Draft Dodging Russian Spy Runs U.S. Military

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Trump Honors Actual Soldier WP

This isn’t BREAKING NEWS.  Every American knows that the President of the United States is also the “Commander in Chief” of the United States Military.  Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Navy.  I suppose Space Force, too.

Commander in Chief Powers (Cornell Law Libry)  –>  https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/commander_in_chief_powers

Most of America knows that Donald Trump was a draft dodger from the Viet Nam era.  He feigned some sad story about “bone spurs,” and relaxed in a drugged-out haze while brave, actual Americans died so he could.  He famously said that he was a hero for avoiding catching the clap (gonorrhea) while the men were out fighting.

John McCain vs. President Trump: Draft dodgers, bone spurs and Vietnam War (LA Times)  –>  www.latimes.com/politics/washington/la-na-pol-essential-washington-updates-john-mccain-vs-president-trump-draft-1508788876-htmlstory.html

Yeah, so, Trump is an obese, ignorant, misogynist sex offending bigot.  Still not BREAKING NEWS.

What got my goat was seeing Trump sing the heroic praise of a…

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Trump’s Supreme Court OK’s Racial Gerrymandering

Wrote this for Magnana Mouse. Crazy about the Supreme Court. Not un-predicted, tho. From the second that SCUMBAG McConnell started obstructing President Obama’s pick to replace the DEAD NAZI JUDGE, I was one of the chorus who sang that THIS MOMENT WAS COMING.

And, now, they want us to quiet down and be more civil — taking this shit like good, beat-down dogs?



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https://uspolitics.10ztalk.com/2018/06/25/new-billboard-in-texas-responds-to-signal-telling-liberals-to-depart-state/ Billboard In Texas Responds To Signal Telling Liberals To Depart State

Texas is famous, unfortunately,  for its institutional racism.  Many of its Congressional districts were gerrymandered to make sure blacks were all herded into one district, so their votes were muted.  Lawsuits were filed in Texas to force them to rectify the problem.  A 3-judge District Court unanimously found that the district maps were adopted “for the purpose of preserving the racial discrimination that tainted its previous maps.”

NBC News  –>  https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/court-rules-2-texas-congressional-districts-unconstitutional-n793266

The decision was appealed and winded its way through to the Supreme Court.  That court that OBSTRUCTIONIST REPUBLICAN SENATORS refused to vote to confirm President Obama’s Constitutional choice to replace the dead judge Antonin Scalia.

The court that was ILLEGITIMATELY stacked 5-4 conservative.  Well, they very predictably voted 5-4 to reverse the decision by lower Texas courts that threw out the racially-drawn maps.

Politico  –>  https://www.politico.com/story/2018/06/25/texas-redistricting-supreme-court-669337

In a…

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Micro-dosing, you say?

I know their writers wanted to keep current with the whole “micro-dosing” phenom, but c’mon. Trump America is like dropping way too much acid and having a really weird, “the door just melted” two-day tripping of the balls, as the kids used to be saying.

Do for sure love this show and hope that everyone has the opportunity to see it. You think CBS, and you think: “I’m cool with m’ bunny ears, right?”

Only to find out that it’s a little pay-per-view kind of CBS super-prime thing. That “Nobody’s Above the Law” cartoon is something no one should miss.

Dizzy Deni·Zen

This is one of my favorite shows.  Why? Because The Good Fight addresses what we all feel but can’t quite put our finger on. It’s too ridiculous a thought to entertain.

Here’s Diane from The Good Fight.

See what I mean?

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When He Opens His Mouth

Liar in Chief WP

Trump lies ebb and flow like the tides.  When he was caught in IMAX terrorizing little children and stealing babies right out of mothers’ arms, he couldn’t stand the heat.  Instead of owning his heartlessness, he just lied about it and said,

“Well, I’d never.  It was the Democrats, duh.  Nancy Pelosi and George Soros eat babies, you know, right?”

I know that everyone’s heard about various soldiers in Trump’s SS contradicting this.  Heard them bragging about how torturing them is a campaign to make other brown foreigners think twice about trying to come to the good ol’ U S of A.

This article is good because it puts all of them in one place.

Trump says separation isn’t his policy. Here are all the times his team said it was. NBC  –>  https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/first-read/trump-says-separation-isn-t-his-policy-here-are-all-n884616

Justin and Donald

Justin and Donald.  Backstory in a nutshell:  Trump announced new tariffs against Canada.  Said they were justified because 9-11.  Oh, because national security.  That’s just dumb as shit, but, that wasn’t all.  Oh no, that wasn’t all.  Trump and top aides assailed Trudeau as a “weak” and dishonest” back-stabber who deserves a place in hell because Trudeau dared say that Canada might return fire if fired upon.

Washington Post  –>  https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/canada-us-relations-at-a-low-after-trudeau-trump-trade-tiff/2018/06/14/fe23e718-6f89-11e8-b4d8-eaf78d4c544c_story.html

So, trump put his big boy pants on, jumped into Air Force One, and took a big ol’ crap in them, almost like it was on command.  And, Bill Maher reacted in kind.  Hats off and mad, mad props to his staff. This is their parody of the 1960’s Highlights Magazine feature, Goofus and Gallant.

Donald and Justin 01.jpg

It was a cartoon series for kids that taught them how to not be an asshole.

New day.  New archetypes.  New Goofus.  Bill Maher delivers.  Meet:

Justin and Donald.

