The Daily Tape-drop

This is some crafty editing of BREAKING News screen grabs from MSNBC from the Morning Joe with sprinklings from various MSNBC news shows during the day.  Set over some great music playlist.

Not to toot her horn, but it’s done by Dizzy Denizen.  She’s an author and screenwriter.  What she’s known for is what happens long before the editing happens.  This is a hobby she learned to impress her sister, who is a film editor.  Skills like this run in the family, because she picked this one up in short time.

Thanks, Diz.

Dizzy Deni·Zen

Few people know what’s actually going on. The rest of us are unhappy spectators.
I suppose we could wean ourselves off the news, but how would we know just how crazy the next event would be, and — would it affect us all?
Reality Bites

In this corner —

And the beat goes on …

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Gag This, Son

Well, it looks like poor goombah Mikey Cohen’s attempt to gag his tormentor from going on the teevee and making him look dumb. I was wondering if a judge duct taped Avenatti up and put him to sleep with the fishes.

Then, Lawrence O’Donnell came on while I was eating dinner.

Avenatti Not Gagged WP Preview

Yeah, it was as funny to the poor judge as it was to me.

Mikey, if you don’t want to be prosecuted on RICO action, ya might want to not be acting like a wannabe mobster who never got made.

NBC –>

What Yesterday Was and Wasn’t

To be clear, Donald Big Boy met with a dangerous dictator yesterday.  There was most certainly a photo op.  There is no doubt about that.

But, it was not some official end to a war.  It was no deal tight like the Iran Deal that douchebag ripped up like the ignorant douchebag he is.

CVID North Korea Nuclear A WP.jpg

Nope.  It was a big bag of PR bullshit and a re-alignment of what were once loosely-define as the Axis versus the Allied powers.  Trump castigated and attacked our closest and oldest allies:

Trump says he’ll punish ‘the people of Canada’ because of Trudeau’s news conference [Toronto Star]  –>>

What was necessary in ANY kind of nuclear deal was all of four parts of any deal like this.  Trump did not meet  even the most basics of negotiating even a beginning of a  discriminant treaty.    You  know, how it was done by our last legitimate President?  When we negotiated and actually signed an actual goddamn Nuclear deal.

Enjoy a little Bill Maher and John Heilmann laying out the obvious reality that Donald Trump may be a U.S. president, but he is certainly not performing in any way like a U.S. President.  We have to come to terms with the reality that a coup of the U.S. government was run on  our government by the Russian Intelligence service with Donald Trump’s  idiot help.


The Case of the Missing Credibility and Defense

Cohen New Yorker WP

Well, this now insures that Trump trying to fire Rosenstein to get to Mueller might be a little complicated, if it wasn’t already.  Now that a CRIMINAL referral has been made to Justice through the Deputy Attorney General.

New Yorker –>

I’ve leaked out that in one of my office pools, I have Trump being indicted in late September.  By Autumn, Mueller will drop the load on the world and the Republican majority will SCRAMBLE to impeach Trump.  He will become so unpopular that THEY will be fighting to get out in front of the Impeachment charges.

It will take 2 weeks for an impeachment vote.  In the Senate, the removal vote will surpass 80 votes.  He will be impeached and remove in time for a GRAND perp walk in late September.  It’w all coming  unraveled like a sweater with a loose yarn.

BTW:  It will NOT be enough to save the ROTTEN, COMPLICIT REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Schneiderman Go Boom

Eric Schcneiderman 1 WP.jpg

Not pleased about the Eric Schniderman mess.

New York Times –>

I don’t know enough to form an opinion, but, trump HATES this guy.  He’s won all kinds of lawsuits against our autocrat halfwit in charge.  Schneiderman was to become the state Attorney General to prosecute trump should he pardon everyone facing federal charges.

It’s too fishy.

On the same day when trump is busted for hiring private Mossad intel service,  Black Cube to scorch the earth under Ben Rhodes and Colin Kahl’s feet to discredit the Iran Deal.

NPR –>

I suspect that the women accusing Schneiderman are not credible.  I suspect that Schneiderman got himself into the mud, because (again no source for you on this) he had a bondage fetish and liked playing dom.  Made it WAY too easy to dispose of.

The only silver lining is that the next AG is picked by the NY state senate, which just took a 1-seat Democratic edge.  So, this doesn’t save trump on its face.  We just better get Schneiderman replaced before the trump crime family disappears a Democratic senator, or two.

And, I am not kidding.

Special Counsel?

Law Wars WPPublished in Magnana Mouse

Good news.

I think.

America got itself a “special counsel.”  Trump can be investigated and prosecuted proper (New York Times).  But, some things are still a worth peeking around the corners.  In Loopholesville, you never know what kind of surprises hide in the shadows.

A special counsel has jurisdiction over what it can do that is determined by the Attorney General.  In our case, that’s the recused Jeff Sessions.   So, the responsibility rests with the new Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein.  He chose the Attorney to hire as the Special Counsel, and he now steers the ship.

Still, it is worth investigating for yourself the intricate relationships that the rules weave around the special counsel.   For instance, to what extent is Trump still an invisible hand nudging an invisible hand in Sessions, who it nudging the invisible hand of Rosenstein on as it nudges Robert Mueller on?

The bottom line is that Rosenstein is still in charge, able to quash “any investigative or prosecutorial step” if the Attorney General deems “the action is so inappropriate or unwarranted under established Departmental practices that it should not be pursued.”  ~Code of Federal Regulations 600.7 Conduct and Accountability (Cornell Law)

That said, Robert Mueller used to run the FBI, and after what Trump did to Comey, I don’t see him being guided by Trump’s multi-dimensional invisible hand.  Bottom line is that you’ll keep doing your rockin’ due diligence and keeping up with it.  I’ll be writing on it in here and Magnana Mouse will be publishing it too.  I know, because I’ve been playing editor for them.

Wherever you get it, GET IT.  This bizniz is way too important to trip over while watching cat videos.