The Daily Tape-drop

This is some crafty editing of BREAKING News screen grabs from MSNBC from the Morning Joe with sprinklings from various MSNBC news shows during the day.  Set over some great music playlist.

Not to toot her horn, but it’s done by Dizzy Denizen.  She’s an author and screenwriter.  What she’s known for is what happens long before the editing happens.  This is a hobby she learned to impress her sister, who is a film editor.  Skills like this run in the family, because she picked this one up in short time.

Thanks, Diz.

Dizzy Deni·Zen

Few people know what’s actually going on. The rest of us are unhappy spectators.
I suppose we could wean ourselves off the news, but how would we know just how crazy the next event would be, and — would it affect us all?
Reality Bites

In this corner —

And the beat goes on …

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Can They Protect You Against Anything?

Would they care to?

I just received a spam voicemail that said the IRS had issued an arrest warrant for me for a phantom tax bill, or something.

Of course, my first reaction was to do a google search for the telephone number it came from with “IRS SCAM.” And, of course, the IRS was there to warn that of course it was some Russian, Floridian, or Nigerian scams (we all realize now that these “Nigerian” perps were as American as apple pie too, right?).  Always scams meant to con the poorly-educated out of their hard-earned dollas.


That’s not the point, though. The link went to the IRS, or course. It had some suggestions for what to do based on if you know you actually owe or totally don’t. Who to contact to let know what’s happening. For me:

If you know you don’t owe taxes or have no reason to think that you owe any taxes (for example, you’ve never received a bill or the caller made some bogus threats as described above), then call and report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 1-800-366-4484.

The information was posted in document IR-2013-84, on Oct. 31, 2013, so it was done when we had a President who wasn’t an inept, vindictive, hateful Russian agent. This all says 2 things:

  1. This is STILL going on because Americans are gullible, poorly-educated easy-marks to this con. Pretty sad. People who are moderately average, like me, should be able to sniff this out as BUSHIT seconds after the voicemail / email scam dropped in their lap. We are collectively, just dumb like sand.
  2. It makes me sad that there is no way for me to try being part of the solution. Because there is NO WAY I would call a number that rings to THIS REICH. There is no way they are competent enough to defend us against this. LOL. There is a better chance that TrumpCo is partnered with the crime family running the SCAM.

We are so screwed.

Become Civilized, You Ask? We Became Something, Alright [VID]

Second Condor Clip of my Saturday. My last, I promise. I could have chopped it into 30 clips, but, just watch it, dude, and quit nippin’ at my heels, LOL. This clip is about the question: “If you have to behave like an animal to achieve your civilization, are you even civilized?”

Magnana Mouse

The Audience Network’s Condor is a really good remake of the 1975 spy thriller 3 Days of the Condor with Robert Redford.   This is a clip from this season’s 5th episode, “From Innocence.”  A spy talks to another spy about the fatally-flawed system we have evolved into.


Binge it on the Audience Network  –>

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Americans Value LIFE [VID]

It’s Saturday. Caught the latest Condor. It’s spy drama. Perfect for Magnana Mouse, though I’m not aware of the crossover from politically-astute and the lovers of political fiction.

Who am I kidding? Of course they’re into it.

Magnana Mouse

A reflective thought on just where the world (specifically, America, and very specifically, the vapid Republican Reich’s America).

We don’t care about LIVES. Just the unborn collection of cells that can someday become a cog in the corporate machine. A means to a corporation’s bottom line, someday. Maybe a good dumb infantryman who is desperate enough to be sent to kill and die for more corporate bottom line.

Yeah, we’re pretty screwed.

Watch Condor on the Audience Network. AT&T? Direct TV? I think they’re all the same thing. It’s the home of Kingdom and has 26 million subscribers. Worth it, for sure.

Condor –>


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That Time When the U.S. Became More Ridiculous than Hogan’s Heroes

Hogan's Heroes GOP WP.jpg

The other day, the monosyllabic Kansas trailer park Congressman chosen by trump to be his CIA stooge before being transferred into his job as our pretend Secretary of State got his dumb on.