Donald and Justin 02

You get the gist.  Enjoy:

Donald and Justin 03

Donald and Justin 04

Donald and Justin 05

Donald and Justin 08Donald and Justin 06

Donald and Justin 07

Donald and Justin 09

Donald and Justin 10

Donald and Justin 11

Donald and Justin 12

And you have to end the bit with a swipe at Melania.  Because she is effing complicit with EVERYTHING the douchebag pretend king has done.  You could say, a mail order FECKLESS CUNT (we love you, Samantha Bee).

Donald and Justin 13

By the way, in case you missed the “feckless cunt” episode, Samantha Bee had some much deserved criticism for Ivanka Trump for tweeting a sweet photo of her loving her little daughter on the same day it broke that her father was in charge of tearing little children from the arms of mothers by the thousands.  From her show:

“Ivanka Trump, who works at the White House, chose to post the second most oblivious tweet we’ve seen this week,” Bee said. “You know, Ivanka, that’s a beautiful photo of you and your child, but let me just say, one mother to another, do something about your dad’s immigration practices you feckless cunt!”

Right wing echo chamber media led by FOX News loudly chanted in uniform that this equated somehow to the racist vomit that Roseanne Barr spit up all over herself — that Samantha Bee should be fired like Barr.  Read all about it:

The Daily Beast   –>  https://www.thedailybeast.com/samantha-bee-tears-into-feckless-cunt-ivanka-trump

The White House Tweets Justification for Concentration Camps

I subscribe to the White House’s Twitter feed only because I still remember how great President Obama’s Tweets once were.

Today, I logged into Twitter and walked right into this fart.  Kristjen Nielsen  — the Clearwater, FL trailer girl named to sound white enough to be straight from their Nordic roots — got busy justifying the Trump Administration’s kidnapping and holding innocent children as hostages for MY tax dollars.

WH Concentration  Camp Justificaction Tweet WP PREVIEW.jpg

Here’s a nice Magnana Mouse blog about Trump’s belief that only Democrats can come in and fix his EVIL party’s EVIL child hostage crisis.  the blog that lets king dumbass know that indeed, we’re coming to clean up his mess in November.


You Need DEMS to do it? That’s Coming, Son.

Nazi Concentration Camp Children Beckett Quote WP.jpg

Trump: “I hate this horrible Democrat law. If the Democrats want to change it, they can do it, because even though my Trump Republicans have majorities in the House and the Senate, it is going to take Democrats to come to the table and make a change.”

Yes, you “feckless cunt,” you have stumbled upon the first true statement out your sphincter hole of a lying mouth of yours: It will take Democrats to make a change.

And, we’re coming, asshole. Listen for the battering ram come knockin’ in November. Democrats will be going ahead and making these changes. There will be no more ICE behaving like Nazi SS soldiers ripping children from their mothers’ arms.

There will be no more concentration camps and travel bans;

There will be no more nuking the Environmental Protection Agency;

No more shredding every protection we have from predatory banks;

There will be no more legislative cover for greed-saturated, lobbyist-fueled corporate shells and grifting Trump-Republican politician thieves currently loose in the hen house.

The wave is coming, you shameful, half-witted Russian stooge. Your time out of a dingy little cell is about done with. Just like Paul Manafort, your bail is soon to be revoked. And, no, the rest of your Reich doesn’t get to pick up where your fat ass left off. Sorry, VP “pray the gay away,” you’re not on deck. You’re struck out before you ever get up to bat.

Nazi Concentration Camp Children WP PREVIEW

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Dick-tater WP PREVIEWci

This Stalin quote was a still from the 2nd episode of the new adaptation of 3 Days of the Condor.  The show is on AT&T’s Audience network (home of Kingdom), it my be hard to find, but it’s worth the effort.

AT&T Network  –>  http://start.att.net/exclusive/audience/condor

I added the photo of Trump in mid-appeasement with his little-sister Reich from tough cookie-Korea.  Seemed fitting, the company our president is keeping.

Here’s to looking forward to Trump’s next “New-Axis” summit.  With Putin.  No shit.  American media reports on trump gleefuly blurting out that he demands a private  summit with Putin this summer:

The New Yorker  –>  https://www.newyorker.com/news/letter-from-trumps-washington/theres-no-stopping-him-trump-insists-on-a-russia-summit

And Russian Media reports that a date has already been confirmed.  Of course Trump and Putin would give TASS the scoop.

TASS  –>   https://stevendmused.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/tass-trump-putin-summit.jpg  (This link is to a screen capture of the TASS article.  Magnana Mouse doesn’t distribute terrorist web links)

Gag This, Son

Well, it looks like poor goombah Mikey Cohen’s attempt to gag his tormentor from going on the teevee and making him look dumb. I was wondering if a judge duct taped Avenatti up and put him to sleep with the fishes.

Then, Lawrence O’Donnell came on while I was eating dinner.

Avenatti Not Gagged WP Preview

Yeah, it was as funny to the poor judge as it was to me.

Mikey, if you don’t want to be prosecuted on RICO action, ya might want to not be acting like a wannabe mobster who never got made.

NBC –> https://www.nbcnews.com/news/crime-courts/judge-declines-order-avenatti-stop-talking-about-cohen-case-n883816https://www.nbcnews.com/news/crime-courts/judge-declines-order-avenatti-stop-talking-about-cohen-case-n883816