When He Opens His Mouth

Liar in Chief WP

Trump lies ebb and flow like the tides.  When he was caught in IMAX terrorizing little children and stealing babies right out of mothers’ arms, he couldn’t stand the heat.  Instead of owning his heartlessness, he just lied about it and said,

“Well, I’d never.  It was the Democrats, duh.  Nancy Pelosi and George Soros eat babies, you know, right?”

I know that everyone’s heard about various soldiers in Trump’s SS contradicting this.  Heard them bragging about how torturing them is a campaign to make other brown foreigners think twice about trying to come to the good ol’ U S of A.

This article is good because it puts all of them in one place.

Trump says separation isn’t his policy. Here are all the times his team said it was. NBC  –>  https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/first-read/trump-says-separation-isn-t-his-policy-here-are-all-n884616


The White House Tweets Justification for Concentration Camps

I subscribe to the White House’s Twitter feed only because I still remember how great President Obama’s Tweets once were.

Today, I logged into Twitter and walked right into this fart.  Kristjen Nielsen  — the Clearwater, FL trailer girl named to sound white enough to be straight from their Nordic roots — got busy justifying the Trump Administration’s kidnapping and holding innocent children as hostages for MY tax dollars.

WH Concentration  Camp Justificaction Tweet WP PREVIEW.jpg

Here’s a nice Magnana Mouse blog about Trump’s belief that only Democrats can come in and fix his EVIL party’s EVIL child hostage crisis.  the blog that lets king dumbass know that indeed, we’re coming to clean up his mess in November.


You Need DEMS to do it? That’s Coming, Son.

Nazi Concentration Camp Children Beckett Quote WP.jpg

Trump: “I hate this horrible Democrat law. If the Democrats want to change it, they can do it, because even though my Trump Republicans have majorities in the House and the Senate, it is going to take Democrats to come to the table and make a change.”

Yes, you “feckless cunt,” you have stumbled upon the first true statement out your sphincter hole of a lying mouth of yours: It will take Democrats to make a change.

And, we’re coming, asshole. Listen for the battering ram come knockin’ in November. Democrats will be going ahead and making these changes. There will be no more ICE behaving like Nazi SS soldiers ripping children from their mothers’ arms.

There will be no more concentration camps and travel bans;

There will be no more nuking the Environmental Protection Agency;

No more shredding every protection we have from predatory banks;

There will be no more legislative cover for greed-saturated, lobbyist-fueled corporate shells and grifting Trump-Republican politician thieves currently loose in the hen house.

The wave is coming, you shameful, half-witted Russian stooge. Your time out of a dingy little cell is about done with. Just like Paul Manafort, your bail is soon to be revoked. And, no, the rest of your Reich doesn’t get to pick up where your fat ass left off. Sorry, VP “pray the gay away,” you’re not on deck. You’re struck out before you ever get up to bat.

Nazi Concentration Camp Children WP PREVIEW

That Law of Unintended Consequences

A lot of liberals screaming for “open primaries in 2016 may have gotten a surprise lesson in “be careful what you wish for.” Granted, what they are all seeing transpire this year has been going on since 2012, this is the first time it has been a page one story.

The way primaries operate in California is that everyone’s name — of every political party — has their name put in a giant pot. People are given one vote for Governor and Senator.

Important Notice Secretary of State.jpg

In this unofficially named “Jungle Primary,” two top vote-getters face each other in a “jungle runoff.” In a progressive state, this commonly ends with two liberals facing off against one another. While this makes for a higher-quality general election, it does deal out unintended hands. I’ll discuss two that may be playing out this year.

Newsom Villaraigosa Cox WP Preview

1. No one polling has modeled Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom anywhere other than first place. Former L.A. Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa had been a solid 2nd. If he were to be a jungle 2nd, the probability of Trump-republicans Getting Out the Vote dips significantly. They are territorial, and they are programmed to refuse participation in Democratic activities. This is an unintended gift for progress. But, Trump-republican strategists adjusted their defense.

Trump coalesced his support behind an endorsement of the Trump-republican candidate, Johnny Cox. In recent polls, Cox is trending over Villaraigosa for 2nd. If he gets on the ballot, it will aid the alt-right down ballot. So, maybe a bit of support, late, for Tony?

Still, GO GAVIN!

jungle cruise WP

2 In Orange County, the unintended consequences may really hurt the Resistance. Trump-republican party right wing officials there are confident that they have the Blue Wave defended.