He was shipped back to North Korea to try managing them as a bunch or “slant-eyed assets.”  His aide explained to him what an “asset” was before he left, according to Pompeo’s twitter feed.  It was apparent to readers that he was proud to use a new 2-syllable word. 

Anyway, Pompeo knew he had to be on top of his game.  He had a BIGLY handshake and a grand, oversized notecard-in-a-frame to hopefully sign.

Just like daddy did.

Of course, Pompeo came across like the ignorant clown he is, and the North Koreans chided both him and trump as soon as he was out of Korean airspace. 

New York Times  –>

And, that’s completely understandable.  Sad, and angering to see any country — let alone North Korea — treating America like that.  But, can they be blamed?  I mean, while I ABHOR the Dick Cheney, I took some comfort knowing that when he was anywhere with anyone he inspired a good quivering.  His counterparts around the globe knew there was some REAL fire in the room shooting from his demonic snout-holes.


Even the little Kim Jung Juniors that Pompeo was allowed to keep company with could recognize a turd in a punch bowl.  They recognized trump’s envoy as the  court jester he is after a casual glance at his comical mug.  They saw clear as mom’s spring-cleaned windows that the trump Reich are their inferiors.  They KNOW they consistently out-class, out-maneuver, and out-think all of them.

And, you know that China’s Intelligence is prepping Jong Un’s team.  We are being represented by some real colonel Klink slapstick blitzkrieg morons. We’re out-classed by dregs of the world.

That makes US dreggier than the dregs

Until we rid the U.S. of trump and his entire Reich, we don’t stand a chance.  God help us.


This is all a Private Prison-for-Profit thing?

Another I wrote for Magnana Mouse. This Betsy Devos lady is like a brain-damaged Cruella Deville. Literally profiting from holding children hostage.

Magnana Mouse

Betsy Devoss Feckless C-Word Again WP.jpg

What does a Secretary of Education do again?  Do they set  up concentration camps to profit personally on the internment of asylum seeker?  Well, this one does.  Betsy DeVoss owns a company called Bethany Christian Service.

She charges YOU $700 per day — That’s a rent of $21,700 a month — to house her hostage children.  What is the Trump Reich paying YOU to room and board?  Yeah, they pay you NOTHING.

This is full-fledged Hitler.  It can’t be true.  FAKE NEWS, FAKE NEWS!  We should SNOPES this bizniz, NOW!


Well, OK then.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall?

I wrote this for Magnana Mouse. It’s about the lady-child in New York who knocked off a VERY popular, hard-working Congressman with the help of Bull Durham former actress, Susan Sarandon. What shall come of this is probably not much of what you expected.

Magnana Mouse

I was really planning on giving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the benefit of the doubt that she could work within the Democratic Party as an idealistic, young first-timer who slayed Goliath.  But, then, this:

Cortez and the Susan-Cunt WP.jpg

Basically, Crowley wasn’t expecting his district had been chosen by the Bern-or-Bust revolutionaries to sneak Bull Durham into the NY-14 and surprise attack an incumbent in true surprise fashion.

Sarandon tweeted about Cortez before the primary:

“On June 26th we have a chance to prove that real Democrats who only answer to their constituents, can win against Dems beholden to corporate money. “

That is heroic and exciting (minus Susan Sarandon being part of it).

The David / Goliath part is always inspiring.  Of course, it would have been nice had it been against a candidate that wasn’t a valued member of the force defending us all against Trump and a rabid neo-Nazi Republican party.

In the middle…

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Families Belong Together Demonstration — L.A.

Yesterday was pretty inspiring, if nothing else.  Tiring.  it was that.  I don’t know if it did much good, but let’s not go there here just now.  There was a brother and sisterhood that gave hope that there is going to be a light at the end of this tunnel.

We all (tens and tens thousands of dirty liberals) started at L.A. City Hall to the Federal Building and to the Metro Detention Center.  I took a bunch of pics.  Even some good ones, I think.   Even a couple panoramas, for what it’s worth.

The fight is just beginning.

