructive, flea’s attention span.

Republicans. Projection Artists.

projection WPRepublicans — as an entity — project. Any time you hear a Republican complain about what a Democrat is doing? Any time you hear a Republican screaming about what a Democrat is? He (it’s more often than not a he) is projecting.

It’s always interesting to watch an individual do it. Psychology. What’s REALLY interesting is how an entire demographic of deplorable serial lying bigoted misogynists projects in unison.  Organized projection.  Engineered sociological weaponization of ignorance and self-hate.

There is nearly endless example of this sad truth.  All you have to do is turn on the news and hear pretty much ANY Republican speak on any issue.  Seriously.  Try it.  Everything they say is projection, anymore.  Here is one that takes the goon trophy.  A curiously devilish preacher named Jessie Lee’s a Peter’s Son kind of disgustingly speaks of Democrats worshipping “satan” at the Congressional baseball game, the other day as everyone prayed.  We live in days where the least likely and least qualified to speak for a god of any sort are the ones screaming loudest about it.

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Schumer Calls Out SUPER-SHADY Republican Senators

Dem ACA Schumer Speech Header WPThe biggest news right now isn’t the monumentally epic Russian Spy US government takeover story.  Nope.  What’s going on in the shadows is even more frightening.

The video below shows Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sounded the alarm speaking in Senate chambers today.  Following is Chris Hayes explaining exactly what Mitch McConnel is doing, with the help of Andrew Slavitt, the recently “recent” administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Here is a Washington Post article about the shady dealings, and below it, the video.



Check This Off Your List Yet, Ted?

Ted Nugent DOUHE WP

Yeah, OK, so Ted Nugent just said after the Alexandria shooting yesterday where a Republican Congressperson was shot, that he would tone down his disgusting, hateful, riot-inducing fire in a theater speech now.

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It doesn’t matter what he says or does at this point in his failed career or self-sabatoged waste of a life.  No one is going to hear him sing fake songs of unity and go buy his angry, hateful crap.   And, if you need a reminder as to all of the DISGUSTING, albeit blah, blah, “they say this shit every day” garbage that has left Nugent’s mouth and become FOX news Op Ed headline goodness, here’s a nice article detailing his best of:

Media Matters –>

Republicans are very hopeful that after decades of hate and lies and just endless foul behavior — now that they are almost assured to lose control of both the House and the US Senate, that if they just cry: “Can’t we all just get along?” that ppl will just forget that there is a filthy, rabid, hateful skunk running around the house stinking it up and that we’ll be too humane to just euthanize it with a baseball bat before it can kill everyone in their beds.    Not this time, Nazis.

I heard this Nugent story on Facebook.  An anti-Trump group.  One thing I like about groups like that is that I don’t have to hold my tongue, LOL.  Here is me not holding my tongue there.


Fuck Deplorables DMused


Open Session May Have Sunk Pence

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Everyone wants Trump to vaporize.  To not be out President anymore.  Impeachment.  Whatever.

Thing is, Pence is next in line, and Pence is a psychopath Evangelical idiot, and we don’t want him either.

Well, the open Senate hearings may have guaranteed that Pence is disqualified from that undeserved honor.

It turns out that Pence knew that Michael Flynn was under criminal investigation for espionage, and he still rubber stamped his approval for the Trump administration’s National Security Advisor.

It will now go down the list.  Or not.  No one is really talking about it, but the final outcome may be a vacating of the Electoral College vote and a new election.

Like Rachael says, “Watch This Space.”

Here’s the video where Pence’s Pants get pulled down.

Jim Carrey Begins Avalanche of Griffin Defenders

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You’ve heard of the Kathy Griffin Photo and video shoot depicting the metaphorical beheading of Donald Trump for High Treason against the United States of America.  You’ve seen the gory photos of it.

Probably been shocked by it.

Griffin Trump Head

Yawn.  It’s Halloween time.

You’ve undoubtedly heard how shocked the Right Wing is at the horror of it.  How no one in the history of history has EVER gone so far as this.  How young Barron has a sad.  He thought that his bumbling halfwitted compulsive liar and serial sex offender father is dead.

Sure, he did.