The ‘red wave,’ is the one you’ll see in June,” ~Fred Whitaker, chair of the trump-Republican Party of Orange County.

Whitaker is confident because he knows that the liberal resistance to trump and the rabidly obstructionist and destructive congress has inspired a super-saturation of competing candidates in this “jungle primary. None of the liberal candidates are finding traction, which could lead to all-Republican general elections in seats that would otherwise be ripe for flipping Blue.

This could affect the Democratic chances of subverting Fascist rule with a people-powered Blue Wave.  It’s not all doom and gloom, though.

California primary election: OC Democrats eye congressional seats, hope to take back House

All I have to say is I hope that Democrats over-perform like has never been seen in Orange county!

In California. Go big blue. It’s up to all of us. Just get up and get out the vote!

Gavin Newsom for Governor Rally at Disney Studios [VIDEO]

Gavin Courage Sign WP

My Jamaican Queen, Dax and I were invited by Sen. Kamala Harris’ staff to attend a campaign rally at Disney Studios in L.A. for Gavin Newsom.  His kickoff rally in his 2018 Gubernatorial campaign.   So, of course we went and were hooked up with front-row seats.  Great time. Gavin and Kamala both spoke and gave a lot of us a hope that we had all been lacking since the “election” of Trump in 2016.

All studio unions were represented, with the Teamsters leading the way.  Just as Gavin said:  “Trump wants to take California.  He won’t.”  Sure as hell won’t.

We both took a ton of pics, which Dax edited into this electric video. The song she used to soundtrack it is “Let’s Get it Started,” by the Black Eyed Peas. It was the song that was played leading to Gain and Kamala’s entrance to the auditorium. I’m thinking that the staff who chose it deserves a thank you card from the DNC, who should license this for every Democratic rally in the Wave midterm campaign season!

Net Neutrality Still Has Life In It

New Net Neutrailty Vote WP

Republican Senators Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), and John Kennedy (Louisiana) all voted YES on the procedural motion to get the “resolution of disapproval” for the bill that had formerly scrapped Net Neutrality to the floor for a vote.  Under the Congressional Review Act (CRA), this is possible.  With these Republicans behaving uncharacteristically SANE, this bill made it to the floor, where today, it was passed 52-47.

NYT –>  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/16/technology/net-neutrality-senate.htmlhttps://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/16/technology/net-neutrality-senate.html

Now, the resolution goes to the U.S. Congress to be voted on.  Should they do the duty that their electorate sent them to Washington to do, it will make it to Trump’s mini-desk to likely be vetoed by the Nazi-prince of the idiot mafia.  After our disgraced President wipes his ass with it, chances are very good that it will DIE a lonely death.  Little chance to keep it alive, because DEMOCRATS would need a 2/3 majority to have his obstructionist VETO properly FUCKED OFF.

Yes.  To override our idiot-wannabe autocrat’s VETO, America would need to give the anti-Nazi Democratic Party a 2/3 majority over the obstructionist, anti-American Nazi-Republican Party.  It’s as simple as that.

If you want internet, stand the HELL up and kick these NAZI’s out of power.  Ask yourself, do you hate brown people SO MUCH that you would sacrifice your own life so that obscenely rich ASSHOLES can get richer?

Do you hate brown people so much that your satisfaction with how harsh a VILE Nazi rich-boy draft dodging rapist tries to erase President Obama from U.S. history “trumps” your own survival?

Primary Election Results WP PREVIEW

If this is true then you truly are deplorable and deserve what you have coming.  That and we won’t be fighting to save you from yourselves.   You can wallow in your filth without internet, health care, or self-respect.

If this is true, let’s see if Russia would even allow you in their country.  Truth is, you’re fighting to be a LOSER without a country, because you’re fighting to DESTROY this country for one who would put a bullet in your empty skull before they’d allow migrant-you to set a foot on their polluted shores.

If you’re an elected leader and you want to remain so — want to avoid complicity after-the-fact with a true-to-life coup of the U.S. Government, you better wake the HELL up and do your job.  Your job is not to tug on the urine-stained pant-legs of an idiot mobster.

On Side Gigging

Side Hustle WP Preview
In the process of helping someone journal online.  Someone running for a public office.  OK, so it’s a little more than helping someone journal 🙂

Helping the process of choosing group focus.  Not to mention how to reach them.

Helping navigate privacy and security concerns.

Then, the voice.  The writing structure and (ugh) the editing.

There’s the corralling and herding the different social media outlets and backdoors into modern promotion.