As far as the photos gallery, let me just start with the panoramas.  Love these things.  The first one just gives a feeling of how many people showed up for this protest.  Maybe just a fraction of the billions that showed up for our dumbass liar’s inauguration

Families Together LA 13 PANORAMA

The second one was from stage right with the gaggle of media gunners when Eric Garcetti was speaking.  Eric repped L.A. well.

Families Together LA 14 PANORAMA

The first one is just of a protest sign.  I didn’t love how it just said NO DEPORTATIONS.  That’s just silly.  Some folk gotta go.

Dont Deport Asylum Seekers ORIG Photo

I fit it in a frame, cleaned it up, and added ASYLUM SEEKERS to it.  Not planning on printing it off for the next round, but, had to do it.

Dont Deport Asylum Seekers Altered Carbon

Hope you noticed the hand on one side — the adult’s — is faded.  Disappearing.  And, had to add a 2nd row or barbed wire.

Build that wall, boy.

Anyway, the rest of the photos.  Have a couple hundred more, but doesn’t everyone with a camera.  Or a damn phone, anymore.

Families Together LA 18


Families Together LA 17


Families Together LA 16


Families Together LA  15.jpg


Families Together LA 12


Families Together LA 11


Families Together LA 10


Families Together LA 09


Families Together LA 08


Families Together LA 07


Families Together LA 06


Families Together LA 05


Families Together LA 04


Families Together LA 03


Families Together LA 02


Families Together LA 01

That’s all, this round.  Like I said, it’s just getting started, y’all




Draft Dodging Russian Spy Runs U.S. Military

Yeah, another one I wrote for Magnana Mouse Little and hardly known: I don’t just write these. I’m the designer too.

Making trump’s face a fittingly-devilish red in the face? Yeah, that’s by me. Same for the edit of the screen grab’s verbiage. Please subscribe there and at the Magnana Mouse Twitter page, too: @magnanamouse

Magnana Mouse

Trump Honors Actual Soldier WP

This isn’t BREAKING NEWS.  Every American knows that the President of the United States is also the “Commander in Chief” of the United States Military.  Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Navy.  I suppose Space Force, too.

Commander in Chief Powers (Cornell Law Libry)  –>

Most of America knows that Donald Trump was a draft dodger from the Viet Nam era.  He feigned some sad story about “bone spurs,” and relaxed in a drugged-out haze while brave, actual Americans died so he could.  He famously said that he was a hero for avoiding catching the clap (gonorrhea) while the men were out fighting.

John McCain vs. President Trump: Draft dodgers, bone spurs and Vietnam War (LA Times)  –>

Yeah, so, Trump is an obese, ignorant, misogynist sex offending bigot.  Still not BREAKING NEWS.

What got my goat was seeing Trump sing the heroic praise of a…

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Trump’s Supreme Court OK’s Racial Gerrymandering

Wrote this for Magnana Mouse. Crazy about the Supreme Court. Not un-predicted, tho. From the second that SCUMBAG McConnell started obstructing President Obama’s pick to replace the DEAD NAZI JUDGE, I was one of the chorus who sang that THIS MOMENT WAS COMING.

And, now, they want us to quiet down and be more civil — taking this shit like good, beat-down dogs?



Magnana Mouse Billboard In Texas Responds To Signal Telling Liberals To Depart State

Texas is famous, unfortunately,  for its institutional racism.  Many of its Congressional districts were gerrymandered to make sure blacks were all herded into one district, so their votes were muted.  Lawsuits were filed in Texas to force them to rectify the problem.  A 3-judge District Court unanimously found that the district maps were adopted “for the purpose of preserving the racial discrimination that tainted its previous maps.”

NBC News  –>

The decision was appealed and winded its way through to the Supreme Court.  That court that OBSTRUCTIONIST REPUBLICAN SENATORS refused to vote to confirm President Obama’s Constitutional choice to replace the dead judge Antonin Scalia.

The court that was ILLEGITIMATELY stacked 5-4 conservative.  Well, they very predictably voted 5-4 to reverse the decision by lower Texas courts that threw out the racially-drawn maps.

Politico  –>

In a…

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