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This is some crafty editing of BREAKING News screen grabs from MSNBC from the Morning Joe with sprinklings from various MSNBC news shows during the day.  Set over some great music playlist.

Not to toot her horn, but it’s done by Dizzy Denizen.  She’s an author and screenwriter.  What she’s known for is what happens long before the editing happens.  This is a hobby she learned to impress her sister, who is a film editor.  Skills like this run in the family, because she picked this one up in short time.

Thanks, Diz.

Dizzy Deni·Zen

Few people know what’s actually going on. The rest of us are unhappy spectators.
I suppose we could wean ourselves off the news, but how would we know just how crazy the next event would be, and — would it affect us all?
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That Time When the U.S. Became More Ridiculous than Hogan’s Heroes

Hogan's Heroes GOP WP.jpg

The other day, the monosyllabic Kansas trailer park Congressman chosen by trump to be his CIA stooge before being transferred into his job as our pretend Secretary of State got his dumb on.

He was shipped back to North Korea to try managing them as a bunch or “slant-eyed assets.”  His aide explained to him what an “asset” was before he left, according to Pompeo’s twitter feed.  It was apparent to readers that he was proud to use a new 2-syllable word. 

Anyway, Pompeo knew he had to be on top of his game.  He had a BIGLY handshake and a grand, oversized notecard-in-a-frame to hopefully sign.

Just like daddy did.

Of course, Pompeo came across like the ignorant clown he is, and the North Koreans chided both him and trump as soon as he was out of Korean airspace. 

New York Times  –>

And, that’s completely understandable.  Sad, and angering to see any country — let alone North Korea — treating America like that.  But, can they be blamed?  I mean, while I ABHOR the Dick Cheney, I took some comfort knowing that when he was anywhere with anyone he inspired a good quivering.  His counterparts around the globe knew there was some REAL fire in the room shooting from his demonic snout-holes.


Even the little Kim Jung Juniors that Pompeo was allowed to keep company with could recognize a turd in a punch bowl.  They recognized trump’s envoy as the  court jester he is after a casual glance at his comical mug.  They saw clear as mom’s spring-cleaned windows that the trump Reich are their inferiors.  They KNOW they consistently out-class, out-maneuver, and out-think all of them.

And, you know that China’s Intelligence is prepping Jong Un’s team.  We are being represented by some real colonel Klink slapstick blitzkrieg morons. We’re out-classed by dregs of the world.

That makes US dreggier than the dregs

Until we rid the U.S. of trump and his entire Reich, we don’t stand a chance.  God help us.


When He Opens His Mouth

Liar in Chief WP

Trump lies ebb and flow like the tides.  When he was caught in IMAX terrorizing little children and stealing babies right out of mothers’ arms, he couldn’t stand the heat.  Instead of owning his heartlessness, he just lied about it and said,

“Well, I’d never.  It was the Democrats, duh.  Nancy Pelosi and George Soros eat babies, you know, right?”

I know that everyone’s heard about various soldiers in Trump’s SS contradicting this.  Heard them bragging about how torturing them is a campaign to make other brown foreigners think twice about trying to come to the good ol’ U S of A.

This article is good because it puts all of them in one place.

Trump says separation isn’t his policy. Here are all the times his team said it was. NBC  –>

Justin and Donald

Justin and Donald.  Backstory in a nutshell:  Trump announced new tariffs against Canada.  Said they were justified because 9-11.  Oh, because national security.  That’s just dumb as shit, but, that wasn’t all.  Oh no, that wasn’t all.  Trump and top aides assailed Trudeau as a “weak” and dishonest” back-stabber who deserves a place in hell because Trudeau dared say that Canada might return fire if fired upon.

Washington Post  –>

So, trump put his big boy pants on, jumped into Air Force One, and took a big ol’ crap in them, almost like it was on command.  And, Bill Maher reacted in kind.  Hats off and mad, mad props to his staff. This is their parody of the 1960’s Highlights Magazine feature, Goofus and Gallant.

Donald and Justin 01.jpg

It was a cartoon series for kids that taught them how to not be an asshole.

New day.  New archetypes.  New Goofus.  Bill Maher delivers.  Meet:

Justin and Donald.

Donald and Justin 02

You get the gist.  Enjoy:

Donald and Justin 03

Donald and Justin 04

Donald and Justin 05

Donald and Justin 08Donald and Justin 06

Donald and Justin 07

Donald and Justin 09

Donald and Justin 10

Donald and Justin 11

Donald and Justin 12

And you have to end the bit with a swipe at Melania.  Because she is effing complicit with EVERYTHING the douchebag pretend king has done.  You could say, a mail order FECKLESS CUNT (we love you, Samantha Bee).

