Micro-dosing, you say?

I know their writers wanted to keep current with the whole “micro-dosing” phenom, but c’mon. Trump America is like dropping way too much acid and having a really weird, “the door just melted” two-day tripping of the balls, as the kids used to be saying.

Do for sure love this show and hope that everyone has the opportunity to see it. You think CBS, and you think: “I’m cool with m’ bunny ears, right?”

Only to find out that it’s a little pay-per-view kind of CBS super-prime thing. That “Nobody’s Above the Law” cartoon is something no one should miss.

Dizzy DooRight

This is one of my favorite shows.  Why? Because The Good Fight addresses what we all feel but can’t quite put our finger on. It’s too ridiculous a thought to entertain.

Here’s Diane from The Good Fight.

See what I mean?

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Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Still WPThe things our Con Artist-In-Chief tweets are meant to do one thing and that thing only.

Well, two things.  The obvious:  To rile up some really base, deplorable Tea-party, or Freedom Caucus fanboy dirtbags that Trump calls his base.

Secondly, and most importantly, Trump does it so the media can guide you around like a leashed doggie by it and no one pays any attention to the vile, oftentimes criminal, actions by which he is guiding our country into the crapper with.

This video is from this morning after a pretty disappointing (as per usual) tweet fit he vomited on Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski of Morning Joe.  Don’t follow his lead.  Ignore the vile obvious and focus instead on the nuts and bolts of the destructive policy BS he deals in.

Don’t be the predictable rube.


Schumer Calls Out SUPER-SHADY Republican Senators

Dem ACA Schumer Speech Header WPThe biggest news right now isn’t the monumentally epic Russian Spy US government takeover story.  Nope.  What’s going on in the shadows is even more frightening.

The video below shows Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sounded the alarm speaking in Senate chambers today.  Following is Chris Hayes explaining exactly what Mitch McConnel is doing, with the help of Andrew Slavitt, the recently “recent” administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Here is a Washington Post article about the shady dealings, and below it, the video.

WAPO –>  https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/wp/2017/06/13/how-the-republican-coward-caucus-is-about-to-sell-out-its-own-constituents-in-secret/


A New Fraudulent Fraudening

There was never “Voter Fraud.”  That was a bigoted, segregationist, right-wing Republican attempt to justify their modern vote suppression technique intended to devastate the minority vote.  Again.  The side-car to their hog’s fiery crash through the guard rails of the Voting Rights Act.

But, FOX News claimed there was, over, and over, until poorly-educated and ill-informed dupes believed there was en masse.  As a MOB, they screamed for mass voter purges and draconian voter ID laws meant to suppress the votes of poor, minority, and elderly voters.

The Right-wing faux-conservative Republican establishment has learned from their dark successes and has found a new fraud to con you fraudulently into believing.  There are TRILLIONS of fake people collecting the life-saving monies that are given out to feed the poor.


Food Stamps.  According to FOX News, over $70 Million is stolen by evil fake black Muslim people in an attempt to starve the Baby Jesus.   Yes, the claims are that ridiculous.  But, more ridiculous is the reality that after all of the hullabaloo about “FAKE NEWS” that conned half of a nation into believing endless nonsense that made them think it wise — or even sane — to elect a Fascist idiot dictator as our President.

Some people are beyond redemption.  P.T. Barnum was partially right.  A sucker is born, alright.  But at a rate MUCH faster than every minute.  Deplorables have metasticized.  We’re DEFINITELY going to need a bigger basket.


Russian Intel Lab by NSA Closes

russian-compound-wpIn In Maryland, as part of the expulsion of “Russian Ambassadors,” US officials are shuttering a couple  Russian Intelligence “compounds.” (VIDEO)  One right up against NSA property.  

Come again? 

I’m a little disappointed that American Secret Service / DHS / FBI / IRS allowed the sale of property to go through that close to the base of our brain. Uncle Sam is good and strict with clearance access for domestic employees, but they let Russian nationals build a friggin’ Intel lab up next to the NSA?

That is just about as ridiculous and utterly frightening as Trump.  I don’t know who to believe anymore.  Up is down all over the damn place and it feels like we are taking aim at a moving target through a kalidascope.

