Trump “Kept Women” Concubine Crew Launches “Women for Trump”

  1. Women for Trump - Stand by your Man

Lara Trump has agreed to do the bidding of the Reich.  They ordered her to spearhead a movement of ladies of Trumpie Fanbois to P.R. up a con-artist’s storm.   They have her desperately trying to shove her thumbs in the widening cracks in the dyke of female “support” for our illegitimate President.  Poor lady.  Hard just watching her drown as the female support for ENDING trump breaches the levee

Lara Trump: The Women’s March was “really sad” because Trump has done so much for women

Media Matters  –>

Oh, wait, that article was from 2018.  The only other time you heard the name “Lara Trump.” That time she called women who can’t take an open fist punch to the side of the head by their better halves a “bunch of whiny little pussies.”

Here’s the article about Lara’s ridiculous embarrassing trump-orgy.  About her attempt to bullshit Pennsylvania into believing that the Trump Reich really isn’t all that bad.  Not necessarily the most misogynist, anti-woman political movement in U.S. History.  If you just squint your eyes, you can blur it out of your sights.  No problem.

In PA Trump Reich launches Bid to Improve his Standing w/ Women

Philadelphia Inquirer  –>


If their group’s theme song is any indication, their theme is:

“We don’t mean to strike and rape you.  We love you and love that you love it.  So, c’mon back for some more and quit your complaining before we all grab your pussies and lock you in the basement again.”


The “Smokin Hot Model” Terrorist Sleeper Cell

Ilhan Omar Seeper Cell WP Preview

The 2020 Trump Inc. For President campaign has released some documents showing that a terrorist sleeper cell has activated in Washington D.C..  According to Fat Donnie, the “top model spies.”

“They have infiltrated our glorious U.S. Congress, and this will not stand.  Maybe we can suggest a little more strongly that she go on back to where she came from.

The 4 Oil Gas & Coal Republicans Trying to Abolish the EPA

Meet the 4 Gas / Oil / Coal Assholes who just filed legislation that would actually disband and make ILLEGAL the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).



Not much of a surprise on the heels of Fat Donnie getting the Republican Senate to confirm Trump’s EPA director known for little more than suing the Obama EPA 14 times.

Pruitt v. EPA: 14 Lawsuits of EPA Rules by the OK Attorney General

NYT  –>

This is just one of the top 1,500 reasons that America must depose our clownish Tyrant, Donald “Russian Agent Orange” Trump come November 2020 before prosecuting him for Espionage and handing him over to the Hague to then be tried for crimes against Humanity.

We Won

It took the toilet-tweeter-in-chief hours to finally lay any congrats on our national champs.

They did it.  Conquered the world.  Without Vladimir’s help.  Imagine that

Winning Without Russian Help

And, the girls would rather give up the trophy than sully, demean, and dishonor their feat by sharing it with some douchebag traitor at the White House he has trashed in is 3 year coup.

“We’re not going to the fucking White House.” – @mPinoe

Glamour  –>

And, of course, our misogynist, rapist imPOTUS has all the class of a rotting sack of chicken innards in a summer dumpster with his response:

“Screw those nasty bitches.  I just rescind any invitation.  There.  You’re not invited!”

USA Today  –>

Apprentice Fake President

Trump Apprentice Douchebag A WP

Trump never wanted to be the President of America.  He’s just the reality show mobster not-particularly rich fraudster bankrupting and destroying every business he comes into contact with.  He’s a wannabe COKEHEAD too “brokahontas” to afford a proper coke habit, so he crushes up Adderol and snorts it like coke.  Cheap-ass trailer-dweller of a con-artist speed-freak.

Newsweek  –>

Individual 1, here, was SHOCKED after — with Russian Intel assistance — the fix was in and he actually won the race.

Ta da.  Fake President douchebag.

Brings me to today’s claim that despite the damning Supreme Court decision (the Supreme Court he tried to stack in his Russian mobster favor, BTW), that he was going to defy everyone and get the “illegal alien” question on the 2020 census.

Washington Post  –>

Thing is, this douchebag isn’t a President.  He’s the Russian agent douchebag that the FSB ordered up and groomed for the role of U.S. President.  When this douchebag claims he’s pulling off BS like this NON-STARTER census attack on our Constitution, Individual 1 here has NO clue even what he thinks he’s trying to do.  He sees everything in terms of a publicity bump to his Apprentice ratings.

He has NO clue the realistic details of ANYTHING he does.  He throws out ignorant BS and like any reality show “star,” expects producers to figure out how to threaten their witless reality show directors to make it fit into an episode.