Donald and Justin 13

By the way, in case you missed the “feckless cunt” episode, Samantha Bee had some much deserved criticism for Ivanka Trump for tweeting a sweet photo of her loving her little daughter on the same day it broke that her father was in charge of tearing little children from the arms of mothers by the thousands.  From her show:

“Ivanka Trump, who works at the White House, chose to post the second most oblivious tweet we’ve seen this week,” Bee said. “You know, Ivanka, that’s a beautiful photo of you and your child, but let me just say, one mother to another, do something about your dad’s immigration practices you feckless cunt!”

Right wing echo chamber media led by FOX News loudly chanted in uniform that this equated somehow to the racist vomit that Roseanne Barr spit up all over herself — that Samantha Bee should be fired like Barr.  Read all about it:

The Daily Beast   –>

The White House Tweets Justification for Concentration Camps

I subscribe to the White House’s Twitter feed only because I still remember how great President Obama’s Tweets once were.

Today, I logged into Twitter and walked right into this fart.  Kristjen Nielsen  — the Clearwater, FL trailer girl named to sound white enough to be straight from their Nordic roots — got busy justifying the Trump Administration’s kidnapping and holding innocent children as hostages for MY tax dollars.

WH Concentration  Camp Justificaction Tweet WP PREVIEW.jpg

Here’s a nice Magnana Mouse blog about Trump’s belief that only Democrats can come in and fix his EVIL party’s EVIL child hostage crisis.  the blog that lets king dumbass know that indeed, we’re coming to clean up his mess in November.

You Need DEMS to do it? That’s Coming, Son.

Nazi Concentration Camp Children Beckett Quote WP.jpg

Trump: “I hate this horrible Democrat law. If the Democrats want to change it, they can do it, because even though my Trump Republicans have majorities in the House and the Senate, it is going to take Democrats to come to the table and make a change.”

Yes, you “feckless cunt,” you have stumbled upon the first true statement out your sphincter hole of a lying mouth of yours: It will take Democrats to make a change.

And, we’re coming, asshole. Listen for the battering ram come knockin’ in November. Democrats will be going ahead and making these changes. There will be no more ICE behaving like Nazi SS soldiers ripping children from their mothers’ arms.

There will be no more concentration camps and travel bans;

There will be no more nuking the Environmental Protection Agency;

No more shredding every protection we have from predatory banks;

There will be no more legislative cover for greed-saturated, lobbyist-fueled corporate shells and grifting Trump-Republican politician thieves currently loose in the hen house.

The wave is coming, you shameful, half-witted Russian stooge. Your time out of a dingy little cell is about done with. Just like Paul Manafort, your bail is soon to be revoked. And, no, the rest of your Reich doesn’t get to pick up where your fat ass left off. Sorry, VP “pray the gay away,” you’re not on deck. You’re struck out before you ever get up to bat.

Nazi Concentration Camp Children WP PREVIEW

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Dick-tater WP PREVIEWci

This Stalin quote was a still from the 2nd episode of the new adaptation of 3 Days of the Condor.  The show is on AT&T’s Audience network (home of Kingdom), it my be hard to find, but it’s worth the effort.

AT&T Network  –>

I added the photo of Trump in mid-appeasement with his little-sister Reich from tough cookie-Korea.  Seemed fitting, the company our president is keeping.

Here’s to looking forward to Trump’s next “New-Axis” summit.  With Putin.  No shit.  American media reports on trump gleefuly blurting out that he demands a private  summit with Putin this summer:

The New Yorker  –>

And Russian Media reports that a date has already been confirmed.  Of course Trump and Putin would give TASS the scoop.

TASS  –>  (This link is to a screen capture of the TASS article.  Magnana Mouse doesn’t distribute terrorist web links)

Are You a Proud Neo-Confederate?

If you’re a continued reader of Magnana Mouse, your answer is the fattest NO since Melania told Donald about holding her hand in public. Trump and his low-information cultists are confederates.

Confederates. Not “neo-confederates.” There is no such thing as a “neo-confederate.”

Confederate With Definition

There is a such thing as a “neo-nazi.” Why isn’t there a “neo-confederate?”

Being a Nazi is being an adherent to a specific political philosophy. People adhere to a set of rules to unite as a common culture. Nazis were / are Fascists. Their political denomination was “National Socialist.

Trump is a neo-Nazi; the Republican party now the Neo-Nazi Trump Party.

GOP Nazi Logo WP Preview

Nazi is not confederate, but go with me for a second. There is no such thing as a neo-confederate, though there is a “confederate.” And, the confederates are one and the same with Trump’s Neo-Nazi loyalists.

Why is that, you ask?

Simple Simon. While a neo-Nazi resurrects a dead-language philosophy. Saying “I’m a neo-confederate is like saying “I’m a neo-treasonous piece of garbage.” If you’re saying it, chances are pretty good that it’s going to ring true. But, even though old poop is dried-out turd, from any angle, a confederate is still shit.