Bern Bro Legacy

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In the future, historians will write about the Bernie phenomenon and its influence on the eventual Donald Trump crowning. The story of the Sanders supporters will fill near countless pages alongside the tales of the Ralph Nader cult that ended up deciding the 2000 Presidential election for George W. Bush.


Historians will write at long lengths about the young idealists who followed Bernie Sanders (Wikipedia) into the Blue Tent after they lost the 2016 Democratic primary. They passionately marched with him into the halls where the Democratic platform he chiseled with Hillary Clinton and other loyal members of the Democratic Party was held fast.

Most of Bernie’s supporters were loyal to the actual progressive charge forward, and joined Sanders in supporting the Clinton campaign to achieve these lofty goals. Bernie shook off Tad Devine and muzzled Jeff Weaver, and stopped allowing the Right to work through him directly.

Unfortunately for all of us, historians will also have to write about the right wing campaigning using Bernie’s “revolutionary anti-establishment Do-it-yourself spirit” to herd low-hanging low-info voter fruit into a binder used to suppress their opposition’s vote. Sanders’ campaign was riddled with right wing agents provocateur.


Little moles.


Whatever you want to call them, Karl Rove’s  America Rising (Open Secrets) spent over $300M campaigning in the Democratic primary, and this pawn was a valuable piece in their play to defeat Hillary Clinton. Exactly how this shady campaigning operated will be documented in detail by future historians.

Making it even more interesting is the current development happening in Trump Tower — the Reich’s braintrust. Hawaiian Congressperson, Tulsi Gabbard was a strident Bernie supporter (HuffPo) throughout the primary. Resigned from the Democratic Party to protest against it and endorse Sanders, she became a warrior who railed against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party like a Boss. Everyone outside the Bernie campaign saw her for the Right Wing operative she was — a wolf in the Democratic hen house.


She pulled off the con for a solid long while. But, when it broke under its own weight, it shattered and sprayed like projectile vomit. Gabbard joined outright with President-elect Trump, joining him at Trump Towers to kiss his ring and consider accepting one of his cabinet positions (CNN).

The PR Think Tanks behind and housing the Republican party corpse is a TIGHT fleet of ship. The 4th Reich’s rise was a flaming sprint around a marathon runner. It will make for a full section in a book store in the coming years.

If our planet survives Trump.

Bern-or-Bust (ed)

I have recently heard from Democrats conned into the Bernie-or-Bust camp that We DEMOCRATS were on the wrong side of history.

What a load of garbage.  Bernie was not a Democrat.   His “goal was the destruction of Democrats,” as the head of the Burlington, Vermont Democratic party, Maurice Mahoney, said. 

All good so far.  He then asked his followers to support Hillary in the general.

This is where his supporters’ ego and selfishness — along with their closet anarchist  true colors shone like neon glow-sticks in a drug-addled rave.  They failed to support Bernie’s hope for his platform to be realized.   They selfishly supported 3rd party idiots. And, it threw the presidency to Trump.

By the numbers:

Trump won Michigan by 13,107

Trump won Wisconsin by 27,257 votes.

Trump won Pennsylvania by 71,794 votes

Trump won Florida by 119,770 votes.

Trump’s margin of victory was between 5 and 30 times less than the amount of 3rd party ballots cast. The 3rd parties just did to Hillary what they did to Gore in 2000. And, the Bern or Bust set was instrumental — KEY — in Trump’s rise to the Tyrant’s throne.

3rd Douches.jpg

There were indeed those on the “wrong side of history.”  But, sure as shinola, these ppl were not the Democrats who faithfully, dutifully, and hopefully supported Hillary Clinton. The ppl on the wrong side of history were / are the ppl who supported 3rd party candidates against the wishes of the man they claimed to have respect for.

Bernie-or-Bust asses were Bros of one person and one person only:  Reich Commander Donald Trump.

President Douchebag FB.jpg

You’re with the President. You’re not goin’ anywhere.

Comedians in Cars Obama Title WPFB

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By now, you’ve heard about Jerry Seinfeld opening his season with Barack Obama his first guest on his Crackle Network show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” If you haven’t seen it yet, this only kind of offers spoilers.  Not really.  It’s Jerry Seinfeld.  None of what he does is really about anything anyway, so no worries.