Key here is that our douchebag FAKE president has NO CLUE about ANYTHING he cons-on about.  There won’t be a question about citizenship on the U.S. census, and fuck sake, this douchebag FAKE President doesn’t have the authority in his burger-stained wet dreams to “delay the census” to somehow “appeal the Supreme Court.”

Trump and his Very Regular Census WP

Congress is calling for Trump to move forward on the long-standing census preparation schedule without a white nationalist citizenship question. Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York just led a Congressional delegation demanding Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross — who oversees the Census Bureau — to send the census form without the question for printing by July 4.

“Only Congress has the authority to delay the census and must do so through the legislative process, which we have no intention of doing,” wrote the lawmakers in a letter to Ross that was released on Tuesday.

Trump Admin’s Delay In Census Printing Sets Up Count’s ‘Biggest Risk’

NPR  —

Op Ed:  God damn, what an ignorant douchebag.

Never Forget Huckabee Sanders’ Crimes


Trump’s personal Propaganda Aunt Lydia is ducking out and seeking fertile grounds to plant her poison see.  This lady has turned the White House Press office into a resurrection of Joseph Goebbels’ 3rd Reich Propaganda Factory.  Now, there is chatter of her waddling to Arkansas to make a dark run for their Governor’s office.  She must be stopped before she even thinks of hiring a campaign manager.

Sarah Sanders is leaving Trump’s White House. But the damage she’s done will last years.

NBC  –>

P.T. Barnum Has Nothing on this Scumbag

You thought Trump was threatening Tariff Wars to pretend his little, useless limpdick had purpose.

Well, it doesn’t have purpose (duh).

And, he’s shaking America’s sabre to run a GIGANTIC con on everyone for HIS profit (duh).

Trump the Con Man WP.jpg

Game his game if you’re quick enough an if you know shady stock market scumbags who know the targeted shorts.

Individual 1 Lies Way Through London

Trump Protests London State Visit WP

Individual 1’s reaction to the protests that mocked him was very reminiscent of his bullshitting about the aftermath of the 9-11 disaster as it unfolded.  Not how he LIED about how he knew HUNDREDS of ppl killed as the towers fell:

Trump’s long history of lying about 9/11 and exploiting it for personal gain

Washington Post  –>

No, this time, it’s more like the time he bullshit everyone about seeing thousands of “Arabs” cheering in raucous celebration of the carnage.

Donald Trump’s Press Conference With Theresa May Would Not Be Complete Without an Assault on Truth

Esquire  –> 

Fat Donnie is as we all know by now, a lying piece of human garbage.  It s painful to come to grip with the undeniable fact that all of us humankind complicit in being hateful and naive enough to fall for his cons. It’s ALL so disappointing.

Rosenstein: Republicans are Democrat Partisans

Rosen Comey WP Preview

Trump stacked his FBI with Republicans.  He set up the Special Counsel that was to investigate his RICO / Traitor BS with all Republicans.  Then, he delusionally calls them all Democrats when they wouldn’t do what the wannabe mob boss says and find him innocent of all the shit he’s found guilty of doing.

We all know that James Comey was the consummate Republican.  He was the asshole that threw out the “Hillary emails found showing she’s a WITCH” red meat right before the election that may very well have thrown the presidential election to trump.

But, Rosenstein is now repeating angry trump-tweet BS, throwing himself under the bus by trashing his reputation just to stroke trump’s little shaft.  Rosenstein claims now that Comey is a “Democrat partisan pundit.”

Rod Rosenstein calls James Comey a ‘partisan democrat pundit’

NBC  –>

Fake President Gutting Entire Industries


Trump is a liar.  A Con man.  A bankrupt grifter.

As surreal and ridiculous as it is, this half-witted and treasonous piece of garbage has ultimate control of our economy.  His predictable malpractice is only eclipsed by his outright ownership by Vladimir Putin.   Irrespective of why trump is marching America’s economy off a cliff, he most certainly is.

His suicidal Tariff War with China is hurting millions of Americans.  Farmers are in a world of hurt.   Consumers of all stripes.  Stories will see daylight over the coming weeks of entire industries crushed by the illegitimate emperor’s executive malpractice.  One that may be one of the first to go may be America’s global-leading tech industry.

I won’t go into it here, because Alyssa Newcomb went into it brilliantly at NBC News:

It’s not just iPhones. More tariffs a ‘gut punch’ to U.S. tech sector

NBC  –>