So hereby:

Whereas Donald Trump is looking like he is guilty of some really mobster racketeering kinds of crimes,

As well as probable criminal treason against the United States,

And whereas he who smelt it is by law he who dealt it,

If one casts a vote for any politician who would allow a treasonous piece of garbage to continue being a treasonous piece of garbage in all of our names, you are a significant degree of treasonous garbage.

Don’t be a treasonous piece of garbage.



Trump May Never Have Champions in the White House

It is difficult for Trump to share in the honor that every president since sports has bestowed on national champions. Football Teams. Basketball and Baseball Teams. Et cetera, et cetera.

It is difficult for Trump to find championship athletes to agree to be in the same room with him because not only is he just ignorant; mean; misogynist and rapey; he’s just disgusting and appears contagious. Champions — just average humans who respect themselves and pride in not living in squalor — go to lengths to avoid being in the same room with him on general sanitary grounds. But, champion athletes, you can’t field a team in pretty much any sport anymore without having a little bit of brown sugar in the mix.

Jamaican Bobsled WP

Trump never figured that black and brown brothers and sisters would ever turn down the chance to be around the likes of his kind. How would the little roaches dare?”

But, dare, they did. So, this year was turning out to be a bust for the pretend king Donald. The college champion Villanova Wildcats laughed him off, attending a children’s piano recital at their college president’s mansion, instead. Oh wait. The Philadelphia champs showed up gleefully to pay respects to their hero in the Oval office.

Oh wait . . .

Villanova Visits OBAMA WP.jpg

They visited the OBAMA White House. Trump hates Philadelphia. “Dirty-ass Pennsylvania losers,” he calls them, forgetting that Pennsylvania was an important state that Russia helped him steal to secure the coup. Oops.

Then, unfortunately, Philadelphia did it again. Poor trump. Old moron has Rodney Dangerfield luck. On the heels of those criminally black’d up Wildcat stealing honor from the “Greatening of America,” the Philadelphia Eagles NFL football champions stole the thunder from his all-trump-all-the-time Patriots. Of course those “coloreds” all pretty much found better things to do the day they were invited to kiss the idiot’s ring. Turns out most of them had to be mowing on their lawns and, oops, couldn’t make it.

How dare they?

Play king Donald couldn’t stand the embarrassment of throwing a party and having no one show up, so he uninvited them at the last minute and had a “give the military a good hummer” party, instead. Filled the rafters with a bunch of suckers who would be “on-the-clock required” to attend, LOL.

Trump Military Spank Porn Party WP.jpg

New York Times –>

All was looking bleak for the old boy. No one wanted to come, and now, both NBA teams playing for the championship this year preemptively told the Donald that if either of them won, well, Donald could respectfully go eat a bag of dicks — which is less about eating bags full of actual penises and more about effing off, the way the kids suggest it be done (link).

[note: by now, you know that the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals. You know that even if they weren’t disgusted by the idea of being around Trump because he’s an unapologetic, pathetic bigot, he’s a foreign enemy of every Californian. No golden state son or daughter; sister or brother; on any team or in any group would accept an invitation to be in the same building — let alone room with him while he is openly at war with California.]

So, no matter what could have happened with the NBA — short of a time warp to a championship team prior to Wilt Chamberlain opening the floodgates to “the darkening” of the sport, as trump calls it — no NBA team was ever going to suck up to a trump White House. Bummer, racist, old white man. No ball for you.

So, imagine the glee wrapped in a sloppy hamburger for trump when he learned that the whitest team in the whitest professional sport just won a wildly-historic championship right there in the town that trump carpetbag-coup’d into!

Congratulations, to the Washington Capitals!

Sports Illustrated –>

Washington Capitals WP.jpg

Trump was reportedly salivating at the chances that his naive base would be pleased that the Donald would finally be able to con some fellow bigots into his lair to show everyone just how other tough cookies pledge loyalty to papa trump.

“They all carry tiki torches, right? I mean, just look at them.” said trump. According to sources (rumored to be Kellyanne Conway).

Washington Capitals Dude WP

Unfortunately for trump, the Capitals, too, declined his desperate invitation. As it turns out, six of the Capitals players are on either probation or parole and can not be around this White House even if they wanted to. Their probation / parole officers confirmed that it would be a violation of their continued release from prison to associate with felons or people under criminal investigation by the FBI.

There is a loophole that can still get them there. As the Washington Capitals coach, Barry Trotz explains:

They can all go. Thing is, that douchebag Trump would just have to stay in one of his tacky hotels,” he said. Allegedly. “And, he’ll have to keep his vice president with him. And, that swampy cabinet; and his creepy family. Maybe Barack Obama would feel safe to fill in. I’d go.