This essay is just a handful of photo stills from the show.  Not trying to re-tell the story you have to see, Just pretty much revisiting some of the funner parts from MY perspective that if you did see it, you’ll remember.  Obama showed himself to be a really down to earth cat.  You really have to see the entire show, though.  You’ll get what I’m meanin’.

Seinfeld matches a car’s personality with his guest’s.  Very similar to how it works out with lowly musicians getting to play the world’s most valuable Stradivarius string specimens, the cars used by the show are owned by the sickly-0-rich and loaned for the show.  The owners are given credit, of course; then the cars’ absorb their famous guests’ energy.  The value of this already Corvette Stingray just shot through the roof.

CCGC Obma0cFB.jpg

So, for the coolest President of all time, what car is cool enough but a ’63 Corvette Stingray.    I won’t detail the thing, ‘cos you probably know, and I’ll let Seinfeld go it.  Watch the show.  Here are some stills  just for grins:

Cruising down DC suburban wqay in the crisp winter air:


A couple shots from the side.

CCGC Obma0a

CCGC Obma0a1FB

From the front, like looking into the face of a torpedo.


And, of course, looking right into the tailpipe, the last thing you see as it flashes by you.


Ok, the show.  Seinfeld had a hard time getting the Prez to realize he was there.  Dude doesn’t stop working to sleep.


CCGC Obma01aFB

Got his attention and got him in the oval office.  Where he immediately made himself very at home.

CCGC Obma01bFB

Miraculously, Secret Service was able to get Seinfeld enough security clearance to get POTUS into the Stingray.  The agents must have been crapping themselves.  Especially when Obama took the wheel.

I guessed before air that Seinfeld wasn’t getting Obama off the grounds of the White House.  Turns out, he tried. No dice.  Like the title of this essay, “Sir, you have the President in your car.  You’re not going anywhere.”  The front gate Secret Service guard was a star.


Obama did manage to get behind the wheel for a bit.


It was here that we learned that even when Obama tried making it out while he was driving, no dice.

CCGC Obma02aFB

Another Secret Service agent offered them assistance getting into the car they would be taking.  Another guess of mine prior to air.  “The Beast.”  On a kind of super-tank frame that could withstend an IUD and probably a surface to surface missile.  They still wouldn’t let them off the grounds.


They did get to drive around the grounds a bit on the way to having coffee in the White House Kitchen made into a little makeshift cafe.

It was on this little jaunt that we learned the Commander in Chief can talk to a nuclear submarine on the way to dinner, and no, Seinfeld doesn’t get a souvenir Presidential  seal for h

is back seat.



So, they had coffee that Seinfeld made for POTUS on White House equipment.  They volleyed banter.  We learned that both are witty; both are funny; Obama needs anything, it’s a phone call away; and that the Prez only wears one color of boxer briefs.

In the end, Jerry couldn’t find his way back to his car and loitering became tresspassing in the garden outside the Oval Office.  The Prez had to ask Secret Service not to hurt him.  No word on whether or not Seinfeld took a black site trip, or not.  Episode II hasn’t aired yet.


Clown Car Sputters On. Thanks a Lot, MSNBC

Republican Debate Clowns

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The Republican debate spectacle is like crappy homemade porn shot by 7th graders using homeless actors with super-8 cameras.  Crappy bing chiba boing boing music at what’s supposed to be a Bach opera. A bunch of Weeble Wobble wooden cartoons trying to be Pinocchio’s bitch and failing at even that.

The kid clown table in the super-loser low poll table (Graham, Santorum, Jindahl, Pataki) was a polling keyword and “OMG, Obama is a crazy man and Hillary is killing us with socialism” BS fearmongering, and not much more needs be said about it.  I think it was best summed up with the way CNBC filled the open-air time that would normally have commercials.  It was Benny Hill’s theme song on a loop.

Not sure if it was up to mirror the theme of the first half of the “debate,” or a theme song preview of round two.  It amazes me anyone watching this travesty is taking a word of the vomit they’re spitting up seriously or god forbid, actually thinks any of these jokes has a chance in a general election.  Geez, Pee Wee Herman could dress up in a lace nightie4 and a blue cape and run against their bestest, whitest hope and shame them in a landslide.