I enjoy one-offs where I don’t have to commit to even medium-term contractual obligations.  Oh christ, no managing full promotional teams.  Just setting it up is fun.  Using a lot of my skills and experience to arm party-busses for battle and defense from it.   It’s good to keep the mind stretching over the edges of the box as often as you can in life.

Back to the “grind.”

The Case of the Missing Credibility and Defense

Cohen New Yorker WP

Well, this now insures that Trump trying to fire Rosenstein to get to Mueller might be a little complicated, if it wasn’t already.  Now that a CRIMINAL referral has been made to Justice through the Deputy Attorney General.

New Yorker –>  https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/missing-files-motivated-the-leak-of-michael-cohens-financial-records

I’ve leaked out that in one of my office pools, I have Trump being indicted in late September.  By Autumn, Mueller will drop the load on the world and the Republican majority will SCRAMBLE to impeach Trump.  He will become so unpopular that THEY will be fighting to get out in front of the Impeachment charges.

It will take 2 weeks for an impeachment vote.  In the Senate, the removal vote will surpass 80 votes.  He will be impeached and remove in time for a GRAND perp walk in late September.  It’w all coming  unraveled like a sweater with a loose yarn.

BTW:  It will NOT be enough to save the ROTTEN, COMPLICIT REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Can’t Hide From Reality

This was supposed to just be a quick comment to remember today by.  Don’t give a writer a sentence to dictate.  It’ll always turn into an essay at the shortest.  You’re welcome for that, at least.  Just an essay :-).

Spoken to all the Trumpies out there:  “Close your eyes under your covers.  The monster under your bed still knows where you are.  Sorry ’bout that.”

Pesky Facts Huxley

We collected decades and decades of data that showed our time to slow, if not stop the coming global climate crisis to be dangerously finite.  The clock showed us that our time was just about up.  But, we didn’t pay attention.  Maybe more like we paid  attention and laughed it off thinking that it “won’t touch me.”

Well, we’re all touched.  And, Trump is here to lend a helping hand.  To hold you under water as you struggle to breathe.  He’s gutted and dismantled the Environmental Protection Agency.  I could go on and on about it, but, it’s been done.  And that “done” is updated in real time, courtesy National Geographic.  Read this and KNOW IT.  There WILL be a test before you getcha dinner:

What we have to look forward to isn’t Trump’s fault.  At least, not all his fault.  We’ve been gunning the engine and screaming out the gaping window at full speed head on into the oncoming brick wall for a hundred years.  Trump just happens to be the world’s leader right when we all have to FIGHT to the death to survive.

Bummer that, because Trump is the antithesis of a hero.  The polar opposite of responsible.  What this coward is guilty of over all else is lying about the coming wave that is about to drown all of us so his overlords can milk our turnip for its last drop of  blood and gold.

Well, drown all of us except the insanely rich, who probably have a space station set up for them so they can watch us all die from above.

Like Gods.

Angry Gods WP

Proving that God(s) are indeed an angry God(s).  Here are four scholarly articles describing some of the natural disasters that are on the way.  Crises  that Trump and FOX News won’t be allowing anyone to really hear all that much about.  Let alone know any truth behind.

First, something close to home.  I used to do water research with a  Ichthyologist pretty well known to the researchers involved in this study of our country’s water supply.    It’s hard to imagine our American water supply in jeopardy.  South Africa is months away from actually running out of potable, running water.  It will be the first great water crisis in modern human history and will give us a preview of what is soon to come to the U.S..

Our water supply here in the U.S. is in peril, but the thing about global climate change is that it’s GLOBAL.  The danger to human populations won’t be regional.

Staying in the water, but seeing another crisis coming.  One you wouldn’t know about were it not for very dedicated scientists.  When seagrass goes, the entire ecosystem of the ocean — already in grave peril — falls off the edge.

There will be food shortages coming.  Failed crops and entire geographies that were one fertile drying  up and becoming barren.  This is a a study done on the sociology (psychology of the masses) of food shortage.  What is around the corner for human evolution as suffering becomes a part of everyday life.

It’s good to know what kinds of real-life effects on humanity that our corporate titans have unleashed upon us for their enrichment.

Global climate change is very real.

And yet, there is still hope.












BREAKING Bernie News!

American Cancer Society WP

According to reports, Bernie Sanders has taken a job in the private sector with the ACA.  Seems the ACA has been doing tons of research on the Bern-or-Bust superhero’s powers!  Seems that whenever Bernie endorses cancer, it loses all will and folds!