You’ve heard how Kathy has lost work because of the outrage.

Variety –>

Well, the storm is subsiding.  After some of her colleagues had feigned disgust at her protest, like washed up former star Dan Aykroyd, the tide is turning.  Now, her A-list friends are coming out in support of her 1st Amendment rights to protest this illegitimate man’s horrendously treasonous existence as our President and the shame it’s brought all of us..

If you’ve followed the career of Ms. Griffin, you’ve undoubtedly known about her patriotic support of the US military soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq and her appreciation and honors received from Veterans groups for her service.

Griffin Afghanistan WP

Hollywood Reporter –>

People know who Kathy Griffin is.  The kind of patriot she is and how brave she is standing up to this Tyrant and his disgusting, devastating behavior that is destroying our Democratic Republic and even threatening Western civilization’s continued dominance, and even the survival of life on Earth.  Slowly, but surely as the rising sun, people are coming out in support of Ms. Griffin.

Jim Carrey started the avalanche of support, and was shortly followed by Al Franken, Alec Baldwin, Jamie Foxx, Mike Lawrence, Larry King, Al Franken, and Rosie O’Donnell.  And, that’s just the beginning.  A lot of her friends are hesitant, because of the rabid nature of Trump’s supporters and the fact that they have proven so apt to arm themselves and use violence to make their grunting points.

But, they are starting to come out in support of her like an avalanche. The story below has some great quotes from her braver colleagues:

Raw Story –>

The video below includes footage of Jim Carrey defending Kathy at the red carpet of his new film’s premiere, as well as footage of her on Hardball, discussing Trump’s illegitimacy and her service to country as a performer at home and in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Trump a Pro at Sabotaging US INTEL

Baby Toys Trump WP

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Trump made it very clear before Russia helped elect him that he knows ISIS much better than our military does.  He, of course, has lost faith in our military and only has faith in “certain” generals.  He promised his faithful that he would be able to “defeat” ISIS all on his own.

Think Progress –>

And, how did that work out for him?  In his first foray into “defeating ISIS,” he sent Seal Team Six into hostile territory in Yemen against the recommendation of ALL of the generals, leading to a failed mission, an unnecessary Special Ops death, and a $30 Million aircraft being shot down.  Oh, and no gained intelligence.

NPR –>

He launched $60 Million worth of US missiles on a Syrian target that didn’t destroy the target airport or even damage “enemy” aircraft.

ABC News –>

Just PR and worthless optics.

And, it just keeps getting worse and worse.  Trump is utterly destroying not only our reputation around the as the leader of the free world.  He is absolutely decimating our Intelligence services with what is seeming to be sabotage.  Recently, he put Israeli Intel in danger by leaking classified information to Russia about their operations to Russia, who allies with Iran.

New York Times –>

To round it off, Trump’s mastermind handling of USINTEL has leaked information to China of our operatives within their government, setting us back decades and leading to the arrest and execution of American agents.

NBC News –>

Oh, and it keeps coming.  British security forces — hard at work investigating the perpetrators of the Manchester bombing — were purposefully keeping mum on the identity of the bomber.  They made the mistake of sharing intelligence with Trump.  And, of course, Trump immediately leaked the name to US media.

Salon –>

Trump makes Aldrich Ames (Wikipedia) look like a Boy Scout.  He is a clear and present danger to US security, and each day that his Reich is allowed to remain in power, the chances that the US will suffer grave consequence increases exponentially.  He cannot be allowed to draw us closer and closer to our fall.

The Biggest Bribe in US History

King Dumbass and King Arabia WP

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King Dumbass just became a full subsidiary of King Salman of Saudi Arabia. He went from HATING Islamic Terrorists to kissing their king’s ring and accepting $20 BILLION that will go to his private corporations to (not) do work on American infrastructure. NOW Trump is a billionaire. Biggest bribe in human history. Lock this MF and his entire Reich up NOW.

If you missed that, lemme repeat it:

Donald Trump just accepted a $20 Billion bribe from the king of the country that took down the twin towers, killing 3,000 American citizens. $20 BILLION to be laundered through US corporations under the guise of government contracts to improve American infrastructure.